8 Common food combinations that are bad for your health

Are you conscious of those bad food combinations that can have extreme health points? If not, learn on to seek out out.

Food is essential for us as they are the first supply of vitality, nevertheless, we can’t simply eat something and at anytime. The proper type of food will assist us to get good health and that’s why we must always know when and which are the correct combinations of meals are good. There are a number of food combinations that are fairly widespread and have been adopted, nevertheless, they are truly dangerous.

Because of our busy lives, we hardly take note of what we eat. When hungry we do not suppose of what’s a proper or bad combo and we eat meals as per their availability. But they are going to ultimately hurt you. Common food combinations akin to fruits in yogurt, tomato & cucumbers and beer & nuts are truly harmful. They can hinder digestive processes and result in abdomen points, nausea, fatigue and fuel amongst others.

1. Water and food
We typically drink water or juice with our meals however is by no means good for your physique. Water dilutes our abdomen acids which are crucial for digestion and breaking down of vitamins. One can drink water half and hour previous to meals as the identical may also help us to keep away from overeating.

2. Banana and milk
Banana and milk is one other bad food mixture as it will probably result in heaviness. It may also make your physique and thoughts torpid. If you can not resist the milkshake, then add a pinch of nutmeg, cardamom or cinnamon for higher digestion. 

three. Cheese and beans
Cheese and beans is a standard mixture in Mexican delicacies, nevertheless, it will probably result in bloating, fuel and different digestion associated issues. So, you probably have a weak digestive system then try to keep away from this food mixture.

four. Juice and cereal
Many of us wish to drink juice and cereal throughout breakfast to really feel energetic all through the day. However, one ought to observe that the acids in fruit juices like orange juice can hinder the breaking down of carbohydrates because it impacts the enzyme exercise. You can have juice round an hour earlier than or after having cereals.

5. Tomatoes with cucumbers 
Tomatoes and cucumbers are one other widespread food combinations. You will discover them collectively in lots of dishes particularly in salads. However, their combo will not be that actually wholesome. The sane can hamper the biochemical pathways of our physique. Both of them have totally different digestion time and it will probably confuse the system. So, ideally, have them individually.

6. Potatoes with meat
Many rooster and mutton curries have potatoes and the way can we neglect the combo of steak and fries. Unfortunately, this one too is unhealthy and heavy food combinations. While potatoes demand alkalotic digestive fluids meat calls for acidic ones. It can result in heartburn, belching and fuel amongst others.

7. Beer with nuts 
Many folks wish to drink chilled beer with nuts. They are not a wholesome combo for your physique. The salty nuts result in dehydration and different health points. Sodium results in fluid loss and we get thirsty and we finish consuming extra beer. And extra beer means health points together with beer stomach and weight achieve.

8. Yogurt with fruit
Several folks particularly health fanatics like so as to add favorite fruits to yogurt for a extra nutrient-packed meal. But one ought to keep away from it because the micro organism of yogurt will act on the sugar current in fruits and results in toxins, chilly, allergic reactions. Also, the acid of fruits and protein of yogurt can have an effect on digestion. And generally it will probably result in allergic reactions too. You can have yogurt with honey, cinnamon or raisins as an alternative of recent fruits.

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