8 High sugar foods you should avoid to keep diseases at bay

Read on to know 8 foods that include added sugars that may elevate your danger of growing a critical well being drawback.

Eating an excessive amount of sugar is the worst factor you can do to your physique. It can lead to a plethora of well being issues together with weight problems, diabetes, coronary heart diseases and tooth decay. While sugar is a type of carbohydrate present in quite a lot of foods, together with vegetables and fruit. This kind of sugar doesn’t have an effect on your blood sugar ranges as a lot as added sugar in processed meals does. 

According to the American Heart Association, the utmost quantity of added sugar an individual should eat in a day is 100-150 energy per day. Moreover, consuming an excessive amount of sugar in your meals also can make you addicted to it. One of the explanations you find yourself having extra sugar than required is that many foods include hidden sugars. In truth, some merchandise labelled as “low-fat” include extra sugar than their common counterparts.

In this text, we’re going to look at 8 high-sugar foods you should avoid to keep your blood sugar ranges in test: 

Low-fat Yogurt 

You may go for low-fat yogurt pondering it’s wholesome, however that’s not utterly true. They don’t have a lot fats and flavour, so the businesses add in sugars to make it style higher. Choosing full-fat, pure or Greek yogurt is a greater possibility than consuming the one which has been sweetened with sugar. 

Iced Tea and Flavoured Coffee 

Both iced tea and flavoured espresso are standard drinks that include a staggering quantity of sugar, which could be dangerous to your well being. It is healthier to drink common espresso and tea that doesn’t include any added sugars. 

BBQ Sauce 

You may suppose condiments don’t depend when you suppose an excessive amount of sugar, proper? Well, suppose once more. 2 tablespoons of BBQ sauce include greater than three tablespoons of sugar, one further spoon and you may eat greater than your required consumption. Read the label to perceive how a lot sugar it contributes per serving. You also can go for a more healthy possibility – making your individual selfmade dip. 


Ketchup is without doubt one of the hottest condiments on the planet, however it’s loaded with salt and sugar which could be dangerous to your well being. Regulate your portion measurement and don’t eat an excessive amount of ketchup particularly if you’re attempting to shed extra pounds. 

Packaged Fruit Juice and Soda 

Packaged fruit juices are low in fibre, minerals and nutritional vitamins. But they’ve a considerable amount of sugar in them. According to some reviews, there may be as a lot sugar in fruit juice as there may be in a soda. It is healthier to eat complete fruits than having packaged fruit juice. 

Breakfast Cereal 

This is without doubt one of the hottest and simple breakfast foods to put together. However, it would have an effect on your well being due to its excessive sugar content material, particularly if you eat it each day. What you can do is avoid breakfast cereals that include added flavours and an excessive amount of sugar. Consuming plain corn flakes or any cereal with no added sugar is a greater possibility. 

Sugar-free Products 

Just as a result of they are saying it’s “sugar-free” doesn’t make it a safer possibility. According to the American Heart Association, sugar-free merchandise are usually not a wholesome possibility if you want to restrict your calorie consumption. Consuming an excessive amount of of those merchandise can lead to digestive issues, gradual metabolism and weight achieve. It is healthier to select pure sugars or restrict your sugar consumption. 

Protein Bars 

Protein bars are a favorite amongst individuals who strive to keep their weight in test. Consuming protein bars has been linked with elevated emotions of fullness, which could assist in weight reduction. However, some protein bars include loads of added sugar in them. Avoid these by studying the label carefully earlier than shopping for them. 


Consuming foods that include added sugar trigger critical hurt to your well being. However, consuming these foods in small quantities is secure. It solely causes hurt if eaten in massive quantities. You should test the labels earlier than shopping for packaged meals or higher but, strive natural methods to management your sugar consumption.  

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