Ask the GP: Could heartburn pills be causing my upset stomach?

Q: I HAVE continual diarrhoea and medical doctors appear to be at a loss to elucidate it. I take ranitidine and lansoprazole for acid reflux disease – may this mixture be the trigger?


A: IT SEEMS you have discovered the reply that has evaded your medical doctors, though I am unable to assume how they missed it: it’s listed as a possible side-effect for every of those medication. I might advocate that you simply cease taking the pills and see what occurs.

Give it two to 4 weeks after stopping them to see if the diarrhoea resolves. If it does, then reintroduce one among the medication (maybe the lansoprazole, as that is the only at suppressing the manufacturing of abdomen acid, which causes acid reflux disease). If the diarrhoea doesn’t return, then reintroduce the ranitidine and, as soon as once more, await the final result.

I counsel you inform your GP that you simply’re doing this, however the worst that may occur is the acid reflux disease signs recurring.

If, after a time frame off each medication, the diarrhoea persists, then there should be one other trigger. If you might be in good normal well being, steady in weight, and you aren’t passing blood, it will be all too simple to conclude that you’ve a type of irritable bowel syndrome.

However, there’s a hidden reason behind continual diarrhoea that requires biopsies of the colon’s lining to substantiate the prognosis. This is known as microscopic colitis, an unexplained irritation of the bowel lining, which incessantly goes undiagnosed. If your diarrhoea persists, discuss to your GP a few referral to a gastroenterologist for a colonoscopy.

This dysfunction has few different signs and its trigger will not be totally understood. Treatment would contain a course of inflammatory bowel illness treatment, which has been proven to be efficient.

Q: AGED two, I had a metallic splinter faraway from my eye. Aged 23, I used to be punched in the similar eye and later developed a cataract, since eliminated. At 27, I used to be identified with glaucoma in the eye, which I now efficiently deal with with drops – however which incident was the trigger?


A: For the good thing about different readers, let me clarify a bit of about glaucoma. This illness of the optic nerve is actually attributable to a build-up of stress inside the eye – however this happens in several methods.

The commonest kind of glaucoma is open-angle, in which there’s progressive lack of peripheral sight resulting in tunnel imaginative and prescient and, if untreated, ultimately blindness. Often related to age, open-angle glaucoma often happens as the drainage channels between the cornea (the clear bit at the entrance of the eye) and the iris step by step slim and block, which means fluid in the eye, known as the aqueous humour, can not drain away. This results in elevated stress, which might injury the optic nerve.

A much less widespread kind is angle-closure glaucoma, the place drainage channels develop into blocked all of the sudden resulting from the form of the eye or an harm, which means there’s not sufficient room for the regular circulate of fluid.

The most important symptom is extreme ache and it requires pressing motion – with out instant remedy it may result in everlasting blindness.

Either type of glaucoma could develop resulting from irritation attributable to trauma (or different situations).

Yours is an advanced story and I mentioned it with an professional ophthalmic colleague, Peter Ivins.

His opinion is that it’s inconceivable to say with certainty if the glaucoma is the results of the splinter, or the blow to your eye.

In idea, the angle between the cornea and the iris may have been compromised by the splinter, or throughout the operation to retrieve it.

The blow to the eye is one other undoubted potential reason behind each the cataract and the glaucoma.

My guess is that the first harm began you on the path to creating glaucoma, although it’s inconceivable to be definitive after this passage of time. The excellent news is that the remedy is working and your sight is undamaged.

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