Busy Mom Sheds 34 Pounds Ahead of 40th Birthday

by Caitlin H,

Sep 7, 2020

40 by 40

Name: Lauren Vaz
Age: 39, 40 on Sept. 2
Occupation: Senior procurement supervisor
Meal Plan: Balance
Favorite Meal: Pulled pork (dinner); peanut butter & jelly (lunch)
Starting weight: 199
Height: 5’6”
Pounds Lost: 34
Activity Level: Daily walks
When I get a craving, my go-to trick is: Drink a ton of sizzling tea, all totally different flavors.

When Lauren Vaz lately placed on a bikini for the primary time since she was 24 years outdated and shared the picture on Instagram, it was an emotional second for her.

“I had so many messages about it from tons of people reaching out to tell me how amazing I looked,” Lauren mentioned. “My sister’s best friend called her and said, ‘Your sister!’ She’s like, ‘Ok we need to lose weight now.’”

Lauren mentioned it was enormous for her.

“I have a friend who always posts these amazing bikini photos, and I never thought I could do that,” Lauren mentioned. “I’ve come a really long way. My self confidence was so low this time last year, and now I’m so proud.”

It was a yearlong journey that began in September 2019. A visit to Disneyland on the time and the truth that it will be a yr till she turned 40 years outdated served because the catalyst for Lauren to determine sufficient was sufficient — it was time for a change.

“Before I went [to Disneyland], I couldn’t get a pair of shorts on that once fit me,” Lauren mentioned. “I realized I was a size 16, and that’s two sizes bigger than I’d ever been.”

Lauren stepped on the dimensions and noticed her weight had climbed to 199 kilos.

“I weighed more than when I had my second child, when I was 190,” she mentioned.

With the assist of her husband, she started making small modifications to achieve her objective of dropping 40 kilos by the point she turned 40 — one thing she had a yr to perform.

She gave up alcohol and he or she and her husband began meal prepping for the week. The progress occurred slowly and steadily, and in January 2020, Lauren started researching meal supply plans.

“I thought, ‘I need delicious food that I’m going to eat…without tracking it [on an app],’” Lauren mentioned. “I Googled it and [Diet-to-Go] came up with the best-tasting food. And then I saw success stories that looked real, and I saw I could get it seven days a week, that I could substitute out the food I didn’t like, that I could do vegetarian. Plus, it’s really flexible with the vacation holds.”
Lauren Vaz - 40x40

Lauren, a full-time senior procurement supervisor and mom of two little women, mentioned that flexibility and having high quality meals was vital to her since she’d tried different eating regimen plans and was by no means in a position to keep on with them long run.

“I tried Weight Watchers many times, starting in my 30s,” Lauren mentioned. “The main reason I failed is because I didn’t want to track my food. I hated tracking my food. That’s the No. 1 reason I chose you.”

Diet-to-Go meals are chef-crafted, pre-portioned, managed for energy and delivered weekly, one thing Lauren mentioned made it simply the precise match for her.

“I wanted to be successful, I wanted it, but I just couldn’t do it [with other programs],” Lauren mentioned. “I couldn’t track the food. I have my kids. I’m not intermittent fasting, I’m not eating in a 4-hour window. I just can’t do that.”

Lauren mentioned by using the three-meals-per-day, seven-days-per-week Balance 1,200 vegetarian program, the kilos rolled off.

“I’ve never been successful with being in the gym,” Lauren mentioned. “I literally just order the food and eat it. I don’t have a set workout schedule.”

Lauren mentioned together with her busy eight a.m. to five p.m. job and her Four-year-old, Layla, and 2-year-old, Olivia, she has a tough time becoming in train.

“I go walking with the kids,” she mentioned. “I’m just not a workout person. I love walking, playing on the beach, going to pools and swimming.”

Lauren mentioned as an alternative, she focuses on maintaining a healthy diet, one thing nutritionists say is an important component to shedding pounds.

“I think a lot of the reason why I was so successful is because I did the vegetarian plan…I didn’t snack,” she mentioned. “The only thing I would treat myself with is diet ice cream. For me, it felt extremely successful over the long term.”

Lauren mentioned even having to quarantine and do business from home throughout the top of the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t have an effect on her prefer it did others.

“It did the opposite for me, it helped me stay on goal,” she mentioned. “My food came like clockwork. I didn’t have to deal with a food shortage. There was no problem staying on my diet. We couldn’t go to restaurants, so that helped, too.”

These days, Lauren continues with Diet-to-Go’s Balance dinner-only plan. She mentioned sticking with the meals for therefore lengthy helped train her about correct portion dimension and what wholesome meals appears to be like like.
Lauren Vaz - 40x40

“I’m learning. That’s what Diet-to-Go has done for me,” she mentioned. “I’m seeing the food I’m eating every single day. I can recreate it. I learned about portion sizes. I learned from what I ate and I can maintain it now.”

Now, down 34 kilos, Lauren mentioned she loves the meals and can proceed ordering them.

“I love just having the dinners,” she mentioned. “I’m not a great dinner cook. … It’s totally worth the money; quite frankly, I’d spend so much more making my own dinners.”

Lauren additionally mentioned she loves the corporate and the customer support. “You can just tell that in communications with the company that they care,” she mentioned. “They want their customers to be successful. They welcome new customers. I love seeing people’s success. I love cheering them on. I love sharing their success. It feels really good.”

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Author: Caitlin H

Diet-to-Go Community Manager

Caitlin is the Diet-to-Go neighborhood supervisor and an avid runner. She is captivated with participating with others on-line and sustaining a wholesome, lively life-style. She believes moderation is essential, and folks can have probably the most weight reduction success in the event that they have interaction in commonsense wholesome consuming and health.


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