California Woman Finds Healthy Eating Is A Cinch With Diet to Go

by Caitlin H,

Apr eight, 2019

California Woman Finds Healthy Eating Is A Cinch With Diet-to-Go

A Diet-to-Go Success Story

Eating out each meal was a actuality Joanna Keating-Velasco knew properly.

“I hate grocery shopping and I hate cooking,” stated Joanna, an educational assist from Orange County, California. “So [my husband and I] had been spending most nights eating out.”

And that meant plenty of pointless cash being spent at eating places and quick meals.

The Struggle

When Joanna’s husband determined to strive keto final March, issues obtained much more tough.

“With his keto, it was becoming annoying,” Joanna stated. “He’d get home late and couldn’t decide where to eat. Then we’d spend a lot of money and get home late. It became stressful.”

But in October, Joanna seen the fridges at her fitness center, which have been stockpiled with freshly-made, chef-crafted meals.

“I saw the refrigerators at the gym and thought, ‘hmmm this might work for me,’” she stated.

The Diet-to-Go Solution

Later that evening, she was signed up for Diet-to-Go’s five-day-per-week lunch-dinner plan.

“Not only did they replace the frustrations and money/time wasted eating out, my portion control was immediate,” Joanna stated. “Also, I wasn’t snacking since I wasn’t hungry in between meals.”

One of one of the best issues for Joanna was the time she obtained again, particularly within the evenings and through her lunch break at work.

“Evenings were much more relaxing without having dinner as a conflict,” Joanna stated.


For Joanna, maintaining a healthy diet was the primary objective of having fun with Diet-to-Go. She additionally misplaced 16 kilos.

“I found it so much easier than figuring things out on my own and trusting I wouldn’t opt for fast food on the run,” Joanna stated.

Joanna additionally likes how easy it’s to make plan changes.

“My simple emails to the website to make changes, stop meals and restart have been very efficiently handled which is great,” she stated.

“Diet-to-Go has helped me become a healthier individual and made it so easy.”


Author: Caitlin H

Diet-to-Go Community Manager

Caitlin is the Diet-to-Go group supervisor and an avid runner. She is enthusiastic about participating with others on-line and sustaining a wholesome, lively life-style. She believes moderation is vital, and folks may have essentially the most weight reduction success in the event that they interact in commonsense wholesome consuming and health.


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