Cambridge Diet: Real Life Results ‘I lost 41 kilos’

Mirika before

Marika Milios lost 41kgs on the Cambridge Diet

Why Marika determined to do the Cambridge Diet

At a routine test up when Marika was 24 weeks pregnant, the physician couldn’t discover a heartbeat. “My placenta had died, stopping the nutrients and blood supply to our baby. I was induced the very next day and gave birth to a stillborn, we had lost our son.”

Once Marika and her husband had been prepared to start out attempting for a household once more, it dawned on her that she wanted to be the optimum weight to hold a toddler efficiently.

“My husband was doing everything he could to improve his health, and I wanted to give him the same respect that he gave me to start a family. That’s when I decided to start on the Cambridge Weight Plan.”

Did you could have any issues earlier than beginning the Cambridge Diet?

“When I went to my consultation with the Cambridge Weight Plan, the consultant explained everything in immense detail. I wasn’t nervous at all and I had faith that the diet would work. I had tried so many other plans to lose weight previously, but nothing had worked for me. I saw such amazing results from the start with Cambridge Weight Plan, so I continued with the plan until I reached my target weight.”

Did you discover it simple?

“The Cambridge Weight Plan is very easy and convenient. Everything is already done for you, which means I didn’t have to cook or meal prep. The only time I slightly went off track on the diet was when my husband and I went overseas. I took a six weeks supply of Cambridge Weight Plan products with me to help me stay on the diet. I still let myself try the cuisines in different countries, as the plan is flexible and allows you to also have real food but even so, I had still lost weight when I got back home.”

 Did you obtain your weight reduction objective?

“In around five months, I had lost 41kgs and we are so excited that I am now 26 weeks pregnant.”

Mirika after

“In around five months, I had lost 41kgs” Miraka Milios

Were there some other shock advantages?

“Before doing Cambridge Weight Plan, I hadn’t gone shopping in years. When I did buy clothes, I bought them off the rack in large sizes and never tried them on. I would make excuses not to go to social events because I was so insecure about my weight.”

“After losing the weight, I’m so much more confident. I’m now able to try clothes on without the anxiety I used have when I went shopping. I also now look forward to attending social events, losing weight has had such a positive impact on my social life.”

Do you could have any suggestions for individuals who need to attempt it?

“Cambridge Weight Plan offers one-on-one weekly consultations to support someone through their weight loss and help you develop good eating habits. Once you reach your target weight, you need to be able to go back to normal eating and encompass all the good habits that you pick up along the way whilst on the program.”

“It also has different products such as water flavourings that you can make into lollies. That’s a trick for somebody who prefers to sit on the couch and watch TV late at night and snack. The lollies have almost no calories which means you can trick the brain into thinking that you’re having a snack, whilst still maintaining your diet. Weight loss is a mind game. Once your mind is on track, your body will follow.”

Will you proceed on the Cambridge Diet sooner or later?

“When I give birth and finish breast feeding, and if my body doesn’t go back to where I want it to be, I will jump back onto the program. That way, I can encourage good behaviours and healthy eating for my children as well.”

Cambridge Diet plan

Amy before

Amy Johnson did The Cambridge Weight Plan as a result of she wished to shed some pounds quick 

“I knew someone who had lost a lot of weight on Cambridge before her wedding.  I’d tried lots of different methods of losing weight over the years – calorie counting, high protein diets, exercising regularly, even a juice fast.”

“I’d lose a couple of kilos each time and then plateau pretty quickly and give up because I wasn’t seeing results fast enough for my liking. I knew that Cambridge worked quickly for other people, and it took all the decision-making out of food for me.”

“All I had to do was open a shake packet and mix it with water, no deliberating over what to cook for dinner or reaching for junk food that had no prep time involved. With Cambridge, it’s so easy.”

How did you are feeling about solely ingesting meal alternative shakes?

“My partner was a little concerned that I’d be living on just 600 calories a day at the start, but I had a friend who’d done it and had spoken to other people who’d been successful, so that removed a lot of doubt or scepticism for me.”

“The first week was really tough because all I was having were three shakes a day, amounting to about 600 calories. I still drank a cup of coffee between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner to tide me over.”

“I attempted to place off my breakfast shake for so long as attainable (till about 10am), so the complete feeling would final me a bit longer). The following week, I used to be simply desperately wished to have the ability to really chew one thing. So I began having a Cambridge shake within the morning, a Cambridge bar (like a protein bar) within the afternoon and on some evenings I’d have slightly little bit of roast hen with steamed broccoli. And that was just about what I caught to for 4 months and that is how I went from 74kg to 56kg.”

Did you ever really feel such as you had been lacking out?

“Never. The results I was seeing were so quick and pretty addictive! I used to join my mates at the pub and drink water and eat my Cambridge bar. For the first time in a long time, I felt really good about myself and enjoyed going out because I could get dressed up in clothes that looked nice, rather than feeling fat and frumpy.”

“The more weight I lost, and the more I got into a routine, the easier it became to keep it up. Seeing the number on the scales drop so much each week was really reaffirming and made it so much easier to stick to.”

Amy Johnson lost 18kg following the Cambridge Weight Plan

What had been the down sides?

“Unfortunately, the results of my weight loss were short-lived. I had to make a mercy dash to the UK to help out with my grandparents who had been taken ill. While I was there, I started eating lollies and junk food again. I guess it was a combination of comfort eating and being a bit blasé about watching my weight now that I was slim.”

“When I got here again to Australia I continued slipping again into these previous habits. The difficult factor is that you just don’t really pile all the burden again on in a single week, so it creeps up on you. I fell into the lure of considering, ‘Oh, nicely I ate burgers and pizza and sweets this week and I’ve solely placed on 100g, in order that’s okay. No large deal.’

“I believe if I had caught with Cambridge and moved into the upkeep part and truly discovered about the right way to preserve the burden off and eat actual meals (not simply shakes and bars), I may need had extra long-term success.

“I naively thought that when I began to place slightly bit again on I might all the time simply do a couple of days on the shakes and eliminate it simply once more. Only, when you’ve disadvantaged your self for months on finish after which had a style of what you’ve been lacking out on, it feels a lot more durable to return to depriving your self once more. I additionally fell pregnant (as soon as I’d already reached my begin weight of 74kg) and gained one other 20kg. While I used to be breastfeeding, I went again right down to 75kg, however since returning to work my weight has simply shot again as much as round 80kg (so I’m at present the largest I’ve ever been whereas not pregnant). 

What suggestions do you could have for individuals who need to attempt it?

“Stick with the program all the way through. I didn’t, and that was my downfall.”

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