Can Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Although the impact of inexperienced tea on weight reduction is average it has proven constructive leads to burning fat.

One day, you observed that you just had a tough time dressing up, carrying your weight round, and you may barely catch your breath on a brief stroll. So, you convey out the weighing scale, and the reality is advised – you’re obese. Green tea has many useful compounds that may assist in dropping undesirable kilos. 

Caffeine helps fats burning and develops coaching efficiency. 

Fret not, you may be counted as one of many 158 million Americans consuming inexperienced tea for its style and hoping to shed extra pounds.

The wholesome brew is filled with antioxidants known as catechins, the principle antioxidant is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that enhances metabolism. EGCG prevents enzymes that break down the hormone norepinephrine. The absence of those enzymes raises the extent of norepinephrine selling fats break-up.

Green Tea and Weight Loss

A 2010 assessment discovered that catechins or EGCG in inexperienced tea have a small constructive impact on weight reduction and weight mass.

A latest survey found that inexperienced tea positively impacts weight discount, the end result was not noteworthy, and the authors presumed that it was in all probability not going to be of scientific significance.

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However, utilizing inexperienced tea alongside train and a eating regimen with a lot of veggies could enhance the constructive consequence.

How Much Should You Have for Weight Loss?

There is not any customary dose of the consumption of inexperienced tea for weight discount. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, consuming 2-Three cups a day of scorching inexperienced tea will provide you with the advantages of weight discount.

The quantity differs from individual to individual relying on their metabolism. There is not any substitute for train and a eating regimen with a lot of veggies. Green tea along with these strategies will convey extra constructive outcomes. 

5 Ways Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

Beyond its therapeutic advantages, inexperienced tea is gaining recognition amongst well being buffs by burning these fats tissues and slicing the burden. Here are some methods how inexperienced tea works to decrease physique weight. 

Boost metabolism

Green tea has caffeine and excessive in catechin, an antioxidant, when each compounds work collectively they speed up metabolism intensifying the calorie burn. Catechin knocks off extra fats, whereas caffeine and catechin increase the extent of vitality the physique makes use of.

A pure diuretic

It is a pure diuretic that causes an individual to lose salt and water retained within the physique. By consuming inexperienced tea the fluid within the physique is excreted slicing physique fats by about 19%.

Acts as a stimulant

The caffeine in inexperienced tea works as a stimulant that enhances coaching efficiency and helps in burning fats. Although every cup of tea incorporates 1 / 4 of caffeine in comparison with an everyday cup of espresso, it’s ample to lift your efficiency.

Burns fats

A cup of inexperienced tea leads to extra fats burning in a exercise. Body fats loss results in a weight discount in the long run.

Lowers stomach fats

Although the misplaced weight is average, it occurs the place it issues most – the stomach fats. Abdominal fats is linked with irritation, insulin resistance, kind 2 diabetes, coronary heart illness, and different persistent situations. Green tea reduces your dangers of medical situations from this sort of fats.

Green Tea Varieties

From a tea-drinking nation like Japan, inexperienced tea is available in quite a lot of strains to swimsuit each tea drinker’s palate. 

Despite that every one forms of tea originate from the Camellia Sinensis plant, what separates inexperienced tea from the remaining is the place the place it’s grown, harvesting technique, and processing technique. Green tea comes from the primary flush, harvest, thought of to yield the very best high quality and most costly leaves.


The mostly drunk and well-known model of inexperienced tea. Once plucked, the youngest leaves are positioned on high and steamed. After steaming, the leaves are dried and rolled offering a needle-like form. When leaves are rolled, the juices inside are launched to offer an intense taste.


The process from Sencha is utilized, besides that about three weeks earlier than harvest the tea leaves are saved from daylight. The absence of daylight permits the leaves to expertise much less photosynthesis for tea plant  retaining the flavorsome amino acids intact for a fuller style of Gyokuru. Since the tea is difficult to shade and nurture the manufacturing price and the retail worth is sort of expensive.


Tencha goes by means of the identical course of as Gyokuro, besides that the leaves usually are not rolled. 


Matcha is floor Tencha. After the shading, accumulating and steaming, the leaves are dried within the air with out stems and veins and grounded right into a powder.


Although the impact of inexperienced tea on weight reduction is average it has proven constructive leads to burning fat.

Take child steps and mix inexperienced tea with train and different weight-loss techniques like a lot of veggies in your eating regimen, low carbs, and consuming extra protein. You can by no means put a great man down and ultimately you’ll hit your goal.

Keep in thoughts that inexperienced tea goes past weight discount there are numerous well being advantages in a cup.

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