Dietitian Maye Musk doesn’t believe in fad diets like keto or fasting

While many individuals acknowledge Maye Musk because the oldest mannequin to change into the face of CoverGirl or because the mom of Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk, she additionally had a profitable profession as a registered dietitian for 45 years and nonetheless retains up her credentials.

Though a few of her son Elon’s Silicon Valley contemporaries, like Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey, are followers of internet-famous diets like intermittent fasting, gluten-free diets and the ketogenic food plan, Maye Musk just isn’t offered: “I never did the fad diets, I have to stick to science,” Musk tells CNBC Make It.

Intermittent fasting, an consuming sample that entails alternating between durations of fasting and consuming, has change into mega-popular amongst high-profile figures from Dorsey, who says it makes him extra productive, to actress Jennifer Aniston. But whereas research on mice counsel that intermittent fasting may assist with weight reduction, assist sluggish the consequences of growing old, enhance cognition and presumably defend the mind towards neurodegenerative ailments, total, consultants agree that there must be extra analysis executed on people to find out whether or not it is secure and maintainable.

As for the ketogenic food plan, it’s a high-fat, extraordinarily low carbohydrate food plan that was initially supposed to deal with epilepsy. The level of this food plan is to place your physique right into a state of “ketosis,” which signifies that you are burning fats as a substitute of carbs for power. Some mice research counsel low-carb food plan may enhance mind operate, and many individuals use the “keto” food plan to shed pounds. However given how restrictive it’s, it may be difficult to comply with and will result in dietary deficiencies.

You must assume “…is it sustainable? Is it foods you like? And are you fun to be around?” Musk says of restrictive diets.

Gluten-free diets have been widespread however are actually solely a medical necessity for individuals with Celiac illness.

“I’ve had to teach myself in social situations not to talk about anything relating to diet because everybody has their own theory,” Musk says.

But there are a number of wholesome diets Musk approves of, together with the Mediterranean food plan, which emphasizes greens, entire grains, legumes and olive oil; the DASH food plan, a low sodium food plan geared toward reducing blood stress; and the flexitarian food plan, a largely plant-based food plan.

Musk’s personal food plan is closest to the flexitarian food plan: Musk says she usually has high-fiber cereal and 1% milk for breakfast. Then she’ll have a snack of yogurt and fruit, and a salad and entire wheat bread, or sushi for lunch. Her afternoon snack is a latte and fruit, and for dinner, she likes to “keep my evenings very light” with a bean soup, or cooked greens with protein and a starch like potatoes, rice or entire wheat bread.

“Healthy eating is easy with a knowledge, but avoiding poor eating is hard,” Musk says. She loves candy meals, equivalent to candies and cookies, however says that she doesn’t like to maintain them in her house “because I will finish them off.”

The neatest thing individuals can do to enhance their food plan is fairly easy, Musk says. “You have to really use common sense and enjoy the foods you eat, and you have to be aware,” she says.

—Reporting by Cat Clifford and Jessica Leibowitz 

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