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Amanda Rose, like so many others, had been let down by the weight-loss strategies she had tried. Facing a delay in her deliberate bariatric surgical procedure, she determined to strive one thing new: consuming like a bear.

The Delano native who now lives in California Hot Springs has constructed a social media following along with her eating regimen and can now attain a wider viewers along with her look within the new subject of the weekly journal Woman’s World. 

In the quilt article, she discusses how her plan, which mixes ideas of keto eating regimen and intermittent fasting, received its uncommon moniker.

She instructed Woman’s World, “I live in California’s bear country. I know bears feast and hibernate, and as they hibernate, their bodies are fueled by fat. I’d tell people I was eating like a bear.”

Of course the cornerstone of her eating regimen is just not one thing you’d think about a bear consuming within the wild. The “ridiculously big salad,” or RBS, was what Rose turned to in 2017 when she was trying to lose weight.

At 280 kilos, Rose regarded into gastric sleeve surgical procedure to lose weight.

“I was clamoring to get the surgery in spring 2017 but I wasn’t able to get in and approved in time,” Rose stated.

The physician’s schedule and her deliberate household journey to Wyoming to view the full photo voltaic eclipse meant surgical procedure must wait six months, which she determined to make use of to her benefit.

She stated, “In that period of time I decided I needed to dial in on the diet. … I was going to prove to myself that I did everything I could do. I thought about all the diets I had done in the past.”

Considering going for low carb and excessive fiber, she thought of a meal that met her wants and was filling. Having heard of success with intermittent fasting, she integrated that as properly, though being a self-described “extreme person,” she opted to scale back that consuming window to 1 hour.

“I made a giant salad and it filled me up like it was Thanksgiving. I lost a half a pound a day.”

The salad was based mostly in greens, with choices together with cabbage, iceberg or romaine (Rose stated her typical salad consists of two romaine hearts), and eight ounces of protein (eggs, rooster, fish or meat). Vegetables and different low-carb toppings like nuts, cheese, avocado and bacon are additionally OK, and it is all topped with selfmade dressing. Focused on consuming more healthy fat, Rose adjusted mayo-based dressing recipes by substituting Greek yogurt.

With a Ph.D. in political science, Rose stated her expertise with negotiation concept could have helped her along with her weight-loss efforts.

“It’s mastering the internal negotiation, when you’re facing the doughnut versus the long-term goal.”

By January 2018, Rose was down 90 kilos, simply 10 kilos from the projected weight loss anticipated with surgical procedure.


Family members seen the change as did some of her fellow Delano High alumni (Class of 1987) when she posted she now weighed lower than when she was in class.

Rose shared her journey on social media, together with a video, and when others discovered her on-line, she began the “Eat Like a Bear!” Facebook group in July 2018. Although there are males within the group, Rose stated it is about 95 p.c girls with 80 p.c age 45 and older.

“You would be amazed at the photos and the gray hair. If people ever wonder if you can do it, I had a woman who was 83 and got down to her high school weight.”

Although Rose nonetheless sticks with that one salad a day, she stated others have tailored the strategy to their very own lives (her husband, Sander, eats two meals inside a five-hour window and has misplaced 30 kilos). The key’s establishing the intermittent fasting and sticking to low-carb/keto meals.

“I never intended to start a weight-loss platform,” she stated. “It was all these years of just struggling. Being a weight-loss guru is one of the stupidest things on the planet.”

Rose could be very supportive of her on-line neighborhood, together with her century instances, individuals who have, like her, misplaced greater than 100 kilos with the strategy. 

And these success tales are what she says received the eye of a contract author who pitched the story to Woman’s World.

“When I had my interview that was one of the things I really zeroed in on,” Rose stated of the instances of important weight loss. “Then we had 30 people who lost 100 pounds. We have 50 now. By early 2021, we’re going to hit 100.”

When she came upon she is perhaps a contender for the quilt, Rose was excited to arrange for the photograph shoot with Jennifer Williams-Cordova of Willis & Williams Design. Photos have been shot at her house in California Hot Springs.

Rose was given a method information with instructed colours to put on. Finding a highlighter-yellow-colored shirt, she realized she may want some assist to look her finest.

“I looked all busty. When you’ve lost weight you don’t like to look that way. I headed to The Bra Shoppe in Bakersfield. I didn’t realize it had reduced hours with COVID. Luckily (owner) Elizabeth (Sotelo) was in there and she had sympathy for me and she did this quick minimizer fitting.”

With her web site and Facebook neighborhood and a brand new e book, “Half My Size with The Ridiculously Big Salad,” on the best way, Rose is happy for individuals to proceed their weight-loss journey.

“They discover their very own framework. The locus of management of their weight loss is themselves. … People be taught the answer is themselves. It’s phenomenal.”

Stefani Dias might be reached at 661-395-7488. Follow her on Twitter at @realstefanidias.

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