Foods You Think Are Healthy But Are Not

The meals business has mastered labeling their merchandise in such a means that we’re tempted to eat absolutely anything. Many so-called “health foods” are nothing greater than nutritionally defunct, empty energy masquerading as the nice guys you need them to be.

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What follows are probably the most infamous “health food imposters.”

  • Flavored yogurt merchandise: Although these “healthy favorites” present some calcium, B nutritional vitamins, and important amino acids, they’re loaded with added sugar – in lots of circumstances greater than is often present in an ordinary dessert.  “Yogurt” merchandise, via slick packaging and intelligent advertising and marketing have very efficiently garnered what’s known as the “health halo effect” – that means shoppers naturally assume any product with “yogurt” on its label is healthful and good for you.  The solely actually wholesome yogurt is low-fat plain.  If you favor it sweetened, mix with some berries or reduce up fruit or add a teaspoon or two of maple syrup or honey.
  • Bagels:  The customary fat-free bagel is a dietary catastrophe – offering a whopping dose of nutrient-depleted refined carbs (white flour) that give rise to a really poisonous flash flood of glucose in your arteries.  Look for smaller-sized, 100% complete wheat varieties and unfold with a bit peanut butter or diminished fats cream cheese so as to add sensory pleasure and decelerate its glycemic response. Your arteries and your waistline will thanks!
  • Pretzels:  Standard pretzel packages scream “fat-free and natural,” however don’t be duped. This well-liked snack meals is nothing greater than 100% refined white flour (the very same factor as sugar in your physique) mixed with a whopping dose of sodium.  Instead, select from the rising choice of complete grain or multigrain, crunchy snacks like Stacy’s multigrain pita chips or my private favourite, Food Should Taste Good complete grain tortilla chips.  Even common potato chips (trans fat-free in fact) can be a better option, as they supply considerably extra fiber and vitamins, and won’t spike your blood glucose degree just like the notorious white flour (bare starch) that pretzels are made out of.
  • Bran Muffins: Unless you make your personal, neglect these no-icing cupcakes.  The customary store-bought (or Starbucks) bran muffin is loaded with white flour, sugar, vegetable oil, components troublesome to pronounce together with a contact of added bran.  Don’t let that healthful, wealthy, brown colour idiot you.  Like sodas, it sometimes comes from added caramel coloring.


  • Meal Replacement/Energy Bars: While some are a bit extra healthful than others, (15 vs. 40 or so elements) these well-liked, modern-day favourite are the final word in 100% pure factory-made, processed meals.  In my guide, they aren’t meals, however food-like artifacts which might be usually excessive in sugar and/or unhealthy fat.  Have a handful of nuts and a bit of fruit as an actual, wholesome various.



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