German experts have tested diet pills

Why change your diet when you possibly can merely swallow the capsule and to shed pounds? This is what you possibly can hear in a number of the promoting guarantees. It is just too controversial, in keeping with German experts.

Немецкие эксперты проверили таблетки для похудения

Weight loss merchandise from pharmacies that promise to assist shed pounds with file velocity. At the identical time, there’s hardly any proof of impact. And if that’s the case, solely together with unwanted effects and excessive costs.

That is evidenced by the investigation of the Stiftung Warentest, carried out in Germany. Experts mentioned 13 medicine, 6 of which had been offered with out prescription. According to experts, they’re all “not good for weight loss”.

Without a prescription — no impact

The hottest device offered in Germany with no prescription — energetic ingredient orlistat. However, usually, research of the effectiveness of contact choices of orlistat, offered by prescription and the dosage are a lot increased. It was additionally proven that merchandise for weight reduction with chitosan aid you shed pounds — however so little that, in keeping with experts, they’re solely helpful as a motivational help.

Recipe: harmful and costly

Prescription medicine with orlistat or liraglutide are efficient in some research. However, there have been disagreeable unwanted effects, similar to nausea or diarrhea. Therefore, if such funds typically is sensible to make use of solely below medical supervision, along with diet and train. In addition, they’re very costly.

“Amphetamines by prescription”

“Experts Stiftung Warentest advises not to take drugs for weight loss substances, its action is similar to amphetamines, even for short-term use. The reason is the risk of addiction and massive side effects: it is assumed that the medication will help to curb the appetite, but in addition, they can lead to palpitations, anxiety, dizziness and sleep disorders” — the newspaper writes Focus.

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