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Flavored yogurt merchandise: Although these “healthy favorites” present a number of the calcium, B nutritional vitamins, and important amino acids, they’re loaded with added sugar – in lots of circumstances greater than is often present in a typical dessert.  “Yogurt” merchandise, by slick packaging and intelligent advertising and marketing have very efficiently garnered what’s known as the “health halo effect” – which means shoppers naturally assume any product with “yogurt” on its label is healthful and good for you.  The solely actually wholesome yogurt is low-fats plain.  If you like it sweetened, mix with some berries or lower up fruit or add a teaspoon or two of maple syrup or honey.

Pretzels:  Standard pretzel packages scream “fat-free and natural,” however don’t be duped. This in style snack meals is nothing greater than 100% refined white flour (the very same factor as sugar in your physique) mixed with a whopping dose of sodium.  Instead, select from the rising number of complete grain or multigrain, crunchy snacks like Stacy’s multigrain pita chips or my private favourite, Food Should Taste Good complete grain tortilla chips.  Even common potato chips (trans-fats-free in fact) can be a more sensible choice, as they supply considerably extra fiber and vitamins, and won’t spike your blood glucose stage just like the notorious white flour (bare starch) that pretzels are constructed from.

Bran muffins:  Unless you make your individual, overlook these no-icing cupcakes.  The commonplace retailer-purchased (or Starbucks) bran muffin is loaded with white flour, sugar, vegetable oil, components troublesome to pronounce with a contact of added bran.  Don’t let that healthful, wealthy, brown coloration idiot you.  Like colas, it usually comes from added caramel coloring.

Meal alternative bars:  Although some are a bit extra healthful than others (15 vs. 40 or so substances), these in style, trendy-day favorites are the final word in 100% pure manufacturing unit-made, processed meals.  In my e-book, they aren’t meals, however meals-like artifacts which might be usually excessive in sugar and/or unhealthy fat.  Have a handful of nuts and a bit of fruit as a actual, wholesome different. (If you will need to – search for bars with only a few substances (you can pronounce!) on the label.)

Infused waters:  Like yogurt, “water” has the well being-halo impact, and the beverage trade is at present exploiting it to the max.  Water infused with all types of supposedly wholesome extras, like nutritional vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and herbs are the quickest rising beverage merchandise.  Most of them are nothing greater than sugar-fortified drinks like their first cousins, soda with a smidge of some added nutritional vitamins.  There is zero proof that extracting vitamins from their native context (meals) and including them to water has any well being profit.  If you utilize these merchandise, you might be paying 100x greater than you’ll for faucet water (which is extra rigorously monitored than bottled water). By the way in which, pure water is the one beverage that gives 100% of what we’d like and why we’ve got to drink to remain alive – particularly H20.


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