How to burn fat without losing muscle, according to keto bodybuilder

  • Losing weight could be difficult, and making an attempt to reduce energy too shortly can have negative effects in your well being, together with lack of hard-earned muscle mass.
  • The key to burning fat, not muscle, is regularly reducing energy and periodically “refeeding” to maintain your metabolism wholesome, according to keto physique builder Robert Sikes.
  • For wholesome fat loss, be affected person, take your time, and do not depend on a fast repair or yo-yo weight-reduction plan.
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A typical false impression about weight reduction is that there is a “quick fix,” however burning physique fat and constructing muscle sustainably takes time, persistence, and dedication, according to Robert Sikes, a bodybuilder who has six years of expertise on the keto weight loss program. 

Common errors folks make when making an attempt to drop pounds are usually not creating a customized plan, reducing energy too shortly, and staying on a weight loss program for too lengthy, Sikes stated in a current presentation for KetoCon Online.

To keep away from these, Sikes gives easy steps — be strategic, do not overdo it, and provides your physique an opportunity to recuperate — to assist folks burn fat without losing muscle, whether or not or not you are on a keto weight loss program. 

Know what number of energy and grams of protein you want 

The first step to burning fat whereas sustaining muscle is to perceive your metabolic baseline, according to Sikes. That consists of what number of energy you want per day to keep your present weight, in addition to what number of energy you sometimes eat in a day, and what number of that’s carbs, fat, and protein. 

“If you don’t know where you’re starting from, you can’t optimize for where you’re going,” Sikes stated. 

From there, you may work out what stability of macronutrients works finest in your physique by experimenting with totally different ratios of carbs, fat, and protein.

Sikes recommends getting round zero.eight – 1.2 grams of protein per pound of physique weight a day to begin, and rising as wanted till you discover what works in your physique. Too a lot protein, particularly on a keto weight loss program, may cause bloating, digestive points, and better blood sugar, in addition to different long-term well being points. 

If you are reducing energy, do it slowly and do not sacrifice vitamins

Once you’ve got set up a stability, you may work out what number of energy you want to reduce to be in a deficit — consuming fewer energy than you burn is what prompts the physique to burn fat. 

Sikes recommends doing this regularly, truly fizzling out proportional quantities of fat and protein (and carbs for those who aren’t keto) every week so that you’re slowly getting fewer energy. This may help forestall your physique from beginning to burn muscle or sluggish your metabolism, each of that are survival mechanisms utilized in response to an abrupt or extreme calorie deficit. 

“This is the hardest phase and the most boring phase,” Sikes stated. “So many people come to me and they’re wanting to have this short-term fix. By doing it consistently with discipline and concerted effort, you’re going to get so much better a return on that investment than if you just jump from one crash diet to the next.”  

For Sikes, this will imply up to six months whole of sluggish, constant reducing for a bodybuilding competitors. 

At the identical time, give attention to high-quality, nutrient dense meals, so you are still getting the constructing blocks (like protein and amino acids) you want to keep muscle, he stated.  

Include a better calorie ‘cheat day’ as soon as every week

During the reducing section, Sikes stated it is essential to keep your muscle and metabolism by having at the very least one higher-calorie day every week so your physique can refuel. 

You ought to nonetheless give attention to balanced, nutritious meals, however consuming extra energy gives a break that retains weight reduction sustainable each mentally and bodily. 

Sikes recommends consuming about 30 to 40% extra energy on refeeding days, and experimenting with having one or two of them every week. You may also be strategic and plan nowadays for when you could have extra intensive exercises. 

Don’t keep on a weight loss program endlessly 

Finally, Sikes stated that after you’ve got reached a goal physique fat share, or spent a certain quantity of kind in a deficit, it is time for the “reverse dieting” section. These means rising your energy again to upkeep or perhaps a slight surplus to let your physique recuperate and return to constructing and sustaining lean muscle. Sikes, as an example, stated he takes up to two years of calorie upkeep or surplus to recuperate from a six-month stint of competitors reducing. 

Doing so not solely prevents the well being dangers of power weight-reduction plan (like losing muscle and disrupting hormones or metabolism) but it surely additionally permit you to construct extra lean muscle and improve your calorie-and-fat-burning potential general. 

“It’s hard to build muscle when you’re in a chronic deficit. You need to have a surplus of energy, building blocks, amino acids acids to build lean muscle tissue,” Sikes stated. ” The more lean muscle tissue you have, the better your metabolic rate is going to be in the first place.”  

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