How to live to 100: a top doctor explains what you should be eating and drinking

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My final article detailed the significance of social influences on residing a lengthy and pleased life. In this piece, I’ll be wanting on the complicated interaction of vitamin and longevity.

The dietary habits of Blue Zone communities are reflective of lots of the practices we now know to have constructive well being advantages. Familiar phrases such because the ‘Mediterranean diet’ or ‘intermittent fasting’, have proven that wholesome diets are born, not simply from science, however from historical traditions and a deeper understanding of how people have advanced over millennia.

How to live to 100: a top doctor explains the Blue Zone methodology

Below I’ve listed a few of the key dietary rules to promote a lengthy and wholesome life, gleaned from the most recent analysis:

1. Firstly we want to urgently deal with weight problems, chargeable for many persistent ailments. It is kind of stunning to know that we’ve reached a level in historical past the place there are extra individuals dying from ailments associated to being obese reasonably than underweight. If you are obese, an efficient answer (underneath steerage) is to strive a ketogenic food regimen (a good place to begin would be, till the burden loss has been achieved. Then preserve a wholesome weight with a balanced food regimen and common train.

2. Aim to cease eating when you are 80% full, eat extra slowly and use smaller plates. It takes 20 minutes to your intestine to inform your mind when you are full, so if you eat slowly, you will get full on much less.

Three. Intermittent fasting has grow to be very fashionable lately. This is the avoidance of meals for a 12-16 hour window, typically longer. You do have to be cautious if you have any well being points which can complicate issues. Professor Val Longo from California’s ‘Longevity Institute’ advises 12 hours of fasting every day. If you can handle with out meals both 8pm-8am or 9pm-9am all through the week, you will hopefully reap the advantages for longevity, digestion and general intestine well being

four. Sugar is among the largest silent killers. If you want inspiration watch the documentary That Sugar Film. The palate can take a couple of weeks to alter, and you could develop sugar withdrawals, after this time you will discover the advantages of a sugar-free food regimen. You may have extra power, weight-loss and a more healthy glow.

5. Enrich your pure intestine micro organism with Probiotics (I have a tendency to advocate both Symprove or Biokult), however don’t forget the gas: Prebiotics (fermented meals like Kefir, Kimchi or Saurkraut are significantly good).

6. A predominantly plant-based food regimen is a frequent theme within the Blue Zones. Some of those communities are eating small/oily fish (excessive in Omega and low in heavy metals) round Three instances per week, and they seldom eat meat. If you get pleasure from pink meat, strive to restrict your consumption to 2-Three instances monthly as a deal with, and guarantee it’s of top quality, natural or free-range. White meat could be higher however nonetheless not perfect.

7. Legumes (Lentils, peas, nuts, soybeans, chickpeas) are sometimes featured within the Blue Zones and are significantly nutritious, containing important vitamins, protein and carbohydrate.

Eight. Avoid processed meals. Generally talking, if a product comprises an ingredient your common Eight-year-old would battle to pronounce, then it’s unlikely to be wholesome.

9. Follow the rainbow. If you strive to pack your plate full of colors, it’ll most certainly include a excessive proportion of wholesome greens and (low sugar) fruits, significantly berries. The extra vibrant the color, the extra probably it comprises protecting Polyphenols.

10. A Mediterranean Diet, excessive in fibre, grains and olive oil. Low on dairy and meat (particularly processed or pink meats).

11. Eat good fat. These can be present in nuts, oily fish, olive/coconut oil and avocado.

12. Aim for native meals if doable, as they’re probably to be brisker, more healthy and higher for the setting. Their dietary content material drops 24 hours after being picked. I’m afraid the jury is out on the advantages of Organic, and a current research has overturned the view that the degrees of micronutrients in natural is considerably larger. However, all Blue Zone meals are naturally natural, and pesticide-free.

13. Try not to add salt to your food regimen. In complete an grownup should have not more than 1 teaspoon of salt per day (6g). You would be shocked how a lot is added to snacks and ready meals.

14. Reduce your alcohol consumption. Try to have at the very least Three days of ‘alcohol free’ days per week. It remains to be thought-about wholesome to eat 1 glass of pink wine each night (up to 2 for males), but when you threat going over that, it’s best not to drink in any respect. Polyphenols in pink wine (significantly Resveratrol) have proven protecting properties.

15. There are advantages to drinking tea and espresso. However, greater than four cups of espresso per day could trigger negative effects, corresponding to nervousness or hypertension. Ideally, eat espresso earlier than noon, as it will possibly influence your pure melatonin and sleep-cycle. Copious quantities of inexperienced tea are consumed within the Okinawan Blue Zone, and has been effectively documented for its antioxidant properties. It additionally goes with out saying that hydration can have an effect on you mentally and bodily (purpose for two litres of fluid per day).

The proof of the pudding actually is within the eating, so to converse.

Next week I’ll be wanting on the environmental impacts on ageing.

Dr Tim Lebens is a non-public GP in Central London, with a subspecialty in well being optimisation and newest advances in drugs.

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