How to lose weight and build abs like this guy who lost 28 kgs by practising this 3-step approach

While there are positively no shortcuts to weight loss and a killer bod with chiselled abs, 32-year-old Rajesh Kannayiramoorthy, who as soon as weighed 100 kgs, tells us that there’s, nonetheless, a easy 3-step approach that may be adopted to burn fats and get ripped in an wholesome method. “Fat loss can be defined by three simple steps: diet, workout and tracking,” he says.

“Let me break it down for you:

1. Diet – Follow a calorie deficit weight loss program sample specializing in macros

2. Workout – Focus on power coaching (muscle-strengthening actions similar to weight coaching) with cardio as a secondary exercise

three. Tracking – Track the above two variables to see in case you are heading in the direction of the best route”

How will this 3-step course of enable you lose weight?

If you’re following a calorie deficit weight loss program sample (a weight loss program sample that revolves across the variety of energy you eat in a day. The fundamental precept of this weight loss program is to be certain that you eat a restricted quantity of energy which might be vital to guarantee clean functioning of the physique with out overindulging. Extra energy are saved as fats within the physique), you’re making certain that you just solely eat your upkeep energy and not over indulge. Coming to power coaching – it helps in firming and defining the physique’s muscle groups. This will keep away from any free or hanging pores and skin. Lastly, by holding a observe of the 2, you’ll be able to successfully measure your progress.

Kannayiramoorthy says that after going by a section of trial and error weight loss plans, he was ready to work out this 3-step approach.

How to lose weight? Weight loss plan he adopted:

“I weighed 100 kgs once I determined to lose weight however I didn’t actually have a variety of perception into health. I began by simply blindly chopping down my weight loss program (I wasn’t counting energy but. That got here a lot later) and indulging in a variety of cardio. I used to be ready to lose 10 kgs through this plan. But little did I do know that I used to be shedding a variety of muscle by doing extreme cardio.”

“So I switched to power coaching. This modified my health journey fully. It helped me develop stronger day by day and additionally lose inches. In two years, I lost 15 kgs through power coaching.”

“And as they are saying, weight loss is a journey, each day, I learnt one thing new on this journey. I beloved (and nonetheless do) updating myself with new health developments. One day, my curiosity led me to uncover Intermittent Fasting (IF) on the web. IF is the best device for fats loss in my view. It works like a appeal for males. It actually helped me tone my physique – in keeping with my purpose of wanting to build an athletic physique.”

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting is a meal sample whereby you alternate between intervals of fasting and consuming meals. Read extra about it right here.

“I presently weigh between 72-76 kgs, and have been ready to maintain my weight by following the beneath weight loss weight loss program and exercise plans:”

Weight loss weight loss program plan to comply with –

“Once I began counting my energy. I began consuming at a deficit of 25% on my upkeep energy. My weight loss program comprised of 35% carbs + 35% proteins + 30% fat.”

“My carbs normally got here from wholemeal oats, candy potatoes and cooked basmati rice (which is a straightforward carb). Chicken breast, eggs, fish, low fats milk and whey proteins grew to become my chief supply of protein. My fats consumption got here avocado, olive oil, walnuts, almonds and ghee.”

This was my weight loss weight loss program plan:

Breakfast: Oats protein porridge (Wholemeal oats cooked in water + Whey protein + a pinch of 100% coco powder + berries + bananas

Lunch: 5 egg omelette (2 entire eggs and three egg whites ) + inexperienced veggies + half an avocado

Evening snack: Peanut butter or a handful of nuts

Pre-workout: Black espresso (no sugar)

Post-workout: Whey protein + any type of glucose (white bread)

Dinner: Rice or chapatis + grilled rooster breast + home-made greens

Post-dinner: Skimmed milk

“If I’m following an Intermittent Fasting sample, I simply skip breakfast from this weight loss program plan. Currently, I’m both lean bulking or chopping (consuming lesser than normal, whereas attempting to shed physique fats to preserve muscle mass) continuously. For chopping, I comply with an Intermittent Fasting sample.”

Which workouts to comply with to lose weight?

“Right now, my train regime includes weight coaching and cardio. three days are devoted to weight coaching and the 4th day is reserved for cardio.”

This is my exercise plan:

“Weight coaching includes of a compound motion accompanied by some isolation workouts.”

“I comply with this Push/Pull/Leg Split:”

Push day – Chest and Triceps


1.Flat Bench press – three working units x 6 reps (heavy weights)

2.Incline Bench press – three working units x 6 reps (heavy weights)

three.Decline Bench press – three working units x 6 reps (heavy weights)

four.Cable chest fly – three working units x 12 reps (lighter weights)

“If there’s a issue with common bench press can, you’ll be able to all the time go for chest press and ground press routines.”


1.Tricep cable push down (utilizing ropes) – three working units x 12 reps (lighter weights)

2.Single hand triceps cable pushdowns – three working units x 12 reps (lighter weights)

Pull day – Back and Biceps


1.Deadlifts – three working units x 6 reps (heavy weights)

2.Dumbbell single arm row – three working units x 6 reps (heavy weights)

three.Lat pull downs – three working units x 6 reps (heavy weights)

four.Seated cable rows for decrease again – three working units x 12 reps (lighter weights)


1.Cable biceps 21’s – three working units x 21 reps (lighter weights)

2.Bicep curls utilizing dumbbells – three working units x 10 reps (lighter weights)

Leg day – Legs and shoulders


1.Weighted squats – three working units x 6 reps (heavy weights)

2.Leg press – three working units x 6 reps (heavy weights)

three.Walking lunges – three working units x 6 reps (heavy weights)

“Do Box jumps earlier than this Leg exercise, as a heat up.”


1.Seated shoulder press – three working units x 6 reps (heavy weights)

2.Cable extensions for shoulders (all three) – three working units x 10 reps (lighter weights)

The 4th day is reserved for cardio in addition to ab exercises.

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Any ideas for somebody who’s attempting to lose weight?

“Diet, workout and tracking!”

Disclaimer: The weight loss program and exercise routines shared by the respondents might or will not be accredited by weight loss program and health consultants. GQ India would not encourage or endorse the weight loss ideas & methods shared by the individual within the article. Please seek the advice of an authorised medical skilled earlier than following any particular weight loss program or exercise routine talked about above.

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