How to lose weight and get fit like this guy who lost fat by following this one genius diet hack

Nothing can kickstart your weight loss and health journey quicker than a bout of self realisation. 22-year-old Pankaj Kumar tells us that he began hitting the fitness center to not simply lose weight but in addition get ripped to overcome an inactive life-style. “I wanted to invest my time in bettering my life, my confidence and also my mental well-being.”

“When I began my weight loss and fitness journey, I weighed 77 kgs with a fat accumulation of 27-30 per cent,” he says. To construct a ripped physique, the very first thing that you simply want to do is get rid of your physique’s extra fat and then work in the direction of constructing lean muscular tissues, which Pankaj was in a position to do by dropping 11 kgs, courtesy of one genius diet hack — calorie deficit.

What is a calorie deficit diet?

A calorie deficit is a selected diet sample that revolves across the variety of energy you eat in a day. According to Healthline, “the concept is based on the idea that as long as you eat fewer calories than you burn, you’re bound to lose weight.”

What to eat for those who’re following a calorie deficit diet?

This diet sample requires you to calculate the variety of energy your physique wants to eat to operate easily with out feeling hungry, and how a lot deficit you want create with out harming your well being.

The deficit can then be created by chopping down empty energy and unhealthy fat. Keep in thoughts that the variety of energy required to create a deficit is completely different for various physique varieties. You can calculate yours on-line through a calorie calculator.

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“I am an eggetarian, my calorie deficit diet was a combination of vegetarian sources (mostly paneer, tofu, low-fat milk, sprouts, dal, nuts, low-fat curd, fruit salads, rice, fresh veggies, brown bread, peanut butter) and eggs.”

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“Since the number of calories one needs to consume will keep changing as per your goals, the quantity of the foods will also change, as it did for me. But these foods comprised my daily diet. The same is also true for your exercise regime, I followed the below exercise regime to lose 11 kgs before switching the routine again to build my body up.”

Weight loss train regime –

“I used to workout 5-6 days/week and the basic routine comprised Weight Training + HIIT/Sprints. More importantly, I used to train 2 body parts in a day and focused more on Compound Movements such as Bench press, Overhead press, Push ups, Deadlift, Pull ups and Squats.”

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“My body transformation has gone through what’s popularly known as ‘a weight recycle’. Simply put, I lost 11 kgs in 4months (77 kgs to 66 kgs) by following the above diet and exercise regime, which essentially also meant that I lost a lot of the excess body fat. So with the excess body fat gone, I became lean and then started to work on gaining healthy muscle mass. So, now I am 76 kgs with lots of muscle mass and very less fat percentage.”

Any ideas for somebody who’s attempting to lose weight?

1. Follow a calorie deficit diet

2. Track your energy day by day (if you do not need to do this then work on a trial and error technique by lowering your portion dimension and checking your weight weekly, in case your weight goes down then voila this is ideal portion dimension for you!)

three. Eat extra greens and protein-rich meals. Vegetables are loaded with minerals and nutritional vitamins. Protein-rich meals will assist retain muscle mass and additionally assist burn energy.

four. Drink extra water.

5. Do weight coaching. It helps form the physique and retain muscle whereas dropping weight and additionally stroll extra (no less than 10,000 steps). Walking strengthens the joints and additionally promotes coronary heart well being.

6. Be constant and keep disciplined.

Disclaimer: The diet and exercise routines shared by the respondents could or will not be authorised by diet and health specialists. GQ India would not encourage or endorse the weight loss ideas & methods shared by the individual within the article. Please seek the advice of an authorised medical skilled earlier than following any particular diet or exercise routine talked about above.

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