How to lose weight like this guy who lost 28 kgs by making these 7 changes instead of going to the gym

Contrary to well-liked perception — the solely method to lose weight is by sweating by way of every bit of clothes you personal — the most secure method to lose weight is by making easy and wholesome changes in your every day routine. These changes will finally pave the method to a fitter future and never simply assist you conquer a short-term weight loss purpose. 22-year-old Yash Hegde quips, “weight loss is not a temporary process. It is a whole new lifestyle that you will have to adapt to — a lifestyle that will prevent you from falling back into your old patterns. Compare weight loss with love — the more you rush into it, the more you will mess things up and before you even know it, you will be back to square one! So, much like love, take one day at a time on this journey.”

“I did that! I trimmed from 110 kgs to 82 kgs, two years ago. And, since then I have not only maintained this weight but also discovered clever hacks to avoid overeating at work,” he provides. But how did he go about this? He particulars through the under weight loss plan.

Weight loss plan –

“I was overweight for almost my entire life. I was that quintessential ‘Fat-Funny Guy’ of my class. I remember, I used to stare at myself in the mirror and imagine how I would look if I was thin and fit. I used to squeeze my double chin and look at myself in the mirror to see what I would look like without that fat. But the fact of the matter is that I never really took any measures to actually become thin. Partially because I wasn’t too serious about it, and partially because I believed that I wasn’t really ‘THAT FAT.’ The people around me were also somehow very nice and also kind enough to not let ever me feel that way. However, everything changed the day my dad got a new and fancy digital weighing machine. I was very excited to step on it, and when I did that the machine flashed 110 kgs within seconds — a figure that was 10 kgs more than the heaviest guy I knew! I was shaken and shattered. It was that day when I decided to do something about it — it was the day I decided to be ‘Just The Funny Guy Of My Class’ (minus the fat part).”

“Now, to have the option to lose weight to obtain the whole lot I simply elaborated, I made a decision the very first thing to do was change my way of life one step at a time, in the following order really”:

  • Minimise Junk Food Intake: As cliché as this sounds, it really works. Trust me, you’ve gained half of the battle when you’re ready to obtain this. It’s all about saying NO! Just study to say no! If your buddy affords you a slice of your favorite pizza or perhaps your girlfriend affords you a slice of cheesecake or let’s simply say your Mom calls you to asks if she ought to convey dwelling some samosas simply say the magical phrase – NO. I ended consuming junk fully, no less than for the first 2 months. That undoubtedly helped me get on a fitter monitor.
  • No Soft Drinks, AT ALL: I used to be addicted to cola. I additionally most popular ingesting flavoured water and mushy drinks over common water. There wasn’t a single day that I can bear in mind now after I didn’t eat any kind of flavoured water. The worst half about mushy drinks and flavoured water is that you simply don’t even realise that you simply’re consuming one thing dangerous — one thing that’s equal to 20 teaspoons of sugar.
  • Intermittent Fasting: After getting used to the first two steps, I began following an intermittent fasting sample on consuming. Intermittent fasting is a sort of food regimen, the place you quick for 16 hours every day. Sounds inhumane proper? Well, it’s definitely not! Those 16 hours additionally embrace your nap time. Let’s say that you simply sleep for eight hours a day. Then accordingly you should have to eat your dinner no less than four hours earlier than you go to mattress and breakfast after four hours of waking up. Needless to say, you’re not supposed to have something however water throughout the 16-hour quick. But wait, right here comes the better part! You can have something you need in these remaining eight hours! Anything that’s home made and is nicely balanced in phrases of protein and fibre, and that brings us to our subsequent step.
  • Find Your Favourite Home-made Food: The solely method to crack this step is to take a pen and paper, after which jot down all the home-made dishes that you simply wouldn’t thoughts consuming, no less than for the subsequent three months. Select the ones which might be excessive in protein and fibre. For me, it was Brown Rice Dal Khichdi, a pair of good Vegetable Preparations that my mother makes, Dal and Roti. Et voilà, you may have efficiently cracked the code to to residing a wholesome life. Eat your favorite home-made meals every day. Again, as I stated, be sure to embrace a superb portion of protein and fibre in it. Lentils, pulses, paneer, soya chunks, inexperienced greens for the vegetarians and hen, eggs, lentils, veggies and inexperienced greens for meat eaters.
  • Fruits And Nuts Are Life: Believe me after I say this — you’re going to crave desserts sooner or later of time. Try to keep away from them by munching on fruits and nuts. Try having nuts with jaggery, tastes good and serves the objective as nicely.
  • Walk Wherever You Can, And Whenever You Can: Walking was the solely kind of bodily exercise that I indulged in to lose weight. I’d stroll round 2 kms on a regular basis.
  • Be Happy And Feed Yourself Junk Every Now And Then: Staying completely happy is the most essential step. All of the above steps can be in useless when you’re not completely happy. Surround your self with good folks, watch good motion pictures, play your favorite video games, eat junk a few times a month (Strictly a few times a month solely!) Remember that we’re not simply making an attempt to lose weight however we’re additionally constructing a life-style together with it.”’

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While these steps will solely empower your weight loss journey. Weight upkeep is a special sport altogether. Yash tells us that when he lost the further weight, he was a “lazy college going kid” and issues have modified drastically since. “I’m a lazy office going kid now.”

“The workplace way of life appeared to be a bit too loopy in the starting. Your colleagues need to exit each Friday, nobody carries meals from their dwelling, you get free limitless espresso and also you spend your whole day on that one awful chair! Things cannot get any extra unhealthier than this! So, I take the following steps to preserve my weight now”:

  • Carry meals from dwelling
  • Avoid espresso (it’s not even that good!) Drink inexperienced tea or scorching water instead
  • Walk at any time when you possibly can
  • Eat Paneer/Chicken primarily based starters and Salad in case your colleagues take you out forcefully. The motive being that you simply get it in every single place and the preparation requires much less oil comparatively
  • Drink alcohol reasonably. I personally don’t drink alcohol, so I get to keep away from these further energy. But when you do like to drink then strive to drink as little as potential
  • Drink as a lot water as you possibly can. It retains you hydrated and your tummy full at the identical time. It is a win–win scenario

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Any suggestions for somebody who’s making an attempt to lose weight?

“Focus on building a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss is just a part of the journey.”

Disclaimer: The food regimen and exercise routines shared by the respondents could or might not be accepted by food regimen and health specialists. GQ India does not encourage or endorse the weight loss suggestions & methods shared by the particular person in the article. Please seek the advice of an authorised medical skilled earlier than following any particular food regimen or exercise routine talked about above.

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