‘I tried a ‘wine diet’ for three days, and it was nowhere near as fun as it sounds’

In 1962, Helen Gurley Brown launched a guide titled Sex and the Single Girl: The Unmarried Woman’s Guide to Men.

The novel seemed into the artwork of being fabulously single and not settling for any previous partner as a result of a perceived timeline tells you to. It additionally spoke concerning the non negotiable want for girls to be skinny.

“If you’re already mounds of kilos chubby, you could Do Something, or you may’t hope to be blissfully single,” Gurley Brown wrote.

The writer then went on to share one thing now identified as the “wine and egg diet”. She inspired individuals to observe this in the event that they’d “like to crash away six pounds [2.7 kilos]” within the area of a weekend.

The weight loss plan lasted for two days and included simply white wine, black espresso, eggs and steak.

Sound ridiculous? I assumed so, too.

Someone should’ve appreciated it although, as a result of a model of the weight loss plan is claimed to have popped up in Vogue throughout the 1970s.

If the snapshots on the Internet are something to go by, Vogue’s take lasted three days, claimed to shave off 5 kilos (2.three kilos) and had stricter guidelines on wine selection and egg prep.

Now, I do know it’s straightforward to giggle off the above as some bazaar pattern from the ‘60s and ‘70s.

It’s been virtually 60 years since Gurley Brown’s guide was revealed, in spite of everything. But the reality is that whereas physique positivity has made some progress, (we hopefully now know that bliss will not be reserved for anyone measurement) excessive diets are nonetheless all over the place.

The promise of quick weight reduction may be tempting, certain. But we don’t at all times discuss how one thing like this impacts your physique.

So, I tried the wine weight loss plan to seek out out.

Here’s what went down:

Day one

“What is this? A breakfast for ants?!”

I’m a big breakfast fan and often make a strong unfold, so one boiled egg was like consuming a tic-tac for me.

But that wasn’t even the worst half.

As fun as it may sound, getting a glass of wine down my throat at 9am was simply not pleasurable. I actually needed to toss it again, which felt all types of unsuitable.

I additionally hate black espresso.

So, all-in-all I’d say my stage of satisfaction was sitting at a two out of ten.

The afternoon wasn’t significantly better.

I left for my communal workspace after lunch (I felt extra comfy guzzling my vino and consuming my eggs at residence). But, maybe unsurprisingly, I was a little buzzed. This left me feeling extremely self-conscious.

“Do I smell like wine?”

“Can that guy tell I’m tipsy?”

“Oh man, I hate this.”

By 5pm, I was ravenous. I ran residence, cooked my steak, and demolished it.

Dinner was actually extra satisfying than breakfast and lunch, however I wasn’t full for lengthy and saved “snacking” on wine till mattress.

Day two

“Can I just sleep for three days straight, instead?”

I awoke hungry and dehydrated.

During breakfast I stared longingly at some tomatoes.

I felt fuller for a little longer after my eggs, however my vitality ranges had been extremely low. By the early afternoon, I might not focus on work and was feeling dizzy once I stood.

For some motive (delirium?), I made a decision to do a dance class that night. I made certain to eat half my steak early beforehand however nonetheless wasn’t totally satisfied I wouldn’t faint.

Thankfully, that didn’t occur. But I was extremely fatigued (to the purpose of nausea), and my legs had been like jelly afterwards.

Day three

“I’ve never hated anything more than I hate this diet.”

On day three, I spent most of my time mendacity on the sofa, blankly gazing my laptop computer display screen.

I needed to sleep all day, my head damage and I was actually freaking hungry. My abdomen seemed fairly flat, I suppose? But I didn’t even care.

Gurley Brown wrote that “the foods that make you sexy, exuberant, full of the joie de vivre are also the ones that keep you slender”.

If she was referring to this weight loss plan, I’d should disagree.

I felt like a lifeless sack of potatoes.

Did I look slimmer? A bit of, possibly. But that’s hardly shocking; I was ravenous for three days.

Call me loopy, however I might have completely traded a little stomach fats for the pleasure of feeling human once more.

I requested Dietitian Emily Hardman her ideas on diets like these, and her opinion was clear:

“Some detox diets may result in weight loss,” she stated.

“However, this is usually because the body becomes dehydrated. When a person starts eating and drinking normally again, they quickly regain the weight.”

In a nutshell, this type of consuming is “a waste of time and money, with no health benefits”.


Long story quick: I didn’t benefit from the wine weight loss plan. My expertise was the pits. And nobody else ought to do it, particularly not within the identify of discovering a date.

After all, bliss isn’t discovered on a set of scales.

… Now, can somebody please convey me a smashed avo on sourdough?

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