I Tried to Eat Like Laird and Lasted Two Days

A coffee cocktail is the only thing Laird "eats" until the early afternoon. He's a madman. Photo: Laird Superfood

A espresso cocktail is the one factor Laird “eats” till the early afternoon. He’s a madman. Photo: Laird Superfood

The Inertia


I anxiously checked the time on the prime of my laptop display screen because the starvation pains continued to set in. 10:25. 10:27. Time appeared to gradual as if in a warp and all I needed to do was eat. I pictured the grilled rooster breast and greens I’d ready and packaged neatly into Tupperware warming in our workplace microwave. My mouth truly salivated just a bit as I imagined biting into the meal. The solely factor stopping me was the thought that if I caved slightly early now, I’d be simply as hungry if not hungrier later. The “no snacking” rule continued to cling over me like a darkish cloud. And this was solely day one on the Laird weight loss plan.


Call it a responsible pleasure, however I’ve bought a factor for experiential prose – the type the place writers primarily torture themselves by consuming one thing they don’t need to or going to a harmful place they don’t belong for a narrative. In latest weeks I’ve additionally discovered myself grubbing at Chick-Fil-A extra typically than I’d like. So I guess it was a mixture of considering self-inflicted ache might make for a humorous learn and wanting one thing drastic to whip me again into maintaining a healthy diet that compelled me to recommend in our weekly editorial assembly I was prepared to topic myself to consuming like Laird Hamilton for a month. I even thought it’d be simple. I was improper. It was goddamn torture. And it was just for two days.

Hamilton could also be greatest recognized for being an enormous wave pioneer and foil/SUPing extraordinaire, however of late it’s he and spouse Gaby Reece’s experience within the realms of health and vitamin that’s garnered the eye of mainstream retailers from GQ to the New Yorker. His weight loss plan has been referred to as unorthodox and intense. In sensible phrases, although, Laird’s physique is what permits him to carry out athletic feats into his mid-50s and serving to that physique run as effectively as doable makes good sense.

I had an inkling from the start that consuming like Laird could be a problem, however in reality, I didn’t know what it’d entail in actual time. Knowing the person probably makes use of a lot of the product along with his identify on it, I reached out to the oldsters at Laird Superfood to see if they may enlighten me a bit. Here’s what I bought again:

  • Morning/Pre-Breakfast:
    Upon rising, Laird drinks a glass of water blended with Activate Daily Jumpstart by Laird Superfood.
  • Breakfast:
    Laird will take pleasure in three photographs of espresso with any Laird Superfood creamer – he likes to change up the flavors between the unique and the turmeric creamers. Occasionally, Laird will add half a teaspoon of coconut oil and ghee, together with a scoop of creamer. He additionally opts to use the Performance Mushroom Powder in his morning espresso.
  • Lunch (starting at midday or 1 p.m.):
    This is usually Laird’s first meal of the day. Laird will eat a small quantity of high-quality animal protein paired with greens.
    • Protein decisions in rotation: Chicken, turkey, crimson meat, lamb, buffalo, eggs.
    • Vegetable decisions: Colorful choices like kale, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, squash (kombucha, butternut, and so on.), swiss chard, spinach, brussels sprouts, beets, garlic, celery, sprouts, bok choy, cucumbers, avocado, rapini, eggplant, and so on.
    • Typically limits the variety of carbs (like potatoes) and grains he consumes.
    • Laird opts not to eat an excessive amount of dairy and, if he does, it’s uncooked and unpasteurized.
    • He makes use of three major oils: coconut, olive, and avocado.
  • Dinner:
    In the night, Laird drinks a Kombucha or two, in any other case, he drinks water, espresso or Chaga mushroom tea mixed with shilajit resin, a black tar comprised of 100 % plant-based ionic minerals. (When I first learn this I thought this meant not consuming dinner, however different data obtainable right here explains Laird, the truth is, eats dinner. He isn’t loopy.)
    • Once or twice every week, Laird will do a small quick, maybe consuming just one meal per day at dinner.
    • Another day of the week, he might not eat any animal protein and solely eat greens for the day.
  • Suggested Habits:
    • No alcohol.
    • No dessert.
    • No snacking, until it’s macadamia nuts or pili nuts.
    • Drink loads of water all through the day.
    • Hydration is essential to optimum efficiency, restoration, and flexibility – attempt to incorporate sauna classes into night routine and use Hydrate Laird Superfood merchandise to consumption minerals.

Due to some constraints, I was pressured to adapt a number of the parameters of Laird’s weight loss plan. For occasion, I don’t have an espresso machine at residence. So, I figured I’d sub that for a cup of French press espresso. I additionally don’t have entry to Chaga mushroom tea or shilajit resin, so these had to be lower. Luckily the oldsters at Laird Superfood have been variety sufficient to ship over a number of the merchandise talked about above to attempt (thanks, guys!) in order that made issues slightly simpler. “We look forward to checking out your article!” they stated in what trying again now I’m realizing should have been type of a, “Good luck,  dummy, you’re going to need it.” Or possibly I’m projecting.

In transient, it seems that the spirit of the Laird weight loss plan is that this: high-fat content material, just about no sugar, not even alcohol or fruit (in an interview with GQ, Laird stated fruit is supposed to be eaten seasonally), no dairy (until it’s uncooked), greens, protein, low carbs, no bread, and no stable meals till lunch.

That final bit is what in the end did me in. I fancy myself a fairly wholesome particular person. I take pleasure in salads typically, steer clear of potato chips and soda, and hit quick meals joints solely every so often. But, breakfast – e.g. toast, oatmeal, or one thing substantial – has all the time been a staple for me. Fast ahead to day one, and even after making a espresso cocktail with turmeric creamer (which is scrumptious, by the best way) round 7 a.m., I felt myself getting hungry by 11. And with out having the ability to snack save for macadamia nuts (I subbed for cashews right here) all I might take into consideration and discuss was how hungry I was. I was knowledgeable by individuals who’d truly dieted earlier than that being hungry is simply the character of being on a weight loss plan, however with nothing to show and no efficiency or weight reduction targets myself – the concept was simply to do that for shits – my preliminary plan to final thirty days rapidly became two weeks max.

By day two, I already had a brand new appreciation for Laird’s self-discipline and dedication to his weight loss plan. In an interview with sports activities journalist Graham Bensinger in 2018, Laird explains that an espresso cocktail along with his creamer, coconut oil, and uncooked butter can maintain him performing effectively into the early afternoon.

“I probably start with 50 or 60 grams of fat in the morning that I consume as a beverage with espresso in it, and I can go till one o’clock in the afternoon at full speed,” he says.

Not me. Come 11 a.m. that second day, once more I was fucking ravenous and had decreased the newly self-negotiated constraint of two weeks down to one. “I can make it a week,” I informed myself on the drive residence from the workplace. It’s actually not that dangerous. Then the nail within the coffin: when I bought residence my spouse spontaneously determined she’d make a pan of lovely brownies – one thing she by no means does. The odor of the oven was overpowering. I ate six. It was the final word crash and burn failure.

I presume a lot of our readers are wholesome folks – possibly you eat even cleaner than Laird. And I hear your criticism and keyboard clicking already. “Only two days?! What a wimp!” And you’d be proper. I’ll be the primary to admit that I lack self-discipline. Plus, two days is hardly lengthy sufficient to recover from the hill to actually discover a distinction.

My counterpoint could be this, although: in my case, a radical life-style change in a single day (e.g. not consuming breakfast, not consuming, not snacking, eliminating sugar, dairy, and bread) appears to be a great way to set your self up for failure. Not that individuals don’t do it daily, however a gradual transition into consuming like Laird would have dulled the shock to the system – particularly the psychology of immediately not having the ability to eat X anymore.

Laird himself helps this concept. In an interview with GQ, he defined, “The biggest mistake anyone can make is being too strict. That stress far outweighs the value of what you’re doing. There’s a disciplined way to do things.”

So, within the weeks since making an attempt to undertake Laird’s weight loss plan 100 %, I’ve as an alternative picked and chosen what works for me and discovered from the expertise and I do really feel more healthy and cleaner consequently. It hasn’t made me a greater surfer, however I’m noticing I have extra vitality all through the day. Namely, I’m utilizing Laird Superfood’s creamers, consuming a smaller breakfast every morning (both a bar or piece of toast), and hydrating extra typically than earlier than, sometimes with dehydrated coconut water. And I guess that’s a very powerful lesson right here – the right weight loss plan is probably the most sustainable one which simply turns into how you eat daily. Pick and select what works for you from individuals who know what they’re speaking about, keep away from traits for traits’ sake, and perceive what your physique wants. As Laird says, “Our bodies are smarter than we often give them credit for.”

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