I was 24st and ate four takeaways a week but shed 12st after a stranger said I ‘wasn’t bad for a fat girl’

A SINGLE mum-of-one was shamed into shedding 10 stone after a merciless stranger sneered she was “fairly… for a fat woman.

Tanya Austin, 26, from Weston-Super-Mare, had all the time felt just like the fat buddy on nights out along with her mates due to her 24 stone body. 

Tanya Austin, 26, from Weston-super-Mare, shed 12st in a year - half her body weight


Tanya Austin, 26, from Weston-super-Mare, shed 12st in a yr – half her physique weightCredit: Medavia

Speaking solely to Fabulous, she said: “I hated my dimension 24 body. All my mates have been so skinny and glamorous but I was all the time spilling out of my outfit. 

“I’d been large my whole adult life, ever since I was in my late teens. Then when I started enjoying boozy nights out as I got older, things only got worse.”  

Although Tanya hated how she regarded, she could not shift the kilos and determined to throw herself into partying as an alternative.

She said: “I hated the way in which I regarded, but I did not need to be the fat buddy that was all the time moaning about being huge. So as an alternative, I threw myself into being the life and soul of the social gathering.

Tanya was spurred onto lose weight after being told she 'wasn't bad for a fat girl'


Tanya was spurred onto drop some pounds after being advised she ‘wasn’t bad for a fat woman’Credit: Medavia

“I drank a lot of cider on nights out and with no time to cook dinner, I’d order no less than four takeaways a week. I knew I had bad habits but I simply couldn’t see how I may take pleasure in my social life and be slim.

“I saved up my enjoyable facade, pretending I was this bubbly and assured particular person, but deep down I hated my determine. When I noticed photos of myself, I was mortified. But I nonetheless couldn’t appear to shed the kilos.

“I just ate my feelings instead. It wasn’t long before my weight spiralled out of control and I was massive size 24, weighing over 24 stone.” 

When I noticed photos of myself, I was mortified. But I nonetheless couldn’t appear to shed the kilos

Tanya Austin26

As her physique ballooned, Tanya’s confidence plummeted, and quickly she was shying away from relationship altogether – as a result of she was too scared to eat in entrance of romantic companions. 

Tanya said: “I will need to have seemed to be in denial, I was so busy pretending that I wasn’t bothered about my dimension, but others had actually seen I had a huge drawback.

“When a date prompt I ought to swap my drinks order from Coke to Diet Coke, I was humiliated. I didn’t pay attention although. Instead of ditching the full-fat Coke, I ditched my date.

Tanya was a party girl and once ate four takeaways a week


Tanya was a social gathering woman and as soon as ate four takeaways a weekCredit: Medavia

“I stopped relationship and quickly, I started avoiding consuming out all collectively. I was satisfied folks would stare at me. 

“At that time, I instantly realised what everybody should consider me. I noticed what strangers noticed – a massively chubby younger lady.

“I saved going out with my mates, pretending to be glad, but I hated my physique a lot.

“I would watch my friends as they paired off with handsome strangers on nights out, but I was always left alone. I was the eternal fat friend.”

She's now loving life and believes guys when they tell her she's pretty


She’s now loving life and believes guys once they inform her she’s fairlyCredit: Medavia

Then one night time, a stranger dropped a brutal bombshell.

“It was just another night out,” Tanya said. “I was with some women and a group of men have been speaking to us.

“We were having a laugh and joking around, but suddenly one of the men just turned to me and said: ‘You’re pretty… for a fat girl.’ I was gobsmacked.”

I’d all the time recognized I was the fat buddy, but the merciless stranger’s phrases had actually confirmed it. For me, that was the ultimate straw

Tanya Austin26

Poor Tanya was mortified by the merciless jibe, but brushed it off. She said: “I pretended to my mates that I didn’t care, but deep down I was heartbroken.

“I’d all the time recognized I was the fat buddy, but the merciless stranger’s phrases had actually confirmed it.

“For me, that was the ultimate straw. I signed as much as each weight loss program I may consider in a determined bid to drop some pounds, but I simply couldn’t stick with any of them. 

“Old habits die hard and every time, I’d slip back into my old ways and order a takeaway. Afterwards, I’d just think there was no point. I just couldn’t stop myself.” 

Tanya says she was always the 'fat friend' on nights out


Tanya says she was all the time the ‘fat buddy’ on nights outCredit: Medavia

But regardless of Tanya’s lack of motivation, the stranger’s phrases continued to hang-out her, and when she fell pregnant after a brief fling in 2015 she determined it was time to vary for good. 

She said: “It wasn’t something critical, and I actually hadn’t deliberate a child, but falling pregnant was a dream come true. I was actually excited.

“When I gave start to my son, Logan, in April 2016, I was full of a lot love. But that bloke within the bar’s jibe had stayed with me and now, as a single mum, it felt a lot extra poignant.

“I didn’t want to be the fat mum in the school playground. I had to lose weight to be a role model for Logan.”

Her priorities changed when she fell pregnant with son Logan in 2016


Her priorities modified when she fell pregnant with son Logan in 2016Credit: Medavia

Inspired by love for her son, Tanya threw out all of the junk meals from her cabinets and took management of her weight loss program.

“Within a few weeks, the weight was falling off me,” she said.. “I felt unbelievable and when I misplaced four stone in a matter of months, I was so proud.

“But I appeared to plateau there and I knew I’d want some further assist to shift the remainder of the burden. So in August 2016, I signed as much as Slimming World.

“Within the first week of following their plan, I had already started to lose weight again.” 

Tanya is now a size 12, weighing 12st


Tanya is now a dimension 12, weighing 12stCredit: Medavia

Tanya continued to drop some pounds at a regular fee and inside a yr she had shed a additional eight stone, shedding a staggering 12 stone in complete.

Tanya says: “Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so when I realised I may nonetheless have a cooked breakfast every morning and drop some pounds, I was so glad. 

“I couldn’t consider I’d misplaced 12 stone. I don’t suppose it actually hit house till I lastly slipped into a dimension 12 costume. I felt wonderful. I’d spent years admiring thinner ladies, and now I was lastly one among them.

Tanya’s weight loss program: earlier than & after

Tanya’s weight loss program earlier than:

Breakfast: Full fry up

Lunch: Two rooster tikka slices, fizzy drink

Dinner: Sweet and bitter rooster balls, curry, ribs, cider 

Snacks: Crisps and dip, chocolate, pasty, cider  

Tanya’s weight loss program after:

Breakfast: Wholemeal bread, sausage, poached egg and beans

Lunch: Subway salad, water 

Dinner: Chilli and rice

Snacks: Slimming world bar, fruit 

“My first night time out after the burden loss was life altering. I now not needed to fake to be assured, I actually did really feel unbelievable. It felt unimaginable to lastly ditch that label of the ‘fat friend’. 

“When a guy at the bar told me I was beautiful, I was over the moon. He didn’t qualify it with ‘for a fat girl’, and for the first time I believe him.”

Tanya now weighs 12 stone and she has simply bought her first dimension 10 outfit. Her weight reduction has even given her the braveness to start out relationship once more. 

“I hated dating when I was big,” said Tanya. “But now I’m loving it. I’ve even signed as much as a relationship web site, and this time I’ll be ensuring they take me on dinner dates.

“I love my dimension 12 determine, I’m so glad I managed to shed the burden. When that stranger made his merciless remark, I was mortified.

“But I’m glad he said it – he inspired me to lose 12 stone and now, I’m now not fairly for a fat woman.”  

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