Japanese Water Therapy: Benefits, Risks, and Effectiveness

Japanese water remedy includes ingesting a number of glasses of room-temperature water each morning if you first get up.

Online, it’s claimed that this apply can deal with a bunch of issues, spanning from constipation and hypertension to sort 2 diabetes and most cancers.

However, many of those claims have been exaggerated or aren’t supported by science.

This article opinions the advantages, dangers, and effectiveness of Japanese water remedy.

Supposedly, Japanese water remedy will get its title from being broadly utilized in Japanese medication and among the many Japanese folks.

It includes ingesting room-temperature or heat water on an empty abdomen after waking to cleanse the digestive system and regulate intestine well being, which — based on proponents — can heal quite a lot of circumstances.

In addition, advocates of Japanese water remedy declare that chilly water is dangerous as a result of it will probably trigger the fat and oils in your meals to harden in your digestive tract, thus slowing down digestion and inflicting illness.

The remedy contains the next steps that must be repeated each day:

  1. Drink 4 to 5 three/Four-cup (160-ml) glasses of room-temperature water on an empty abdomen upon waking and earlier than brushing your tooth, and wait one other 45 minutes earlier than consuming breakfast.
  2. At every meal, eat just for 15 minutes, and wait at the very least 2 hours earlier than consuming or ingesting the rest.

According to practitioners, Japanese water remedy have to be achieved for various intervals to deal with completely different circumstances. Here are some examples:

  • Constipation: 10 days
  • High blood stress: 30 days
  • Type 2 diabetes: 30 days
  • Cancer: 180 days

Though ingesting extra water might assist with constipation and blood stress, there is no such thing as a proof that Japanese water remedy can deal with or remedy sort 2 diabetes or most cancers. However, ingesting extra water might convey alongside another well being advantages.


Japanese water remedy includes ingesting a number of glasses of room temperature water if you get up every morning. Adherents declare that this apply can deal with quite a lot of circumstances.

Though Japanese water remedy just isn’t an efficient therapy for most of the circumstances it’s been claimed to enhance, ingesting extra water can nonetheless lead to some well being advantages.

Additionally, following this remedy protocol might lead to weight reduction as a result of it will probably trigger you to limit your calorie consumption.

Increased water consumption

Using Japanese water remedy contains ingesting a number of glasses of water per day, serving to you keep adequately hydrated.

There are quite a few advantages to ample hydration, together with optimum mind perform, sustained vitality ranges, and physique temperature and blood stress regulation (1, 2, three, Four).

In addition, ingesting extra water might assist forestall constipation, complications, and kidney stones (5, 6, 7).

Most folks get sufficient fluid by merely ingesting to fulfill their thirst. However, if you happen to’re very lively, work outside, or stay in a scorching local weather, you could have to drink extra.

Lower calorie consumption

Practicing Japanese water remedy might provide help to shed pounds through calorie restriction.

First, if you happen to substitute sugar-sweetened drinks like fruit juice or soda with water, your calorie consumption is robotically decreased — probably by a number of hundred energy per day.

Additionally, sticking to regimented consuming home windows of solely 15 minutes per meal, after which you’ll be able to’t eat once more for two hours, might prohibit your calorie consumption.

Finally, ingesting extra water might provide help to really feel fuller and make you eat fewer general energy from meals.

All this mentioned, analysis on the impact of water consumption on weight reduction is blended, with some research discovering optimistic outcomes and others seeing no results (eight).


There are a number of well being advantages of being adequately hydrated. In addition, ingesting extra water might provide help to shed pounds via calorie restriction.

Japanese water remedy is related to potential unwanted effects and precautions.

Water intoxication, or overhydration, can happen if you drink an extreme quantity of water in a brief time frame. It’s brought on by hyponatremia — or low salt ranges — in your blood on account of salt being diluted by extreme fluid (9).

It’s a critical situation that can lead to dying, however it’s uncommon in wholesome folks whose kidneys are capable of rapidly do away with extra fluid. People at elevated threat of hyponatremia embody these with kidney issues, endurance athletes, and individuals who abuse stimulant medication (9).

To be protected, don’t drink greater than about Four cups (1 liter) of fluid per hour, as that is the utmost quantity wholesome individual’s kidneys can deal with without delay.

Another draw back of Japanese water remedy is that it may be excessively restrictive on account of its tips on the timing of meals and consuming inside a 15-minute window.

If you’re making an attempt to shed pounds, extreme calorie restriction can result in rebound weight achieve after ending the remedy. Restricting energy reduces the variety of energy you burn at relaxation and causes spikes within the hormone ghrelin — which will increase emotions of starvation (10, 11).

What’s extra, there’s a threat of overeating or consuming too rapidly throughout the allotted 15-minute consuming home windows, particularly if you happen to really feel extra hungry than regular by the point you’re capable of eat. This may cause indigestion or result in weight achieve.


There is a threat of water intoxication, or hyponatremia, from Japanese water remedy. Additionally, excessively proscribing energy whereas training the remedy might result in rebound weight achieve when you end the apply.

Japanese water remedy is touted as a remedy for quite a lot of circumstances from constipation to most cancers, however there is no such thing as a proof to help this.

The remedy supposedly cleanses your intestine and helps regulate intestine well being, however no present analysis confirms this. Water consumption has a a lot smaller impact on the stability of intestine micro organism than different elements like eating regimen (12).

Furthermore, there seem like solely few upsides to avoiding chilly water. Cold water does lower your gastrointestinal temperature and might barely improve blood stress in some folks, however it won’t trigger fat to solidify in your digestive tract (13, 14).

Before you think about using Japanese water remedy to deal with a situation or illness, it is best to focus on it along with your healthcare supplier.

It’s additionally necessary to notice that Japanese water remedy shouldn’t be used as a alternative for medical care from a licensed healthcare skilled.


Although there are some advantages to being adequately hydrated, Japanese water remedy has not been proven to deal with or remedy any illness. It shouldn’t be used as an alternative choice to medical care from a healthcare skilled.

Japanese water remedy includes timing your meals and water consumption, supposedly cleaning your intestine and therapeutic illness.

However, scientific proof doesn’t point out that it really works.

There are a number of advantages to ample hydration, however Japanese water remedy can’t deal with or remedy any medical situation.

If you’re coping with a situation with which Japanese water remedy is claimed to assist, it is best to seek the advice of your healthcare supplier.

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