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When intestine well being is compromised, it could possibly result in a wide range of undesirable signs together with indigestion, poor vitality, bloating, cussed weight reduction, pores and skin issues, poor immunity, inconsistent bowel patterns, psychological fog, and low temper. While many are inclined to rationalize these signs as the brand new regular, it’s really removed from what it’s presupposed to be. 

Recognizing we coach many people who present and expertise these indicators and signs of disrupted intestine well being, Life Time created a program and complement system designed to assist your efforts to reset your digestive well being. 

This program and complement system, referred to as the GUT.FIX Kit, consists of our high three really useful dietary supplements for serving to restore digestive integrity. While every complement within the Kit is distinct and important within the intestine therapeutic course of, we’ll be highlighting the distinct position of Glutamine and why it’s so essential, how a lot you must take and why your want for it could possibly enhance. 

What it’s & why it’s essential

Glutamine is a “conditionally essential” amino acid. Usually, amino acids are thought-about important or non-important. Essential amino acids have to be consumed by means of the weight loss program as a result of the physique can not make them by itself whereas non-important amino acids might be created by the physique. Glutamine, although, as a conditionally important amino acid signifies that it turns into “essential” when the physique is put in a situation the place it can not create sufficient by itself. While we’ll go into extra element within the sections under, bodily stress is among the most typical methods the physique is put ready the place it can not sustain with its glutamine wants.

One of essentially the most studied areas of glutamine supplementation is its impact on the immune system. In truth, our intestine provides over 70% of the immune system. Because a majority of the physique’s defenses reside within the digestive tract, that is the place most pathogens get into the physique, in the event that they’re going to get in in any respect.

When the well being of the digestive tract is compromised, particularly the gut, it turns into simpler for these pathogens to enter the blood stream. Besides resulting in potential sickness, the elevated permeability of the gut can even enable giant meals particles to enter the blood stream, which might set off meals allergic reactions or sensitivities. To assist fight these points, Glutamine has been proven to assist restore the liner of the intestine, which helps improve immune operate and could assist scale back the prevalence of meals allergic reactions or sensitivities.(1)  

Glutamine can be a serious vitality supply for white blood cells, which embody macrophages and neutrophils, which are essential to the immune course of. As you may think about, the extra an infection these cells are preventing off at anyone time, the extra glutamine they are going to want. If there may be not a enough provide from the weight loss program, the physique will break down its personal muscle tissue to produce the glutamine wants. 

How a lot?

The common American weight loss program provides three.5-7.zero grams of glutamine per day. When searching for meals which are good sources of Glutamine, beef, pork, poultry, milk, yogurt, ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, uncooked spinach, uncooked parsley and cabbage are nice choices. Keep in thoughts that animal sources include bigger quantities due to their increased protein content material. Whey protein can be a wonderful supplemental supply.

For sedentary people, the typical each day quantities consumed are enough to satisfy the physique’s wants. For exercising people with out vital well being problems, 2-5 grams per day of further supplemental glutamine is commonly really useful. 

Why do wants enhance?

Under wholesome, rested, unstressed circumstances, the physique can produce sufficient glutamine to satisfy its each day wants. However, when the extra stress is added to the physique, its want for glutamine will not be met by the physique’s manufacturing, and it turns into extra essential to get glutamine by means of weight loss program or supplementation. 

It’s additionally well-known that some critical catabolic well being circumstances (extreme burns, sure cancers, AIDS for instance) dramatically enhance our wants for L-glutamine (and different vitamins).In these medical situations, L-glutamine supplementation considerably improves the prognosis of critically ailing sufferers by nourishing the physiologic intestinal barrier and by lowering the frequency of infections[iii]. It does so by means of quite a few essential mechanisms concerned within the regulation of gene expression, new cell progress and improvement, protein turnover (restore), anti-oxidative properties and by selling immune well being [iv]. In different phrases, even when the entire physique appears to be breaking down, additional L-glutamine is efficient at nourishing the very delicate cells lining our intestines and bettering entire physique well being.

If you’re somebody who experiences elevated stress ranges and workout routines steadily at the next depth with out sufficient restoration time, you may have the next prevalence of depleted glutamine ranges. Most individuals produce other stresses of their lives to cope with as properly – monetary stress, work stress, lack of sleep, illness. All of those stresses may cause a lower within the physique’s provide of glutamine which might suppress immune operate. 

Another cause why our wants enhance is because of broken intestinal villi, that are additionally known as enterocytes, that may end result from our trendydietary selections,meals sensitivities, alcohol consumption, medicines, toxin publicity, or basic life-style habits. 

Whether you’re employed arduous on the health club or work arduous to loosen up by having a number of cocktails at night time, the liner of your digestive system could also be encountering some harm you’re not at the moment accounting for. Fortunately, including L-glutamine to your routine helps reduce down the tissue harm, which is commonly referred to gastrointestinal permeability, or “leaky gut” [v],[vi]. It’s even been proven to enhance train efficiency and power [vii].


If you’ve been experiencing symptons of a disrupted intestine, it might be time to pay nearer consideration to your each day routine, life-style habits and how they might be impacting your glutamine ranges. While consuming a balanced weight loss program with meals excessive in glutamine is a good start line for supporting your intestine well being, you may as well take it by means of the comfort of a complement. Taking Glutamine in a complement type is straightforward as a result of it’s odorless, tasteless and mixes properly in shakes or different drinks. 

While Life Time gives Glutamine as a person complement, for those who’re in want of a complete system and holistic plan to get again to a more healthy intestine, an ideal place to begin is with the GUT.FIX program. 

If you might have any lingering questions associated to intestine well being, GUT.FIX or Glutamine, you may electronic mail our group of diet coaches and they’ll do what they will to assist. 

In well being, Paul Kriegler, Registered Dietitian, Life Time – Nutrition Program Development Manager.

This article will not be meant for the remedy or prevention of illness, nor as an alternative to medical remedy, nor as an alternative choice to medical recommendation. Use of suggestions on this and different articles is on the selection and danger of the reader. 

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