Live longer: Drinking chai tea could increase your life expectancy

Living a protracted, wholesome life would not have to be an arduous process. In truth, it could be so simple as consuming a cup of tea. The query is: what sort of tea.

Mounting scientific proof has been pointing in direction of a sure sort of tea that has a number of well being advantages.

For occasion, it could assist to enhance coronary heart well being, scale back blood sugar ranges and support weight reduction.

So what is that this health-boosting tea? The reply is masala chai tea.

The aromatic beverage tastes candy and spicy – due to its mixture of black tea, ginger and different spices.

The hottest spices embody cardamon, cinnamon, fennel, black pepper and cloves.

But it is commonplace for star anise, coriander seeds and peppercorns to be combined in with masala chai tea.

The drink is often brewed utilizing each heat water and heat milk – and premixed teabags can be found at supermarkets.

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How to live longer: What's the best brew to drink?

How to reside longer: What’s the most effective brew to drink? (Image: Getty)

Researchers from the Department of Human Nutrition, at NWFP Agricultural University in Pakistan, famous how the tea could assist enhance an individual’s well being.

They discovered that cinnamon – one of many spices current in masala chai tea – reduces “bad” ldl cholesterol by as much as 30 % inside six weeks.

“Bad” ldl cholesterol – in any other case generally known as LDL ldl cholesterol – “contributes to fatty build-ups in arteries”, states the American Heart Association.

The charity provides: “This condition narrows the arteries and increases the risk for heart attack and stroke.”


Those who work for the School of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics, in Iran, researched how ginger helps to cut back blood sugar ranges.

Ginger is integral to masala chai tea, and its well being properties had been investigated by the analysis crew.

Their examine concerned 41 individuals who had sort 2 diabetes. Twenty-two of them got two grams of ginger for 3 months.

The different 19 individuals got a placebo for a similar period of time.

How to live longer: Masala chai tea

How to reside longer: Masala chai tea is stuffed with health-boosting spices (Image: Getty)

Results discovered that these consuming ginger on a regular basis had blood sugar ranges decreased by 12 %.

High blood sugar ranges (hyperglycaemia) might be harmful over a chronic time period.

The NHS confirms: “Regularly having excessive blood sugar ranges for lengthy durations of time may end up in everlasting injury to physique elements.

“[This can affect] the eyes, nerves, kidneys and blood vessels.”

The masala chai tea is mostly ready with cow’s milk or soy milk – each of that are nice sources of protein.

Researchers from Lund University, in Sweden, concluded that “protein had a pronounced impact on suppressing urge for food”.

Over-eating is drastically linked with weight problems, which dramatically decreases an individual’s total wellbeing.

By consuming masala chai tea, an individual might hold to a really perfect weight, enhance their coronary heart well being and hold blood sugar ranges down.

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