Low Carb vs. Keto: What’s the Difference?

The low carb and keto diets are two standard methods of consuming that contain proscribing your carb consumption.

Given that they each restrict carbs, chances are you’ll surprise what units the two aside.

This article opinions the variations between the low carb and keto diets, the professionals and cons of every, in addition to which one could also be a greater choice for you.

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A low carb eating regimen is a means of consuming that restricts dietary carbohydrates, primarily from grains, sugar-sweetened drinks, and bread.

Studies recommend low carb eating regimen includes 10–30% of energy from carbs, though there isn’t any set definition. For a wholesome one who consumes 2,000 energy per day, this equals 50–150 grams of carbs (1, 2).

When following a low carb eating regimen, it’s frequent to extend your consumption of protein, wholesome fat, and greens to exchange the carbs and promote fullness.

Also, by proscribing carbs, you eradicate many excessive calorie meals out of your eating regimen. All these components may go collectively to scale back your total calorie consumption and promote weight reduction (three, four).

A low carb eating regimen has been linked to a number of well being advantages in folks with diabetes, together with weight reduction and improved blood sugar management and cardiovascular threat components (5).

It’s additionally generally used to induce weight reduction (6, 7).

While a low carb eating regimen is probably not for everybody, it may be a viable weight reduction choice for many wholesome folks.

Low carb professionals and cons


  • might promote weight reduction (three, four)
  • eliminates many processed excessive carb meals
  • may be sustained long run
  • much less excessive adaptation part than keto
  • much less restrictive and simpler to observe than keto


  • chances are you’ll really feel weak or expertise constipation
  • limits meals choices
  • limits fruit consumption
  • might influence micronutrient consumption


A low carb eating regimen restricts carbs, comparable to grains, rice, and starchy greens, to 10–30% of your total calorie consumption, which can result in weight reduction. You ought to think about the eating regimen’s professionals and cons earlier than beginning it.

The ketogenic — or keto — eating regimen is a really low carb, excessive fats eating regimen that has gained recognition in recent times.

The keto eating regimen has a number of therapeutic properties, comparable to serving to deal with refractory epilepsy. Promising analysis reveals it might additionally impair the progress of sure varieties of most cancers. Furthermore, some folks put it to use to shed extra pounds (eight, 9, 10).

When following a keto eating regimen, the purpose is to achieve dietary ketosis. In this state, your physique produces ketones from fats in your liver and makes use of fats as its fundamental gas supply as a substitute of carbs.

This is achieved by consuming fewer than 50 grams of carbs per day whereas protecting protein consumption reasonable and rising fats consumption drastically.

A normal keto eating regimen is restrictive and is probably not a sensible long-term choice for these trying to shed extra pounds and enhance their well being.

Keto professionals and cons



  • constipation is frequent resulting from low fiber consumption
  • long-term information is proscribed
  • threat of the keto flu, which can embody complications, fatigue, mind fog, irritability, and lack of motivation
  • limits fruit consumption
  • could also be troublesome to stay to for lengthy intervals


The keto eating regimen restricts carbs to 50 grams or fewer per day. This places your physique in a state of dietary ketosis, which promotes the use of fats as a main gas supply. The eating regimen’s professionals and cons must be thought of earlier than beginning it.

When it comes to picking between the low carb and keto diets, there are a number of components to contemplate.

The fundamental distinction between these diets is carbohydrate consumption. On a low carb eating regimen, you usually eat 50–150 grams of carbs per day, however on the keto eating regimen, day by day carb consumption is restricted to fewer than 50 grams.

Another fundamental distinction is protein consumption. With low carb diets, protein consumption could also be excessive, however with keto diets, protein consumption must be reasonable at round 20% of complete energy. This is as a result of extreme protein consumption can forestall ketosis (13).

Additionally, fats consumption tends to be considerably larger on the keto eating regimen, as fat exchange carbs and protein.

The keto eating regimen could also be too restrictive for most individuals, resulting in poor long-term adherence. Furthermore, the keto eating regimen is extra prone to trigger undesirable negative effects (13).

Therefore, a low carb eating regimen is probably going a greater choice for most individuals.

That stated, it’s vital to seek the advice of your healthcare supplier earlier than beginning any eating regimen to scale back your threat of problems.


While each diets restrict carbs to various levels, the keto eating regimen is extra restrictive. For the majority of the inhabitants, the low carb eating regimen seems to be extra sustainable in the long run.

The low carb and keto diets limit carbs to yield potential well being advantages.

While each restrict carbs to a sure extent, quite a few variations set them aside — with carb and fats intakes being the two most important.

It’s vital to weigh the professionals and cons of every eating regimen and seek the advice of your healthcare supplier earlier than deciding if both of them is best for you.

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