Medical Conditions That Can Cause Weight Gain

At Menopause it’s sadly sadly inevitable that you’ll placed on just a few kilos, it’s a uncommon girl who doesn’t.

However though typically talking it’s hormone stability that may be behind weight achieve at the moment, or simply poor weight loss program, diet and train habits, have you ever thought that maybe there could possibly be one other consider your life behind it?


If your thyroid, a small, butterfly-shaped gland in your neck, stops making sufficient hormones that may end up in weight achieve. It additionally might skinny your hair, dry your pores and skin, and make you are feeling colder, drained, constipated, and even depressed.

A easy blood check can verify in case your hormone ranges are low, and supplementary hormones can assist you are feeling higher.


Weight achieve and even weight problems are among the many doable bodily unwanted side effects. People with this temper dysfunction usually have greater ranges of the “stress hormone” cortisol, which can trigger fats to assemble round your stomach. Or you could pack on the kilos since you really feel too right down to eat correctly or train.

Certain drugs used to deal with the situation additionally might do it so search assist out of your physician or a therapist.


People who get lower than 6 hours of sleep an evening are likely to have extra physique fats.  Lack of sleep may cause your physique to make an excessive amount of of the hormones cortisol and insulin, which may add kilos.

It can also mess up the hormones that sign starvation and make you crave meals, particularly these loaded with fats and sugar.


Not strictly a medical situation, however remedy is commonly prescribed for the recent flushes, sleep issues, and moodiness which can be frequent at menopause and linked to altering hormone ranges. Such drugs akin to HRT or the Pill could be the reason for weight achieve.

If you might be struggling hormonal fluctuations and signs then you could really feel much less like wholesome consuming and train and in the event you’re already sleep disadvantaged and depressed, you would possibly attain for a snack or chocolate as a substitute of constructing a nutritious meal.

Many signs could be helped by restoring hormone stability so verify your oestrogen and progesterone ranges.

Cushing’s Disease

Usually, cortisol helps maintain your blood stress and blood sugar in a wholesome vary. But when your adrenal glands make an excessive amount of of this stress hormone, it will probably add fats to your stomach and the bottom of your neck. You would possibly bruise extra and see weaker, thinner limbs, a spherical face, and large purple stretch marks.

This must be identified and handled by your physician to  decrease cortisol ranges.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

There’s nobody check that may inform in case you have this illness however ladies with PCOS produce higher-than-normal quantities of male hormones. This hormone imbalance causes them to skip menstrual durations , or have anovulatory durations the place they don’t seem to be ovulating and so not producing any progesterone.

Women additionally could produce extra facial or physique hair, zits and  cysts could develop on the ovaries.  You additionally might achieve weight since you’re much less delicate to insulin, a hormone that helps your physique flip blood sugar into power.

Again this may be helped by addressing rebalancing with progesterone.

Congestive Heart Failure

If you may have this situation, it’s when your coronary heart doesn’t pump laborious sufficient. Sudden weight achieve — 2-Three kilos in a day or greater than 5 kilos per week — might imply it’s getting worse. You additionally may need swollen ft and ankles, a quicker pulse, heavy respiration, hypertension, reminiscence loss, and confusion.

You would possibly need to observe these signs so you’ll be able to inform your physician about abrupt modifications. Together, you’ll be able to regulate your remedy for higher well being.

Sleep Apnoea

If you’re a loud snorer or really feel drowsy in the course of the day, it could possibly be an indication you’ll have this critical situation. Your airway usually cuts off respiration for just a few seconds in your sleep. Being obese or overweight is one trigger, however it may also be a symptom.

The situation might make you extra more likely to have liver issues, coronary heart failure, and hypertension so verify together with your physician for remedy.


Feeling a bit puffy? This situation occurs when your physique is holding an excessive amount of water, normally in your legs and arms. A limb would possibly look swollen and really feel tight and laborious to maneuver however by itself it’s not normally a crucial situation.

Diuretics, additionally referred to as water drugs, can assist eliminate it if it doesn’t get higher by itself however it’s essential to work to handle the underlying trigger, like coronary heart, kidney, liver, and lung illnesses, which could be fairly critical so all the time verify together with your physician.

Metabolic Syndrome

It’s a gaggle of situations that occurs collectively and raises your probabilities of coronary heart illness, stroke, and diabetes. Your blood stress, blood sugar, ldl cholesterol, and physique fats could also be at unhealthy ranges.

There is perhaps no apparent signs apart from further kilos that add up round your waist however usually you handle it with modifications in weight loss program and train in addition to drugs.


Depending on the kind, you’ll be able to deal with diabetes with a mixture of weight loss program, train, insulin, and drugs. Insulin helps your physique use power. But it additionally makes it simpler to your physique to retailer the power, which frequently can result in weight achieve.

Plus, you could be tempted to eat extra to forestall low blood sugar from a few of the therapies. Talk to your physician about find out how to greatest stability weight loss program, train, insulin, and drugs to handle your weight and your diabetes.


Your physician would possibly name them corticosteroids. and are used to deal with bronchial asthma, some kinds of arthritis, and different situations. The greater the dose and the longer you are taking steroids, the extra doubtless they’re to stimulate. your urge for food.

That might result in overeating and weight achieve so all the time discuss to your physician about how greatest to handle the unwanted side effects of your steroid remedy.

Common Medications

One drug would possibly make you hungry. Another would possibly sluggish your physique’s calorie burn or change the way in which your physique absorbs vitamins. Some simply make your physique grasp on to extra water.

Sometimes, scientists don’t know for certain why a drug causes weight achieve. Common examples are contraception drugs, HRT, antipsychotics, antidepressants, epilepsy medicine, and beta-blockers (for hypertension).

Helpful info: 

If you already are conscious that you’ve one in every of these situations then do usually verify together with your physician in case your situation in any method modifications. If the load achieve might be hormonal then you could discover the next articles useful.

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