Mum from Stratton in Swindon loses five stone through Weight Watchers

A MUM says she lost a third of her bodyweight after a close family member’s death pushed her to drastically change her lifestyle.

Joy Archer, from Stratton, has shed almost five stone since her mother in-law died in hospital after suddenly suffering a cardiac arrest in December 2014 following treatment for breast cancer.

“Losing someone close to you when you’re only in your forties is such a shock!” she told the Adver.

“It made me re-evaluate my whole life, I realised that life is so precious and weighing 14st 7lbs I wasn’t living my best life.

“Particularly when you’ve got young children. My daughter at the time was seven and I just thought in theory that could happen to me at any time – I needed to do something.”

Her mother in-law Marie Blackburn was 71 when she died and was described by Joy as fit and healthy prior to her treatment for cancer.

“She wasn’t very old and she was very spritely,” she added.

“She had a wonderful social life, she was very active, she was the last person you would think to die suddenly.”

After first giving up smoking and joining her local Weight Watchers Joy cut out the takeaways and snacks and switched to healthy eating with plenty of veg, while still allowing herself the odd treat.

By March 2018 she had trimmed off an impressive four stone.

She was introduced to the Couch to 5k programme and is also now running three times a week and wants to enter the Swindon Half Marathon for September.

“Because I can now, I’m determined not to go back to where I was,” she added.

“Before I wouldn’t have run to catch a bus.

“It’s time for me to and means that I have maintained my weight loss and for the first time in years, I like the way I look and my husband keeps telling me I look hot!”

Rachael Lipsett, Joy’s wellness coach at Weight Watchers said: “Joy came to the workshop every week and was literally a joy to have around. She inspired all the other members with her top tips and made the most of all three elements of the programme – food, movement and mindset.”

The Stratton workshop is at the Grange Community Centre on Mondays at 7.15pm.

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