Nutritionists have called the basic rules, accelerating weight loss

Диетологи назвали элементарные правила, ускоряющие похудениеThe list consists of five items.

Even very small changes in diet and lifestyle to have an immediate effect on your figure – and only depends on you, plus or minus. Try to follow these simple rules and soon you will notice the difference. And not just you.


Eggs – the best product for weight loss. Seriously: they have a lot of protein, little calories, and very high content of useful minerals. If you go to Breakfast eggs, in 8 weeks you will lose 65% more weight than sticking to any other diet – it’s a fact, proven by research. You still need more arguments? Then remember that protein Breakfast are the best protection from impulsive snacking throughout the day.


Chili and jalapeno contain a compound called capsaicin that stimulates metabolism and increases the burning of fat. Moreover, capsaicin reduces appetite, and helps the calories to be processed into energy and not into fat.


Probiotics are live bacteria that live in the intestines and bring your health very useful. So, they positively affect the condition of the gastrointestinal tract, heart and, of course, help to fight obesity. Studies have shown that people with excess weight bacterial flora of the intestine differs from that which lives inside of look so thin. To restore the normal flora and probiotics help.


Long, sweet and in the dark. People who have trouble sleeping, 55% more likely to be obese in the first place, because sleep disturbances have a bad influence on the work of the hormonal system and metabolism. And lack of sleep prevents us to regulate appetite: the participants of one of the experiments noted that after a sleepless night they are during the day, ate a lot more (including “forbidden” foods) than if eve had a good sleep.


Products with a high content of dietary fibers and fiber – yet another friend of all who want to lose weight. Fiber fills the stomach, supporting satiety, and also help you work in our gut.

And fiber – a prerequisite of normal metabolism. So be careful in your daily diet were enough foods rich in these substances.

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