Please Don’t Try These “Natural” Viral Birth Control Methods Circluating On Twitter

A viral tweet that purports to record pure substances for contraception isn’t based mostly on science and could possibly be harmful, an professional advised BuzzFeed News.

“There’s no science or medicine to it at all,” Nathaniel DeNicola, a board-certified OB-GYN and assistant professor at George Washington University, stated. “It’s hardly even worth diving into it because it’s so unsupported by science, but some of them are actually worth looking at because they can be dangerous.”

Here’s a better have a look at the supposed treatments. The tweet itself has greater than 14,000 likes.

Although a number of the remedies might have a historical past in conventional medication, none of them needs to be tried. And most of the vegetation listed might be very harmful and poisonous. For instance, pennyroyal is utilized in pesticides, DeNicola stated.

“Some of these things shouldn’t be consumed at all,” he added.

If persons are excited on the concept of pure contraception, it could be attributable to a rising wariness of different choices. The variety of ladies utilizing hormonal contraception strategies has been dropping. Part of that is because of a need to keep away from unwanted side effects, however there are additionally a variety of nonhormonal choices on the market. DeNicola stated they embody Paragard, a nonhormonal intrauterine system, and even simply condoms.

There’s additionally the fertility consciousness technique, also referred to as the rhythm technique, though DeNicola cautioned that carries a better threat of conceiving.

Although the tweet has gone viral, DeNicola stated he was heartened to see how many individuals had been calling out the dangerous data in its replies.

“Among the first 50 or so, virtually all of them are coming to the correct answer,” he stated.

If you wish to talk about contraception choices, or you’ve menstrual points, otherwise you need assistance with something to do along with your reproductive system, one of the best factor is to go to knowledgeable, DeNicola stated.

“The doctors are there for you,” he stated. “We’re always available for this kind of counseling.”

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