Prescribe 20 Promotes Eating Healthy Over Counting Calories

Dieting will be complicated. Some diets inform you a kind of meals is dangerous, whereas others say you must solely eat that sort of meals. Christina Sandok was all too accustomed to the psychological tango of weight-reduction plan as she lately took over native holistic vitamin firm, Prescribe Nutrition, and reinvented the digital wholesome meals program, Prescribe 20.

A brand new menu, providing 50+ further recipes with vegan and vegetarian choices for plant-loving of us, comes out on February 17th as a part of the reinvented P20 program.

After getting her purposeful vitamin certification in 2018 and beginning a household in 2014, Sandok’s curiosity in well being and wellness grew. 

Though Sandok labored in public relations most of her life, an curiosity in well being and vitamin was all the time on the again burner. She went via the Prescribe 20 program, testing out a more healthy food regimen, and when the earlier homeowners of Prescribe Nutrition got here wanting to promote, Sandok seized the chance. She offered her Minneapolis-based PR and artistic hub, Style-Architects, and its event-planning sister Style-Architects Weddings & Events, and began in search of her subsequent step. “I wanted my next step to be something that had purpose and passion behind it,” she says.

In June 2019, Sandok took the reins of Prescribe Nutrition and began implementing her imaginative and prescient: making wholesome consuming simply accessible and fulfilling.

“We should all eat for energy and longevity and vitality, over weight loss,” Sandok says. “That feels like a healthier end goal than always chasing the scale.”

One of Sandok’s first steps was revamping the prevailing well being plan, Prescribe 20. “I wanted the virtual program that they ran before to be something that could be sustainable, and I wanted to completely avoid trendy diets,” she says. “I don’t think trendy diets are something you can sustain your entire life, nor do I think they are a good example for our children.”

Restrictive weight-reduction plan can result in points like anxiousness about meals, disordered consuming, and avoiding social conditions that contain meals. With the brand new P20, Sandok needed to advertise wholesome relationships with meals as an alternative of simply one other food regimen—that means extra unprocessed meals and fewer restricted consuming. Think Entire30, minus 10. Eliminating widespread inflammatory meals like dairy and sugar for 20 days, and slowly including them again in to see how they have an effect on you.

The inspiration for a pure consuming plan got here from Sandok’s household. She discovered that maintaining a healthy diet helped her daughter catch fewer colds and improved her husband’s well being points. She and her household have been via P20 and nonetheless observe lots of the tips.

“We have desserts, and bread, and things that people wouldn’t necessarily think they could eat on a 20-day cleanse,” Sandok says. “They taste just as good as a sweet treat you would get at a bakery, but it’s all naturally sweetened and filled with stuff that’s going to give you energy all day.”

The new iteration of P20 has greater than 50 new recipes, vegetarian and vegan choices, and new options like a meal-planning software, the place customers choose recipes within the system for the week and it generates a grocery checklist—if solely it might inventory your fridge, too.

The additions make it simpler for P20-ers to keep it up. But, relating to continuation, help is vital. A group board on the Prescribe Nutrition web site permits individuals to get recommendation and provides help to others on this system. Sandok recommends getting help from the house staff too by making P20 recipes for household, as an alternative of only for your self.

Forgiveness can also be necessary. No one eats wholesome 100 % of the time, Sandok says, and everybody makes errors—even nutritionists.

Sandok hopes to develop Prescribe Nutrition’s well being teaching, add well being dietary supplements, and herald extra individualized vitamin points. She additionally hopes to create applications tailor-made to households and ladies.

“We should all eat for energy and longevity and vitality, over weight loss,” Sandok says. “That feels like a healthier end goal than always chasing the scale.”

Day within the Life of Christina Sandok:


“I often eat two eggs, half an avocado, and then maybe some sautéed veggies. I usually just take veggies from dinner from the night before and eat it with my food for breakfast—people usually don’t have enough time to like roast a pan of veggies in the morning.”


“That’s my biggest meal of the day. I really love—in the wintertime—soup. Soups that have rice, tons of veggies, and perhaps chicken or some kind of protein. Or a really big salad. I’m talking large because you want it to sustain you all day. So, lots of greens, and obviously protein, and again, healthy fats. If I had an avocado for breakfast, I’d probably add olives in it, or maybe a bunch of olive oil for my dressing, or even just a bunch of nuts and seeds. The fat and the protein are what keeps you satiated all day.”

Afternoon snack:

“I usually eat fruit, or a handful of cashews or walnuts … or I’ll have almond butter on apple slices, or celery.”


“We do lots of fish—white fish, salmon, steelhead trout, anything like that. We rotate in some red meat a couple times a week, but not every night. And we’ll have a big pan of roasted veggies. I usually make as much as I can so I can have some for breakfast. Then sweet potatoes, or rice, or some kind of whole grain that’s naturally gluten–free, rather than a processed gluten–free. And then a dark chocolate. Life’s all about balance, right? I do eat dark chocolate every day; it’s my little treat before bed. Or, I’ll have a glass of red wine here and there. It’s not about living a life that’s completely eliminating everything that you love, it’s focusing on the foods that give your body the fuel it needs.”

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