‘Real Housewives’ star responds to Instagram comments she is ‘too skinny’

A former “Real Housewives” star is responding to comments made on-line that she is “too skinny” and “should eat a burger” as she is within the midst of a divorce from her husband and caring for her son with mind harm.

“For the record, I am naturally thin and I’ve always had a healthy relationship with food,” Meghan King Edmonds wrote in a weblog submit printed Sunday. “But right now, I am too skinny. I don’t like it.”

“I won’t weigh myself because I’m scared to see what the scale says. When my clothes don’t fit I pretend like they do anyway,’ she said. ” But I’m not hungry. I do know I ought to eat however I’m surviving on adrenaline however decaying on stress (did I point out what has occurred within the final 150 days? And let’s simply actually lay it on by being within the thick of the vacations).”

Edmonds, 35, revealed in July that one in all her toddler twin sons, Hart, has irreversible mind harm. She shares the dual boys and an older daughter together with her estranged husband Jim Edmonds, a retired MLB star whom she has accused of dishonest.

Edmonds’ weblog submit about her well being got here after commenters responded to a photograph she shared on Instagram of herself pushing her twin sons at a park together with her daughter at her facet. Some questioned Edmonds’ weight reduction, whereas others got here to her protection with reminders that weight needs to be off limits to talk about.

“You look very skinny. I do know you’ve gotten lots in your plate. And I can solely think about how onerous it is to juggle all of it,” one commenter wrote. “Take care of yourself momma, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Sending you love.”

“Stop commenting on her weight,” wrote one other. “Don’t you guys think she already knows she’s lost weight. Who wouldn’t?”

Edmonds responded to no less than one remark, describing herself as a stress non-eater. That description is one widespread for folks experiencing numerous stress, in accordance to Amy Boyers, Ph.D.,a Miami-based psychologist who focuses on consuming issues.

“Stress is really very closely connected to anxiety,” mentioned Boyers, who doesn’t deal with Edmonds. “When your level of fear and anxiety and worry get high enough, for many people that just kills their appetite and they’re also so focused on whatever the stressor is they’re not paying attention to what’s happening in their body.”

Weight loss could also be an outward signal of what is taking place with an individual’s well being, so it is greatest to ask how an individual is doing, slightly than specializing in weight, in accordance to Boyers.

” I think that if you are concerned about someone it’s always more helpful to say, ‘I’m concerned about you. Are you okay? Can I help you?,’ rather than focusing on the weight,” she mentioned. “The weight is the most outer most layer and that’s not really the essence of how this person is doing.”

“It’s impossible to know from the outside why someone’s weight changes, so connecting as a human being rather than making any kind of accusations is much more helpful,” Boyers added.

Edmonds mentioned she was damage by the comments about her weight, writing, “I agree, I’m too thin. Acknowledgement is powerful and allows me to psychologically take back control. However, you hurt me when you mention it. I’m working on it. Please, sit back and watch me thrive despite my setbacks. The best is yet to come.”

She additionally wrote concerning the obstacles she faces day by day to be certain that she is permitting herself to take within the correct diet.

“I eat breakfast every day. That’s easy. Lunch is hard because it’s an annoyance: a stop in the middle of the day when I’m on a roll,” she wrote. “So when I eat lunch I really go for it – all the carbs and all the protein. I don’t snack – never have. Dinner can go either way. The kids are asleep so I have time to eat and I do but usually I’m not very hungry.”

Boyers shared a number of suggestions that she offers purchasers who’re going by instances of stress and never consuming nicely due to it.

“Put alerts on your phone to remind you to eat. Find some foods that are easy for you to prepare and get down, something like a smoothie is easy to make in a pretty calorically-dense weight,” she mentioned. “Find foods that will sustain you and that are easy to eat.”

Boyers additionally recommends reaching out for help, whether or not from a therapist or family and friends who could make meals for you and assist remind you to eat.

“Also, just take time to slow down and to process whatever is going on with you, maybe that’s meditating, going to therapy or walking on the beach,” she mentioned. “Take time to allow yourself to fully process whatever it is you’re going through.”

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