Reasons to make the switch to yerba mate

One week. Seven days. One hundred and sixty-eight hours since I final had espresso. As the espresso exited my bloodstream, I believed I’d for positive expertise critical withdrawal signs. But, I’ve by no means felt higher or extra energized in my complete life. Why? Yerba mate.

Traditional yerba mate is a tea-like drink constructed from the dried leaves of a local South American plant. That is the place the drink originated and this can be very widespread in most international locations there. In truth, it’s consumed in 98 % of Argentine households! If it has so many superb advantages and is so widespread in South America, you might be questioning why it’s not as large right here in the United States — I had by no means even heard of it till final week! Because of the undeniable fact that it’s solely produced in sure areas, yerba mate may be extraordinarily tough to get your fingers on. Luckily for us, you’ll find canned variations of this beverage made with yerba mate extract — you’ve most likely seen these cans in all places on campus. Here are three the explanation why you must make the switch and hop on the yerba mate bandwagon.


First and foremost, yerba mate is a caffeinated beverage! When most of us are on the lookout for that kick-start in the morning to get us by means of our day, we flip to our favourite espresso. While I’ve been certainly one of the strongest espresso fanatics on the market, I’ve at all times hated the occasional excessive jitters and racing coronary heart that accompanies its caffeine. Yerba mate has an identical quantity of caffeine to espresso, however the caffeine and its results differ vastly. Similar to espresso, yerba mate is nice for exciting and serving to with focus, however the place they differ is yerba mate provides you a balanced vitality increase as an alternative of hitting you suddenly. This soothes your thoughts slightly than over-charging it. Because of this, you might be by no means bouncing off the partitions and may lastly sleep peacefully by means of the night time — it’s a win-win!

Physical results

When it comes to affecting bodily points of the physique, there aren’t any shortcomings with yerba mate. Athletes of all types flip to yerba mate not just for vitality boosts, but in addition for its therapeutic qualities. It’s been mentioned to assist with muscle fatigue, complications and irritation. Studies have additionally proven it could actually assist with abdomen cleaning and sustaining a transparent digestive tract. Another attractive high quality of yerba mate is its skill to help in weight reduction. We’re not saying it’ll immediately make you drop extra pounds, nevertheless it provides your metabolism a lift and is unquestionably a more healthy various to a Starbucks Frappuccino. Yerba mate really does all of it!

Immune system

As we’re all adjusting to new environments, it looks like each illness conceivable is being unfold throughout campus so it’s essential to do what you possibly can to keep forward of it. For instance, Guayakí Yerba Mate’s ingredient checklist names limitless nutritional vitamins, minerals and antibacterial and antioxidant elements. One of yerba mate’s best-known properties is its skill to assist strengthen your immune system. It by no means hurts to have some further safety — a yerba mate a day retains the physician away!

Hop on that bandwagon and be a part of the remainder of the campus group as we ditch our vanilla lattes and seize our cans of yerba mate!

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