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Co-owners of Sea Slim Nutrition and Weight Loss, Donna Nucci, RN, MS, and Kerry Potts, RN, MS, have opened a local office at Essential Health in West Hartford.

By Joy Taylor

Founded in 2014 by two registered nurses along with a team of master’s-trained nutritionists, Sea Slim’s specialized professionals understand the importance of creating customized weight loss programs, nutrition, health products, and services to fit everyone.

“Having our newest office in the heart of one of the biggest ‘foodie’ towns in CT is important to us,” said co-owner Kerry Potts. “We know that just because we are surrounded by amazing food options, doesn’t mean we always eat right for our body types. Sea Slim can help anyone on their food journey whether the goal is weight loss, or just improved health.”

Co-owners of Sea Slim in West Hartford, Glastonbury and Old Saybrook Donna Nucci, RN, MS and Kerry Potts, RN, MS. Courtesy Photo.

Nutritionists at Sea Slim offer a safe and “judgment-free” zone that is full of good advice, but without lecturing. They believe that learning and living the healthy lifestyle means paying attention to what we eat, and when life gets busy, it’s not always easy to eat right.

Need help with meal planning? Sea Slim will help with menu planning and can even make a shopping list for you.

Compassionate and dedicated to every client’s journey, Sea Slim’s providers are qualified to advise about how food can improve certain health conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, inflammatory conditions, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), infertility, and food allergies, among other overall heath and weight loss issues.

Sea Slim’s mission is for every client to “see” a path to becoming the healthiest and best version of themselves.

“Some people need to lose weight because of a health issue or upcoming surgery or want to lose that stubborn 10 pounds to look their best,” said co-owner Donna Nucci. “However, we help people with a variety of health issues such as gluten or lactose intolerance, and people that simply want to become healthier overall to help in preventing cancer, heart disease, and other conditions.”

Sea Slim Nutrition and Weight Loss speaks to anyone who wants to better understand what foods they should eat to feel better, have more energy, and ultimately form positive, lifelong habits. The company offers some of its own supplements, protein powders, and vitamins.

Sea Slim offers many customized programs, signifying the company’s commitment to reaching a broad audience. All programs are personalized and are geared to help clients be accountable and make long term lifestyle changes. Examples of programs are:

  • Sea Slim Nurse-Developed 21-Day Metabolic Reset
  • Sea Slim Signature Custom Personal Nutrition Evaluation and Meal Planning

The nutritionists and nurses and Sea Slim at Essential Health are excited to be a destination providing healthier lives for all their clients. Find them at 74 Park Rd., West Hartford, CT. For more information visit Call to book your nutrition consultation at 860-560-3968.

In addition to West Hartford, Sea Slim has locations in Old Saybrook, and Glastonbury.

Essential Health at 74 Park Road, is the West Hartford location for Sea Slim. Photo courtesy of Essential Health

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