Some put full stop to periods

From combating towards stigma to demanding cheaper menstrual merchandise, ladies are asserting their proper to a much less painful month-to-month cycle. Some ladies are deciding not to bleed in any respect.

With an more and more robust notion that periods don’t have any well being advantages, many ladies are utilizing contraception tablets to stop them.

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What is occurring?

Women in lots of Western international locations try ‘menstrual suppression’, utilizing contraception tablets to delay their periods for weeks or months, or stop them altogether.

Why are they doing this?

In surveys, ladies gave many causes starting from extreme cramps and physique ache to migraine, temper swings and darkish ideas.

Some ladies mentioned periods had been a ‘messy time’ they needed to keep away from, whereas others mentioned menstrual hygiene merchandise had been too costly. 

Is it vital to bleed?

While common periods are seen as an indicator of fine well being, they don’t seem to be actually vital, some medical doctors say. If a girl doesn’t need to bleed, she doesn’t have to.

“When a woman menstruates, it simply means there are hormonal changes in the ovary. The inner lining of the uterus gets ready every month to receive a baby. If the baby doesn’t come, the lining sheds. So, it is not necessary for the lining to shed every month, which means it is not mandatory to bleed,” says Dr Sriprada Vinekar, gynaecologist, Apollo Hospitals, Seshadripuram.

What about ‘unhealthy blood‘?

Dr Sripada scoffs at the concept periods are vital to eliminate unhealthy blood. “It is a myth that bleeding purifies the blood. When a woman bleeds, she loses blood from her body. The uterus is not a waste removal organ,” she says.

What are the advantages?

From eliminating heavy bleeding to decreasing the danger for cardiac ailments, there are notable professionals for menstrual suppression, she says.

“Excessive bleeding causes loss of blood due to which Haemoglobin levels may reduce to six or seven. This can put stress on the heart, and lead to cardiac failure. Anaemic women with excessive bleeding are at a greater risk of cardiac problems,” she says.

Is it well-liked in India?

No. It is a rising development however in the intervening time, it’s restricted to ladies experiencing extreme menstrual ache. Normal wholesome ladies with common periods are nonetheless not open to the observe, not like their counterparts within the West.

How they do it

“Today, many women consume pills in order to stop menstruation. These are not regular birth control pills, but mini pills which contain progesterone that help prevent the uterus lining from growing. However, this does not stop the ovaries from working because the female body requires hormones,” says Dr Sripada.

Dr Mahesh Koregol, fertility advisor, Nova IVI Fertility, says although contraception tablets are essentially the most extensively used technique for pausing periods, they’ve a number of uncomfortable side effects if used for a very long time.

“There could be a blood clot and thrombus. Women can stop their periods in the long term with the help of other methods like intrauterine devices (IUD),” he says.

An IUD is a contraception machine inserted into the uterus by way of the cervix. Hormonal IUDs might stop periods up to 80 per cent of the time, he explains.

“Another method is the progestin shot, which is an injection that doctors deliver either under the skin or into the muscle. This medication inhibits the menstrual cycle. One can take this shot every three or four months,” he says.

What are the side-effects? 

Consumption of progesterone tablets might trigger bloating and a rise in physique weight. There are not any different main uncomfortable side effects from progesterone, however the tablets usually are not really useful for girls who’ve had breast most cancers, he says. 

Pills and being pregnant

Contrary to the notion interval means no being pregnant, specialists say a girl can conceive and nonetheless bleed.

Stopping menstruation doesn’t have an effect on fertility, and the hormones within the tablets get flushed out as soon as a girl stops the tablets and periods return to what they had been initially.

How they stop periods

– Contraceptive tablets
– Progesterone tablets
– Progestin injection
– Intrauterine machine (IUD)



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