Someone Edited A Parks And Rec Town Hall Meeting About Face Masks And OMG

If you are a fan of Parks and Rec, then you definately in all probability bear in mind all these iconic city corridor scenes the place the residents of Pawnee would get, uh, actually labored up about petty stuff.

They’d yell at Leslie Knope and her associates about issues like time capsules…

Well, as you have in all probability seen on the information, there have been a lot of REAL city corridor conferences taking place not too long ago, during which individuals have thrown huge tantrums about having to put on face masks in public — and unfold a lot of (incorrect) conspiracy theories about COVID-19 being a hoax.

So one Parks and Rec fan, actor and producer Law Sharma, discovered a option to specific what we had been all considering — by enhancing these city corridor attendees right into a scene from the present. And the outcomes are disturbingly correct:

“This is a planned-demic. This is completely political, and you understand it!” a lady from a latest Palm Beach city corridor yells, whereas Leslie Knope seems each confused and terrified.

Another lady rants on about how face masks are literally sexual fetish-wear, and that she is “not into sadomasochism and bondage.” Meanwhile, Andy Dwyer tries to stifle his giggles.

“How disgusting, how shameful, how criminal, how corrupt! This is a hoax. It’s a fraud. There is nobody dying,” one other lady screams, whereas Ben Wyatt whispers to Leslie to “stay strong.”

And the video ends, fairly fittingly, with Ron Swanson watching all of this insanity on his pc, after which tossing it right into a dumpster.

Since Law posted his Parks and Rec/face masks mashup yesterday, it is gone viral throughout social media. People assume it is fairly freaking humorous — and in addition terrifying.

“Well, as a diehard fan of Parks and Rec, it was exhausting to observe the footage of those passionate residents and never instantly consider the city corridor conferences in Pawnee,” Law instructed BuzzFeed, when requested what impressed him to make the video.

“It was kind of painful to listen through these people complaining about having to wear a mask, but it was worth it in the end,” Law added. “Mostly, I’m just happy people got a kick out of it and we’re able to laugh during a pretty dark time in our nation’s history.”

You can watch the complete Parks and Rec clip under. And for the love of every thing, please put on a rattling masks and cease getting your coronavirus information from memes on Facebook. Thanks!

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