Sports Nutrition: Fads, Facts and Fallacies

Some science-based solutions to some widespread sports activities diet questions triathletes have about one of the best ways to eat for optimum well being and efficiency.

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by Nancy Clark


We have all heard stylish feedback about carbs: They’re a waste of energy, sugar is evil. Fact? No…

Are carbs a waste of energy, with little dietary worth?

The reply is dependent upon your definition of “carbs.” Many runners outline carbs as sugar-filled baked items and meals made with refined white flour, corresponding to pasta, bagels, bread. In actuality, carbohydrates embody all forms of sugars and starches. Carbs are in fruit, greens, beans (pinto, lima, garbanzo, and so forth.), grains (wheat, rice, barley, corn), and milk. These “quality carbs” add necessary vitamins to a sports activities food regimen.

Should triathletes reduce out sugar?

Sure, if which means reducing out EXCESS sugar. But when you plan is to chop out all sugar, technically talking, you would want to cease consuming any type of carbohydrate (fruit, veggies, grains), given these meals find yourself as sugar (glucose) in your physique. That sugar fuels your muscle tissue and mind. You’ll additionally want to chop out performance-enhancing sport drinks and gels.

Please decide a meals primarily based on all of the vitamins that accompany the sugar, extra so than simply the sugar content material. Some sugary meals are nutrient-rich. The pure and added sugar in chocolate milk, together with the milk’s protein, make chocolate milk a wonderful restoration meals for runners. (The sugar refuels the muscle tissue; the protein builds and repairs the muscle tissue.)

If your purpose is to chop out added sugar, you would possibly need to suppose moderation, fairly than all or nothing. US Dietary Guidelines say 10 per cent of energy can come from added sugar. Eating a small candy a day won’t damage your well being endlessly.

Runners who report a want to reduce out sugar generally have a love-hate relationship with (an excessive amount of) sugar. While they might imagine sugar is addictive, a typical cause for overdosing on sugar pertains to starvation. The physique of a hungry runner screams for fast power: sugar. One strategy to curb sugar-cravings is to eat a satisfying protein-rich breakfast (with eggs, cottage cheese, or nut butter). By curbing starvation, you’ll improve your probabilities of with the ability to select high quality carbs later within the day. Yes, consuming sufficient breakfast can (and does) impression and enhance your night meals decisions. Give it a strive.


Many of at this time’s athletes imagine protein ought to dominate a sports activities food regimen. True? Not fairly.

What % of my energy ought to come from protein?

Dietary pointers advocate 10 to 15 % of day by day energy ought to come from protein. In reality, runners ought to base their protein wants on physique weight, not % of energy. The goal for many runners is about Zero.5 to Zero.75 grams of protein per pound of physique weight (1.Zero-1.5 g professional/kg) per day. Triathletes who limit energy or are simply beginning a weight-lifting program would possibly want a bit extra protein—however most hungry runners devour that a lot—plus extra—inside the context of day by day meals decisions.

Can I get sufficient protein with out protein shakes, bars and powders? Yes!

I hardly ever meet athletes who devour too little protein. Those who would possibly profit from a complement embody runners with anorexia (who devour too little of most vitamins) and weight-reduction plan vegetarian runners who fail to devour enough plant protein inside their restricted calorie funds. That is, for 125 energy, you’ll be able to devour 25 grams of protein from a can of tuna, however lower than four g protein from the dollop (Zero.25 cup) of hummus on a salad.

Can vegan athletes carry out in addition to meat-eaters?

For sure, so long as they devour enough protein, iron, calcium and B-12, amongst different vitamins. Not exhausting to do if the vegan is consuming responsibly (i.e., not residing on “vegan” Coke & potato chips). They would possibly even carry out higher once they shift from a meat-based to plant-based food regimen. Plant proteins (corresponding to beans, lentils, and hummus) supply each protein (to construct and restore muscle tissue) and carbohydrate (to gasoline muscle tissue).

To optimally gasoline muscle tissue, runners who practice about an hour a day want about 2.25 to three.5 g carb/pound of physique weight, relying on the depth of the exercise. For a 150-pound runner, this involves about 340 to 525 grams of carb a day (1,360 to 2,100 energy from carb). To hit that purpose, starchy beans and grains must be the inspiration of every meal and snack. Vegan runners can simply hit that focus on, whereas many meat-focused or carb-avoidant runners find yourself needlessly fatigued when meat/fish/hen and salads displace starches and grains. No surprise many runners report performing higher once they change to a vegan food regimen!

FAT: While fats has been shunned for years, it’s now widespread. Here’s what runners need to learn about dietary fats…

To lose undesired physique fats, ought to I practice my physique to burn extra fats?

Don’t trouble!  Burning fats differs from shedding physique fats. You would possibly burn 800 energy doing two hours of a fat-burning future, and then can simply exchange all of it by devouring an enormous meal. No fats loss there!

A wiser plan is to lose fats when you’re sleeping (not when exercising), by consuming much less at dinner to create a calorie deficit for the day. That means, you’ll be able to encompass your exercises with gasoline, and optimize your capability to coach effectively. Weight is extra of a calorie-game than a fat-burning recreation.

What concerning the high-fat keto food regimen for dropping pounds?

Keto advocates usually rave they will drop some weight with out feeling starvation. True, a excessive fats food regimen could be very satiating. But what occurs after the food regimen? I’ve heard tales of keto dieters succumbing to carb-binges and speedy weight regain. My advice: Embark solely on a meals plan you need to keep for the remainder of your life. Meeting with a sports activities registered dietitian (RD CSSD) may also help you study efficient weight administration abilities.

What a couple of keto food regimen for endurance athletes?

Some ultra-runners and ultra-athletes embrace a keto food regimen.  By burning fats for gasoline, they will eat much less throughout lengthy occasions and expertise much less intestinal misery. More analysis is required on keto-athletes who’ve fat-adapted for a number of months (many research are for lower than one month): Can they carry out higher than carb-eaters? Current analysis suggests keto athletes would possibly carry out in addition to carb eaters—however not higher than. That’s quite a lot of dietary restriction for questionable efficiency advantages. That mentioned, every athlete is an experiment of 1 and nobody food regimen fits everybody.

Sports Nutritionist Nancy Clark, MS, RD counsels each informal and aggressive athletes at her non-public apply within the Boston-area (Newton; 617-795-1875). Her best-selling Sports Nutrition Guidebook solutions most diet questions and may also help you eat to win. Visit for extra data.


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