Strong bones: Nutrition more important than exercise

September 1 to 7 is National Nutrition Week. To spotlight the significance of diet in our life, allow us to right this moment take a look at the position it performs in sustaining the well being of our bones. Proper diet is crucial for bone well being. And, by diet, we imply nutritious meals and never dietary supplements. Nowadays, individuals have the behavior of popping capsules to make up for deficiencies. But it is a flawed method. When nature has given us an abundance of vitamin and mineral wealthy meals, why go for drugs to construct robust bones?


Nutritional consultants have lengthy debated whether or not exercise or diet is best for bone well being. According to a examine on the University of Michigan, diet has a higher impression on bone mass and power than exercise. Researchers checked out mineral supplementation and exercise in mice and located that, even after exercise coaching stopped, the mice retained bone power positive factors so long as they ate a mineral-supplemented eating regimen. They additionally noticed that eating regimen alone has helpful results on bone, even with out exercising. This shocked researchers, who anticipated exercise with a standard eating regimen to gas higher advantages in bone power.

Based on the outcomes of the examine, they are saying that long-term consumption of a mineral-supplemented eating regimen may very well be helpful in stopping the lack of bone and power with age, even should you don’t do exercise coaching. And, combining the 2 will amplify the results. PLOS ONE revealed the findings of the examine.


It may be very important to construct wholesome bones. You obtain peak bone mass by the point you might be 30. So, it’s important make sure that you eat proper particularly throughout childhood, adolescence and early maturity. But this doesn’t imply that your bones don’t want diet after this age. You nonetheless want to take care of bone mass and power. Hence, consuming the precise meals that increase bone well being is a life-long course of.

For robust bones, it’s essential to embody meals wealthy in calcium, vitamin D and magnesium in your eating regimen. A balanced eating regimen will simply embody these vitamins. But some nutritional vitamins, like vitamin D, might not be obtainable in too many meals sources. In this case, you must rely on dietary supplements for robust bones.

Vegetables make bones robust

These include many important nutritional vitamins. Vegetable are an excellent supply of vitamin C. This stimulates the manufacturing of bone-forming cells and protects bone cells from harm. Regular consumption of greens can enhance bone mineral density and scale back the chance of osteopenia and osteoporosis. Have loads of inexperienced and yellow greens.

Broccoli, cabbage, peppers, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and parsley are full of antioxidants that shield bones.

Include proteins in your eating regimen for robust bones

About 50 per cent of your bone is made from protein. Hence, it’s important to eat protein wealthy meals to take care of its well being. Protein deficiency can lower calcium absorption and have an effect on bone formation.

Expert from the European Society for Clinical and Economical Aspects of Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, and Musculoskeletal Diseases (ESCEO) and the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) reviewed the advantages and security of dietary protein for bone well being. They discovered protein-rich eating regimen, along with sufficient calcium consumption, advantages grownup bone well being. This eating regimen decreased the chance of hip fractures, fragility fractures and osteoporosis development. It additionally will increase bone density.

But these advantages are there when calcium can also be added to eating regimen. Researchers didn’t discover any proof that acid overload as a consequence of larger dietary protein intakes, whether or not of animal or vegetable origin, damages bone well being. Osteoporosis International revealed this examine.

Calcium-rich meals are a should

Calcium protects bone construction and power. For higher absorption of calcium by your physique, have one calcium-rich meals with each meal. High calcium consumption from meals can even deliver down your danger of coronary heart ailments.

Milk, cheese, yogurt, fortified juices and cereals, almond and soy milk are nice sources of calcium. You can even embody sardines or canned salmon with bones and tofu in your eating regimen. Dark inexperienced greens like kale, broccoli and okra and seeds like poppy, sesame and chia and almonds are additionally good sources.

Vitamins D, A and Okay are important too

Vitamin D helps your physique soak up calcium. People with low vitamin D ranges have decrease bone density and are more in danger for bone loss than individuals who get sufficient of this vitamin. The greatest supply is the solar. But it may be sourced from some meals too. Have fatty fish like swordfish, salmon, sardines and mackerel, liver and cheese. You can even go for dietary supplements after consulting your physician.

Vitamin A influences osteoblasts (bone constructing cells) and osteoclasts (bone breaking down cells). You can supply this vitamin from candy potato, spinach, carrots, cantaloupe, mangoes, fortified meals and eggs.

Vitamin K2 helps bone well being by modifying osteocalcin. This is a protein that helps in bone formation. This modification helps osteocalcin to bind to minerals in bones. This prevents the lack of calcium from bones. Have a liver, eggs and meat. Fermented meals like cheese and sauerkraut additionally include this vitamin.

Magnesium promotes calcium absoption

Magnesium is crucial for changing vitamin D into the lively type that promotes calcium absorption. Unfortunately, there are only a few meals sources of this mineral and it’s possible you’ll must take a complement. But achieve this solely after consulting a physician. You can add inexperienced greens like collards, kale, bok choy and okra and a few seeds like poppy, sesame and chia to your eating regimen. Nuts, legumes, complete grains and avocado are additionally good sources of magnesium.

Omega-Three fatty acids are important too

Omega-Three fatty acids supply safety towards bone loss throughout the ageing course of. In reality, omega-Three from plant sources helped lower bone breakdown and enhance bone formation. Chia seeds, flaxseeds and walnuts are wealthy sources.


Avoid low-calorie diets as it may well sluggish your metabolism and result in muscle mass loss. It can even have an effect on your bone well being. To construct and keep robust bones, comply with a well-balanced eating regimen that gives no less than 1,200 energy per day.

You may additionally take a collagen complement. Collagen is the principle protein present in bones. It accommodates the amino acids glycine, proline and lysine. These helps construct bone, muscle, ligaments and different tissues.

Another factor to bear in mind right here is that it’s essential to keep a wholesome weight. This will help bone well being. If you might be beneath weight, it’s possible you’ll be at higher danger of osteopenia and osteoporosis. On the opposite hand, being overweight can impair bone high quality and enhance the chance of fractures.

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