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Dear Dietitian,

I’ve been working exhausting on maintaining a healthy diet this yr, and I learn your column frequently. I’ve been shocked at how a lot sugar is in meals that I assumed have been good for me. Do you could have an inventory of those meals?

Thank you,


Dear Angela,

Remember, it’s the food firm’s job to make a product that tastes good, not essentially one which improves your well being.

An straightforward approach to try this is so as to add sugar.

The American Heart Association recommends ladies eat not more than 6 teaspoons (25 grams) of added sugar a day and males ought to have a most of 9 teaspoons (38 grams) a day. But Americans, on common, take in a whopping 17 teaspoons of sugar every day.

If we decreased our sugar consumption to the advisable stage, it might outcome in a 13-pound annual weight reduction for males and an 18-pound weight reduction for ladies! We wouldn’t even should utterly surrender sugar — simply reduce.

Below is an inventory of meals it’s possible you’ll suppose are wholesome however really include a number of sugar:

1. Granola. This is a seemingly healthful food, however beware — granola usually is made with honey or brown sugar. To add insult to harm, a serving measurement is ¼ cup to ½ cup. Who eats ¼ cup of cereal in the morning?

2. Yogurt. These tasty, creamy dairy meals usually are fruit-flavored and sugar-sweetened. Look out for cane sugars, that are identical to common sugar. Luckily, there are a number of low-sugar varieties available on the market which might be simply as scrumptious!

three. Sports drinks. These initially have been designed to get vitamins into your physique rapidly, and sugar provides an vitality rush. There are a number of low-calorie and sugar-free options from which to decide on.

four. Trail combine. It’s a fast snack to tackle the go, however they usually embody chocolate or sugar-coated raisins so as to add a contact of candy to the salty. There is a simple repair — make your personal. Measure ¼ cup of your favourite nuts and add just a few raisins to sweeten. Delightful and cheaper!

5. Breakfast cereals. Perhaps as a result of cereals largely are marketed to youngsters, the cereal aisle is stuffed with sugar. Your greatest wager is to purchase an unsweetened cereal and add fruit to sweeten it your self.

6. Flavored oatmeal. These usually are marketed for his or her comfort in single-pack servings you can tackle the go. Opt as an alternative for the previous-long-established oatmeal that cooks in 5 minutes. Not solely is it naturally sugar-free, however it’s larger in fiber than the flavored packs.

7. Protein bars. When we consider protein, we regularly consider a wholesome nutrient that can stick with us longer than a carb-crammed snack. But be sure you learn the label, as a result of protein bars usually include a substantial quantity of added sugar.

eight. Coffee drinks. There’s nothing like a shot of caffeine with a shot of sugar to get you going in the morning. These drinks are insanely standard, calorie-packed and, most of the time, sugar-laden. Make your personal espresso at dwelling and take it to work. You can be shocked at how a lot cash and energy you’ll save.

9. Nut butters blended with chocolate. Really? The chocolate offers it away, proper?

10. Fruit juice. If you may get pleasure from a ½ cup serving of your favourite fruit juice, go forward. But if you happen to guzzle extra, remember that fruit juice is a concentrated supply of fructose, or fruit sugar. Consider consuming the entire fruit as an alternative and getting a lift of fiber.

Until subsequent time, be wholesome!

Dear Dietitian

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