Suicide, teens, and men: Mental illness does not discriminate

Mental well being does not discriminate. At some level in your life, chances are you’ll undergo some sort of psychological illness. And you would not be alone. 

There is a stigma round psychological well being. And that should finish now. 

Thursday and Friday evening, FOX 2 aired a psychological well being particular referred to as “Stop the Stigma”. Watch half one right here and then watch half two right here.

You do not must undergo in silence or be terrified to let anybody know that one thing is fallacious. Mental illness does not discriminate in opposition to you primarily based in your gender, race, and even age. It does not matter who you’re, the place you reside, or how profitable you’re. Mental illness is actual and you possible know a minimum of one one that’s struggling.

We’re going to have an actual dialog about psychological illness and the devastating toll it takes on households. We’re additionally going to inform you that there’s hope and assist.

If you are hurting or somebody you already know is hurting – attain out. There are assets and folks obtainable that will help you by means of this darkish time.


Carleigh is 15 years outdated. She’s doing every part a typical teenager does and, on the day we talked along with her, she was spending a while along with her canine. It was a shiny spot on the finish of the day for the completed teen who has spent years engaged on herself.

Carleigh was adopted as an toddler from China and her household as overjoyed with their stunning woman.

“We brought Carleigh home in December 2004, it was amazing. Within a month my sons we asked each separately how they felt about their sister and they both said they felt like she had always been with us. Which gave me the chills,” mentioned her mother, Beth.

Life was pleased and a whirlwind of exercise. But that modified by the 4th grade.

“I felt like crap constantly and it was only one child, but that’s all it takes,” Carleigh mentioned.

It began with a bully when a imply notice was handed to her at college.

“She came home from school one day and said she had gotten bullied, she wanted me to do nothing about it, but i immediately called the school, had them dig out the note this girl had given her, they said they were going to take care of it, things settled down for a couple months. I thought it was taken care of,” mentioned Beth.

But it wasn’t over. Carleigh was simply ten when she took a drastic step.

“I went to the bathroom and I took her prescription medications, and I just popped those,” Carleigh mentioned. “I was just kind of waiting to see what happened.”

When requested if she wished to die, Carleigh mentioned she thinks she “didn’t really know”.

The drugs she swallowed have been allergy drugs and she was rushed to the hospital. She was bodily okay however her psychological illness battle wasn’t over.

Carleigh’s despair and nervousness would proceed and she ultimately began chopping herself. She nonetheless bears these scars at this time.

“Mostly just self-hatred and anger at myself, like why did I do this? Why did I put that amount of pressure on everybody else? I think I was just self-blaming for everything that I did and the emotions that I put on everybody else,” she mentioned.

But Carleigh’s story does not finish with self-harm. Here’s how she acquired the assistance she wanted and how she needs different teenagers to know that it is okay to not be okay.


Six million males in America are identified with despair yearly. Those are the lads who really search assist. 

It’s no secret that males do not open up very simply. An estimated three million males undergo from each day nervousness and loss of life by suicide is the seventh-leading reason behind loss of life for males.

The stigma encompass psychological well being is crippling and stopping many males from in search of assist.

“We live in a society where they are taught if they express their feelings, that’s a sign of weakness. We know that’s not true, to a man that may be true, I’m a male, I should be able to figure out my problems and solve them on my own,” mentioned Dr. Carol Van Dyke.

That’s a narrative Joe Harris is aware of very nicely. He mentioned it began when his mother acquired sick in September of 2017. Two months later his dad was sick and went to the hospital. He handed in February of 2018 and his spouse simply two months later.

Joe labored for FOX 2 for greater than a decade. He’s a faithful son, husband and father to a teenage daughter. He now heads up the TV/Media division for the City of Detroit the place he coordinates and covers excessive profile occasions whereas additionally documenting the town’s comeback.

The sudden lack of his mother and father was devastating.

“Depression doesn’t discriminate, depression is one of those things that before you realize it, you’re sleeping longer or you’re not calling your friends, you’re pulling back from social media, you’re withdrawing, that’s a natural tendency at least for me, it’s a natural tendency for me to protect myself,” he mentioned.

At his lowest level, he was pushed by his spouse to achieve out to the town’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for assist.

“For me, I just needed to talk to somebody, I needed to get out of my own head, I will push around the thoughts in my own head until it makes sense to me, but sometimes you just need a sounding board, and for me being able to hear somebody else repeat it back to me or hear it come out of my own mouth for my own ears to hear that it starts to make sense,” Joe mentioned.

Watch extra about how he is processing his loss and why he now not has to undergo in silence.


Ketamine is mostly often known as a celebration drug ‘particular Okay’ nevertheless it has a brand new use on psychological illness.

Roughly 16 million Americans undergo some type of main despair and 30% will not reply to oral anti-depressant remedy. It’s principally girls. But there’s hope and it will possibly hint its roots to the 1980s.

Dr. Joel Young is the founder and Chief Medical Director of the Rochester Center For Behavioral Medicine.  His decades-old observe has been on the forefront of medical trials in a probably groundbreaking new therapy for sufferers with extreme treatment-resistant despair. 

“Earlier this year the FDA approved a new anti-depressant – it’s called Spravato it is unique, there really hasn’t been a major development in depression medicine since the introduction of Prozac,  Prozac was introduced in 1987 so this is a long time coming,” mentioned Dr. Young. “There’s evidence that patients on Spravato will respond within 24 hours, that’s a breakthrough.”

Spravato is a by-product of the highly effective and highly-controlled anesthetic Ketamine – recognized extensively as Special Okay.

For folks like Linda who has battled extreme despair for many of her grownup life, standard anti-depressants did not work and she contemplated suicide a number of instances.

“Oh yes, I did. I think it was the people I care about that kept me from ever following thru on anything like that, just the thought of what it would do to them, that was what kept me going,” Linda mentioned.

For two years, she participated in Spravato medical trials. 

“I was at the point where I would try just about anything, I hate to admit that but i desperately wanted to feel better,” Linda mentioned. “I would say it’s like feeling a little bit lighter,  like going and doing something routine is not as much of a struggle, it comes more naturally, it gives you back some of your life that you’ve been missing.” 

She mentioned it made it potential to perform on a degree the place she may deal with on a regular basis issues.

Watch why she calls it life-changing – however the purpose it is not obtainable to everybody. 


Mental illness is a illness. If you do not attain out for assist and deal with it, the top end result will be loss of life. 

Every 13 minutes, somebody within the U.S. takes their life. Every 14 minutes, somebody is left to attempt to make sense of it.

Jessica Starr’s loss of life by suicide devastated her household and rocked FOX 2 – together with the devoted viewers and followers. 

On October 11th, 2018, Jessica had Lasik Smile eye surgical procedure – an elective, FDA accepted process to enhance her imaginative and prescient. Before the surgical procedure, her household mentioned there have been no indicators of despair. That modified, her husband Daniel Rose mentioned, simply days later.

“I would say within less than three or four days she started to indicate to me and her family that she felt like something was wrong, she felt like the procedure had gone wrong or her body had reacted to the procedure in a non normal way,” Daniel mentioned.

She described intense, continual ache and irritation in a collection of movies. She had been losing a few pounds, had bother sleeping, and prayed for assist.

Eight weeks after her surgical procedure, she ended her life.

“I know how people felt about Jess.  She had an amazing spirit, an amazing connection with people, the ability to walk in a room to connect with people.  I know the viewers loved her because the person you saw on TV – it was the Jessica in real life,” Daniel Said.

Jessica Starr is not the one member of the FOX 2 household we have misplaced.

Longtime worker Jim Adams is aware of the agony as nicely. He misplaced his son, Morgan, as a school freshman in 2012.

“Especially for a teenager, it’s so easy to confuse normal teen growth and development with red flags, and the key is these things are happening every day, continuously. The sleeplessness, the irritability, the weight gain or weight loss. if it’s happening over a two week period and there are multiple things happening, those are the red flags,” Jim mentioned. “Teens can easily mask their feelings, but if anything their peers are probably the first to notice because something’s not quite right with their friend.”

A good friend of Morgan’s referred to as Jim and his spouse to inform them one thing wasn’t fairly proper. Morgan was prescribed an antidepressant and Jim says he had hope.

“When Morgan came home from college for a visit after he started taking the medication, I was going “He’s again to his regular self- his treatment is working wonders, that following night he died by suicide,” Jim said. “Not being educated about despair and in regards to the meds for despair, I did not notice when somebody first begins dosages of meds for despair, that ideas of suicide might enhance, that is a really crucial interval the place the affected person needs to be watched over, cared for.”

In the years since his son’s loss of life, he is discovered an awesome deal about despair and suicide and find out how to educate others to look out for the indicators. He additionally has recommendation for households who could also be within the midst of that ache and loss.

“It’s an extended journey, maintain on to one another, to your loved ones to the chums of your misplaced one. Don’t hand over,” Jim said. “Find a counselor who understands suicide loss, as a result of it is so totally different from another sort of loss.”

Help is out there. If you are struggling and you need assistance, look no additional. Get psychological assist assets right here.

You’ve made it this far, and you’ll make it by means of. YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK.

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