Surprising Ways to Get Even More Nutrition from Four Superfoods


  1. Cook your carrots entire vs. chopping them up.  Cooked carrots have extra dietary worth than contemporary and cooking them entire boosts their dietary worth even additional. I at all times roast carrots whole-try it, they’re scrumptious!
  2. Eat extra canned beans. Canned beans sometimes have extra antioxidant energy than contemporary, frozen, or home-cooked dried beans. (Reduced sodium is greatest.)
  3. “Flash-thaw” your frozen berries within the microwave. Frozen berries are tremendous handy and shortly thawing them within the microwave can greater than double their antioxidant energy vs. thawing them at room temperature.
  4. Eat extra cooked or canned berries. Cooking and canning berries, particularly blueberries, amps up their already off-the-charts antioxidant energy. Talk a few good excuse for extra cobblers and berry crisps! 🙂

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