The Funniest Poop Horror Stories Ever

Throughout the years, we have requested the BuzzFeed Community for his or her wildest, funniest, and most awkward poop horror tales.

From diarrhea mishaps to anal intercourse disasters, listed below are the hilariously shitty outcomes.


This drive-thru disaster:

I used to be within the Taco Bell drive-thru and felt the urge to poop. Another automotive was behind me, so I used to be trapped. The urge was getting stronger, however the vehicles in entrance weren’t transferring. I pulled my automotive up a spot and ordered. That’s once I knew it was over. I unbuckled and put a towel underneath me. I used to be half-crying and half-laughing when my sphincter gave out. Liquid shit spilled from my bum, with no indicators of stopping. I needed to sit in my poop pants whereas ready for the vehicles in entrance to go. The stench was insufferable, and the disgrace nonetheless eats at me right this moment.



This crappy check:

It was the morning of my AP Chemistry examination. I used to be at McDonald’s, and I assumed I needed to fart, however I ended up crapping my pants. I waddled by a number of clothes shops round me in hopes of shopping for recent underwear, however none of them had been open but. I knew I could not be late for my check, so I could not go residence to alter. I needed to sit in my very own poop all through your entire AP examination, which I ended up failing.



This anal journey:

I used to be seeing a man who was actually into anal intercourse, however I hadn’t tried it but. He came visiting, and issues began to get sizzling. My bowels immediately reacted to his penis up my butt, and I began pooping throughout him. It bought on his legs, privates, fingers, in every single place. Luckily he is a nurse and had seen worse. We cleaned up and for some cause determined to go for spherical two. He used my vibrator on me, and as I climaxed the identical factor occurred: I used to be pooping, however I did not even comprehend it. It was like water. Just liquid shit. Never eat Chinese meals earlier than having anal intercourse for the primary time.


Showtime / Apatow Productions


This ~craps~ desk:

My mother was a card recreation seller in a on line casino. Dealers aren’t allowed to go away the desk except one other worker involves take over for them. Unfortunately my mother REALLY needed to go, however she could not go away till she was tapped out, for safety cause. Her substitute was late, so she ended up pooping herself in her uniform whereas dealing a card recreation. Luckily she will chuckle about it now.



This maze mishap:

I used to be on a solo trip in England and visited a citadel. I strolled by the gardens and got here throughout a kind of elaborate backyard mazes product of 7-feet-high bushes. I used to be having a grand outdated time till my abdomen turned. I attempted to get out of the maze shortly, however it was too sophisticated, and time was restricted. As quickly as I felt a turtle head come out of my asshole, I backed my butt into the bush wall and unloaded an enormous crap. I shoved some leaves into my butt and pinched for the remainder of the way in which out, however I saved getting misplaced. It took me 20 minutes to get out of the maze and again to the citadel so I might correctly end and clear up.



This shitty run:

While getting again into pre-pregnancy form, I went on a run with my twins of their stroller. I all of a sudden felt my abdomen drop into my asshole. My run became a stroll. I hovered close to a curb whereas I shat my brains out into my compression shorts. I panicked and referred to as my husband. He slowly drove by me, laughing. Then we realized he couldn’t even assist me as a result of the automotive seats weren’t in his automotive. I needed to stroll all the way in which residence with my twins, with recent shit dripping down my legs, and my husband needed to hose me off within the yard.



This stroll of disgrace:

I met up with a man from Grindr, and he had the largest penis I might ever seen. I needed to take his penis out of my ass as a result of it harm so dangerous, and he mentioned, “Damn, you made a mess.” I noticed what appeared like a gallon of beef stew, and the scent quickly adopted. He began puking all down my again, and it bumped into my hair, eyes, his mattress, and the ground. His sister knocked on the door to see what was occurring, and he began freaking out. He bumped into the lavatory whereas I, nonetheless lined in poop and puke, tried to placed on my garments. It was unimaginable to go away with any dignity.


Wild Bunch / Columbia Pictures


This awkward expertise:

My boyfriend and I had been kayaking, and I all of a sudden needed to take a large shit. We had been a number of miles from the tip of our run, so I informed my boyfriend we needed to pull over NOW. I pulled off on the financial institution, ripped my shorts down, and let all of it go. After feeling large aid, I appeared right down to see that I had pooped in my shorts AND on my footwear. I used to be so ashamed, and all my boyfriend might do was level and chuckle.



This terrifying date:

I had ulcerative colitis and was at dinner with a very new boyfriend. I excused myself to the restroom and barely opened the door earlier than my colon mainly exploded. Have you ever seen a toilet the place there was poop in every single place and also you puzzled “how does this even happen?” Well, I understand how it will probably occur. I bought poop all around the rest room, the ground, my legs, one way or the other my arm, my costume, and even on the wall.

I took a deep breath and surveyed the literal shit present. I took off my costume and let water run over it. I used to be bare-ass bare, aside from sandals, within the toilet as I wiped up my splatter round the bathroom as greatest I might. I scrubbed myself down, wrung out my costume, and went again to my boyfriend. Somehow he did not discover. When I informed him the story years later, he requested why I did not name him to assist. That man is now my husband.



This drunken catastrophe:

I drank waaaay an excessive amount of at a bar and stopped to get McDonald’s. I then walked to a good friend’s home, bought into their toilet, and for some cause I made a decision to take a shower. I sat within the heat tub with my underwear on whereas consuming McDonald’s. I assume I bought too snug as a result of I fell asleep and awoke two hours later in freezing water, with lettuce, a disintegrated bun, and a hamburger floating round me. That’s once I observed that I additionally pooped myself. Not my best second.



This pressing unleashing:

A yr in the past I bought salmonella, so I went to pressing care close to my residence. I used to be severely dehydrated, so a nurse hooked me as much as an IV. While inserting the needle, I informed her I wanted to poop. She requested, “Right now?” I urgently mentioned sure. I stood up, and my bowels unleashed the gates of hell. I pooped my soul out in a matter of seconds. The nurse referred to as for reinforcements, and each good girls helped me clear up the shit from my physique and the ground. We threw out my contaminated garments, they usually gave me two hospital robes to cowl up. I needed to waddle residence, wanting like a mad man who simply escaped from the hospital.



This clogged drain:

I used to be staying at my new boo’s place and REALLY needed to poop, so I did what any woman would: I pretended to bathe so I might do the deed in peace. His rest room was actually damaged, and I could not maintain it in, so I needed to SHIT IN HIS SHOWER. He saved asking by the door if I used to be okay, so I saved insisting I did not really feel properly and was “letting the water run over me” — however I used to be really making an attempt to shove the poop down his bathe drain. It was a catastrophe.



This mommy nightmare:

I used to be standing on the porch and determined to let loose a silent one, however I heard a splat on the bottom behind me. I circled and noticed my worst worry: a huge plop of diarrhea. The path stuffed up my shorts and led down the again of my leg. I waddled by the home and ordered my 9-year-old out (I could not have her see her mom like that). I jumped into the bathe, garments and all, however was too late. My daughter noticed the again of my shorts. She adopted the poop path and got here racing again to chuckle hysterically at my expense.



This smushed bathe:

I bought drunk and had my boyfriend decide me up from a celebration. I proceeded to vomit the entire automotive journey residence, out the window and onto peoples’ lawns. When I bought again to his home we observed I smelled actually dangerous and that I shat my pants. I used to be carrying stockings so it was smushed in every single place. He needed to give me a bathe. I used to be so drunk and was crying, saying, “please don’t break up with me!”



This exploding rest room:

I used to be on a flight and had to make use of the lavatory. Five days value of spicy Costa Rican meals got here taking pictures out of me, filling the bathroom almost to the brim. If you have a look at most airplane bogs, there is a image telling you to shut the lid previous to flushing. I didn’t heed this warning. I flushed and all of a sudden discovered myself lined in diarrhea. It was as if a bomb had exploded within the bowl. There was diarrhea on the ceiling, on each wall, and throughout me. I did my greatest to wash up, however nothing might cover the stench once I returned to my seat.



These celebration poopers:

My household and I had been caught in bumper-to-bumper visitors. I had eaten Denny’s that morning and, rapidly, I did not really feel proper. We had been in a residential space, so with no toilet in sight I noticed a home on the market and scrambled to the yard the place I had the worst diarrhea of my life. My mother later joined me, as she had the identical breakfast plate as properly. As I used to be relieving myself, a realtor got here out again and requested what I considered the property.



This worst nightmare:

I labored within the ice cream store of a small amusement park. I used to be weirdly gassy however was chillin’ as a result of I used to be alone, so, like, lettin’ it go as wanted. It began to get BAD. As I opened the window handy a cone to a buyer, I misplaced management of my butt muscular tissues. I instinctively grabbed the stranger’s hand as I shit my pants. This was years in the past, so I had to make use of a walkie-talkie to scream for backup. My boss ran over to the store and requested what was flawed. I slid down the wall with tears in my eyes and quietly mentioned “I just fucking shit my pants, dude.”

He referred to as my mother, who informed me I wanted to DRIVE MYSELF residence. I needed to waddle from the ice cream store, by the go-kart observe, throughout the putt putt course, in entrance of all the prospects and cute boys who labored there, with poop in my pants. And then I needed to sit IN MY OWN SHIT IN MY CAR for 20 minutes. Best day of my life.



This zombie apoopcalypse:

I used to be taking part in a zombie in an unbiased film. I wasn’t feeling properly, and the small townhouse we had been filming in was stuffed with 30 folks, so I bought in my automotive to discover a toilet. I lastly discovered a espresso store, however it was too late: I already began pooping in my pants. I bumped into the store, screaming for the lavatory. The poor, outdated man on the counter was speechless and pointed to the again. When I bought into the lavatory I noticed I used to be nonetheless in full zombie make-up and doubtless virtually gave the outdated man a coronary heart assault.



This shitty second date:

I used to be on a second date. We had been driving again from dinner, and I felt my abdomen cramp up. I pled for him to drag over on the interstate. He questioned if I used to be OK, however I could not even reply as a result of I used to be puckering my butt cheeks so tightly. Lo and behold, I shit my pants. Diarrhea overflowed and got here as much as my again, above my denims. It was terrible. But that man is now my husband.



This paralyzed pooper:

I bumped into 7-Eleven as a result of I could not maintain on for much longer. The feeling of unleashing that poisonous foam was extremely relieving, however I had pinched a nerve in my decrease again once I sat down too quick (I’ve a average disc hernia). This hurried diarrhea squat rendered me paralyzed from the waist down. I could not relieve the stress on my nerve that precipitated the paralysis as a result of that requires standing up, and I could not get up as a result of I used to be paralyzed. The EMTs got here to raise my bare ass off the bathroom, and I regained feeling in my physique.



These wedding ceremony bowels:

My husband and I bought married in Vegas. We headed again to the room, the place he instantly fell asleep and I started throwing up and pooping on the similar time, in every single place, nonetheless in my robe. I used each final piece of cloth within the suite — towels, pillow instances, the bathe curtain — cleaned what I might, and threw all of it out. The subsequent yr we returned for our anniversary and divinely wound up in the identical room. We observed the furnishings was repositioned, so my husband moved the sofa and mentioned, “Hey! Your puke stain is still here!” Little does he know, that wasn’t a puke stain.



This pool drainer:

I used to be 5 years outdated whereas on a household trip, and my sister and I made a decision to go swimming. I actually needed to fart, so I swam to the facet and let it rip. Big mistake. I had uncontrollable diarrhea within the pool. My mother needed to carry me to the resort toilet as I leaked, and she or he bathed me as a result of there was diarrhea in every single place. Long story quick: they needed to drain the resort pool due to me.



This mac ‘n’ cheese mistake:

It was the primary day of volleyball apply, and I ate a complete pot of mac ‘n’ cheese. We had been working laps across the subject, and I needed to poop. The college was closed, so I might should do it within the woods. I moved as shortly as my clenched ass would take me, however there was nothing that would cease the watery mess that was exploding from my asshole. In a second of full horror I decided: I sat down. I used to be pressured to take a seat in my very own messy shit and clarify to my coach that my soul died, and my mother needed to come decide me up. Knowing that standing up would trigger the poop to slip down my legs, I opted for a crab stroll throughout the sphere to my mom’s automotive. Everyone knew why.



This brown bathtub:

My abdomen harm, however each time I farted I felt a bit higher. I made a decision to take a pleasant bathtub. I climbed in with my guide, merrily farting away, and let loose a pair farts that did not really feel fairly proper. Turned out I had violent diarrhea within the tub. I frantically tried to get out, however in fact I used to be sick and dizzy, slipped, hit my head, and dropped my guide within the tub.



The slushy facet impact:

I would just began a brand new remedy that gave me diarrhea as a facet impact. I used to be on a seaside date with my comparatively new boyfriend when all of a sudden, I HAD to go. I jumped up, however it was too late. All I might do was sit within the sand and let loose probably the most disgusting diarrhea I might ever had. I used to be so embarrassed that I began crying, and my boyfriend needed to name my mother to deliver clear garments. Thankfully, it did not scare him away — we simply celebrated our five-year anniversary.



This gooey end:

After consuming some actually spicy pizza, I ended up having intercourse with my boyfriend. I used to be cumming and naturally all of my muscular tissues had been very relaxed, once I all of a sudden smelled one thing dangerous. I instinctively touched my behind and to my horror I felt some goo. I freaking shat on my boyfriend’s balls. I ran to the lavatory, crying. Luckily we had been in a position to chuckle about it.



This birthday shock:

“It was my 38th birthday and my mates and I took a bartender residence. After issues bought sizzling, the dude mentioned, ‘You know what I’m actually into? Getting eaten out.’ My good friend Denise wasn’t having it, however I’d performed it earlier than and this man was 100% grade-A beef, so I agreed. He was on his again, and Denise was sitting on his face, so I began working from his balls, to his taint, to his backdoor. As I went to city, he all of a sudden sharted in my mouth. I instantly sterilized my mouth with a bottle of vodka and left. I haven’t seen any of them since.”



This working farter:

My boyfriend and I had been doing a preferred exercise DVD. I had been just a little bubbly within the stomach all day. We had been working in place and I felt it secure to fart, however as a substitute I actually shit proper out of the facet of my shorts, by my underwear, and onto our beige carpet. He was horrified.



This constipated camper:

I used to be at an all-girl’s camp, and naturally we had a sizzling male chief. I used to be fairly constipated in the future, so the nurse gave me one thing to assist. Later on I went into the nook of the cafeteria to fart, solely it wasn’t a fart. Shit ran down my legs and onto the ground. The sizzling male chief was coming, and I did not know what to do, so I opened a can of tomato sauce and dumped it on my decrease physique to make it seem to be I spilled one thing. He completely knew, as a result of the very first thing he mentioned was “did you poop?”



This iconic Mary Poopins:

I noticed Mary Poppins at our native performing arts middle, and my abdomen turned to knots. At every slight pause I prayed the curtains would drop, solely to be horrified when one other tune began. Finally the curtains closed. I jumped from my seat and plowed by the folks, the place I used to be then stopped by some mates. I tightened my sphincter and put a pretend smile on my inexperienced, sweaty face. I then booked it to the restroom. The rest room virtually caught hearth from my explosive ass. My mother adopted the scent of nuclear waste combined with stagnant pond sludge to search out me miserably sitting with a flood of molten lava burning every little thing in its path. I appeared as if I had survived struggle. May 14th might be solemnly remembered because the Day of the Brown Squirts; the day I contemplated squatting mid-aisle throughout a play; the day I realized that life is fleeting.



This drunken catastrophe:

One time I used to be very drunk and had to make use of the lavatory. My good friend was utilizing the one rest room in the home, so for some cause I made a decision to poop within the bathtub. I completed my enterprise, however as I attempted to rise up I fell backward into the bathtub and into my very own poop. In my drunken state, I turned on the bathe to attempt to clear myself and the bath, however the bathe drain bought clogged, creating an enormous poop bathtub that circled round me. Cleaning that up was not enjoyable.



This fast-food fiasco:

For some cause I assumed it would be a good suggestion to have espresso, Taco Bell, and White Castle through the three-hour drive to my dad and mom’. I used to be 5 miles from their home when my abdomen took a flip for the more severe. I let loose a aid toot and felt one thing uncommon. I couldn’t wait anymore. I sped right into a Target parking zone and bumped into the shop. I used to be full-on CROWNING. I rushed into a toilet stall and exploded earlier than my cheeks might even hit the seat. I appeared down and noticed full poop in my underwear. When I used to be performed I purchased new underwear and cried as I drove to my dad and mom’ home. They requested how the drive was. I mentioned “fine.” That’s once I farted one final time and by chance shit on their flooring.



This double whammy:

Last month I used to be exterior with my canine whereas he went to the lavatory. It all of a sudden hit me that I additionally wanted to go quantity two, like, now! I clenched my butt as laborious as I might. We ran inside and made it only a few toes from the lavatory earlier than I shit myself. I used to be solely carrying boxers, so my shit ran all the way in which down my legs and onto the ground. While shamefully cleansing up the mess, the scent triggered my gag reflexes and made me puke. There I used to be, sitting on the ground, bare, lined in my very own shit and puke, as my mother pulled up and honked from the driveway to take me to the farmer’s market.



This maid of horror:

I used to be the maid of honor at my greatest good friend’s wedding ceremony. I spent the week earlier than taking good care of my flu-infested boyfriend, however I confirmed no signs. We all lined as much as take photos with the bride, and I all of a sudden began to really feel ailing. I sneezed as soon as, and I instantly began to really feel one thing drip down my leg. I appeared down, and my leg was lined in poop. I needed to run away and wipe it off, and the entire evening I could not recover from the truth that I pooped myself in my bridesmaid’s costume. The skilled photos deliver again reminiscences that I’ll always remember, for extra causes than one.



This unforgettable honeymoon:

My husband and I had been on our honeymoon. I used to be on remedy that made stuff occur, uh, lots quicker than you’d hope. We had been two blocks from our rental flat once I informed my husband that I needed to go NOW. We walked residence on icy sidewalks as shortly as my butt allowed. As quickly as we unlocked the entrance door, I felt it. I did every little thing I might to clench, however it all got here forth like an explosion of sizzling lava. I crouched down, crying, saying “IT’S HAPPENING,” like I used to be in Bridesmaids. We bought upstairs and I completed within the toilet as my AMAZING husband cleaned my pants out together with his fingers. It undoubtedly wasn’t how we anticipated our honeymoon to go, however you possibly can’t deny that THAT’S love.



This chocolate shock:

When I used to be little, I discovered a bundle of chocolate laxatives in our fridge. I assumed it was sweet, so in fact I ate the entire field. There was a direct gurgle in my abdomen, and the subsequent factor I knew I used to be filling my pants with poop. I did not even have time to make it to the bathroom. I ended up working by your entire home to the lavatory, crying, with poop spraying out of my butt. It went in every single place. Never once more.

—Jacki Demchak, Facebook


This trip mishap:

My household and I had been on a trip in Egypt. I felt sick all day, in order quickly as we bought to the tombs I bumped into the lavatory, bypassing the woman who was handing out rest room paper. I rushed right into a stall, and my ass EXPLODED on the bathroom. I saved yelling for my sister to get me rest room paper, however apparently it’s important to pay for every sq. in public restrooms there. She ended up spending $four on rest room paper. Two hours later, after we completed our tour and walked by the foyer, I noticed a “closed for maintenance” signal on the bathroom I used. My ass actually broke an Egyptian nationwide monument.



This snowy dusting:

Last winter I labored at a ski resort. After I bought onto the chairlift and headed up the mountain to go to work, I one way or the other managed to shit my pants. I needed to journey all the way in which again down the mountain whereas shit seeped down my legs and into my snowboard boots. I spent the subsequent hour cleansing myself up within the toilet and creating an elaborate excuse as to why I smelled like shit and was so late for work.



This scholar’s nightmare:

I used to be in the midst of an examination at college when my abdomen howled out. I bolted for the lavatory and made it to the bathroom simply in time to let the bulk circulation out, aside from one laborious bit on the finish. No matter how laborious I pushed, this little poop nugget simply would not come out. I wiped anyway, and I by chance smeared poop EVERYWHERE – throughout my hand, the waistband of my pants, the hem of my shirt. It took half a roll of bathroom paper to wash off my ass and garments the very best I might, after which I needed to wash my fingers. That’s when my instructor walked in to examine on me, simply in time to see me scrape poop out from underneath my nails with a pencil within the sink.



This sleepless setback:

I used to be Black Friday procuring with my mother in a mall, working on two hours of sleep and a cup of espresso. We had been strolling by the mall once I all of a sudden felt an terrible ache in my intestines. I ended in the midst of the corridor and felt the horror begin to seep out of my asshole. I turned utterly white, to the purpose the place my mother bought frightened, and all I might say was that I wanted a toilet NOW. We ran to a close-by Best Buy, leaving a path of poop alongside the way in which, and I needed to clear myself up whereas my mother purchased me a brand new pair of underwear.



This shitty date:

I went to a elaborate restaurant with a man I had been seeing for a number of months. In the center of dinner I had what I assumed was a small little bit of fuel. I attempted to slyly launch it, however it turned out to be liquid diarrhea. I sat there and tried to not panic, however I felt it spreading. I had my white jacket on the again of my chair, so I snuck it right down to my waist. I excused myself to the restroom the place I had explosive diarrhea. Once it dissipated, I took off the costume to examine the harm. There was a softball-sized brown mark on the again. I dipped the spot in the bathroom and let it soak, and fortuitously it got here out. My now-naked physique ran from the stall to the sink for a handful of cleaning soap. I washed the spot till the stain went away, then dried it the very best I might. I one way or the other made it again to the desk in time for no questions. I ended up courting the man for a pair years, however I by no means discovered if he knew. To this present day, over 15 years later, I nonetheless have the costume.



This slushy mess:

I had simply gotten residence from consuming spicy hen fingers at a restaurant. I used to be speaking to my mother within the kitchen once I felt a gurgle in my abdomen. I let loose what I assumed can be a fart, however I really sharted in my pants. I waddled up the steps to take off my shit-filled underwear and clear myself up. When I bought out of the bathe I heard my mother scream. My canine bought into the bag with my shit-filled underwear and had dragged them throughout the home, spilling poop far and wide. There had been brown stains in every single place.



This Grindr kerfuffle:

I invited a man from Grindr over. I discovered he preferred to be tied up, so, being the people-pleasing, awkward turtle I’m, I obliged. I used to be on prime and felt a ache in my abdomen. I figured I simply wanted to alter positions, so I bought off. When I did, I felt one thing heat, after which I smelled it: I bought diarrhea throughout his crotch. There was an ungainly silence, after which I ran to the lavatory, however I FORGOT HE WAS STILL TIED UP. It took 10 minutes to get myself collectively till I might untie him. We haven’t spoken since, aside from the time he requested me to Venmo him $60 to pay for his underwear that I pooped on.



This airport calamity:

I’ve all the time hated utilizing public loos, however I used to be caught on the airport and actually wanted to poop. I did my enterprise and was feeling higher, however I appeared down and noticed a bloody floater! My poop would not go down, and it was a busy toilet so I didn’t wish to go away the stall. I lined my poop up with rest room paper and left. Problem solved, proper? Wrong. I don’t know why, however this poop freaked me out, so I later went again into the stall and tried to fish out my floating poop and stuff it within the trash. That didn’t work, so I simply saved flushing. Luckily it went down, however my fingers smelled disgusting. Naturally the one resolution I might consider was to roll on my deodorant throughout my fingers.



This heroic mom:

When my brother was youthful, he went to his good friend’s home with my mother. He entered the lavatory and referred to as out to my mother a couple of minutes later. Apparently his poop was so lengthy and thick that it wouldn’t flush, so my mother needed to go in there and slice up his poop with an aluminum foil paper till all of it flushed down.



This smelly street journey:

I pooped my pants in a farting contest within the automotive on a street journey once I was, like, seven. My mother wouldn’t pull over, so I needed to journey standing up with shit in my pants for 30 minutes.

—Sarah Gotham, Facebook


This H2Noooooooo:

It was my freshman yr of school, and I had probably the most stunning lab accomplice in my Chemistry class. One day throughout lab, my abdomen was rumbling. I assumed it was simply fuel, so I ignored it as my lab TA gave the directions. Finally the lab began, and so did my abdomen. I had the urge to go NOW. I informed my beautiful lab accomplice I might be proper again, and I ran to the closest toilet, which was downstairs within the basement. I squeezed my cheeks, holding my butt collectively as tightly as I might. I swung the stall door open, and proper earlier than I sat down I shit my grey yoga pants. I used to be mortified. I cleaned myself up and one way or the other bought the braveness to go upstairs, the place I informed my lab accomplice I threw up and needed to go residence. I needed to stroll throughout campus in my shit-covered pants. That class will perpetually hang-out my goals.



This liquid volcano:

I wasn’t feeling nice, so I made a decision to go to my paramedic boyfriend at work. As I pulled into the station, I felt every little thing in my intestines flip to liquid. I frantically referred to as him to let me in, however he was too sluggish. I bought out of my automotive and went into the wood field the place they saved the dumpsters. I pulled down my pants, and a liquid volcano of evil blasted out of me. I sheepishly walked again to my automotive to search out some napkins to wash up with. My boyfriend lastly got here out, so I lied and mentioned I threw up by the dumpster. He went to look and will inform I did far more than simply puke, so he gave me a kiss and informed me to go residence to put down. Ladies, marry a person who will nonetheless kiss you even after you shit your brains out subsequent to a dumpster at his work!



This contaminated penis:

This man and I had been mates with advantages, and in the future we had been getting just a little freaky. We determined to strive anal, and I bought poop on his dick. That’s not even the worst half. For months, he had an an infection in his penis due to it. I nonetheless really feel terrible, and it has been years.



And this diabolical genius:

I used to be in school and on antibiotics, which had been wreaking havoc on my digestive system. After a celebration I ended up at my crush’s dorm room. I saved every little thing above the waist, for worry of shedding management over my intestinal muscular tissues. He prompt I sleep over, which I unwisely agreed to. Once I used to be positive he was asleep, I very rigorously parted my butt cheeks to launch probably the most silent fart doable, however liquid hell got here out. I might really feel my skirt and underwear barely holding the mess. He awoke, blissfully unaware of what simply occurred two inches from his, um, bundle. I wanted to flee, so in my poop-induced panic I gave him a hand job as a distraction after which left. I walked residence with liquid shit working down my legs. Ended up courting the man for 3 years.


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