The HCLF weight loss diet is the exact opposite to keto, and people are loving it

Move over keto, there’s a brand new diet on the town. And as an alternative of demonising carbs, this one places them up on a pedestal. Say whats up to the high-carb, low-fat vegan diet (or HCLF vegan, for brief). Here’s what you want to know.

What is the HCLF vegan diet?

According to Jessica Levings (a registered dietitian from Balanced Pantry in the US), the HCLF vegan diet consists of 75 to 80 per cent carbs, 10 to 15 per cent protein and 10 to 15 per cent fats. For the sake of comparability, the keto diet incorporates a mere 5 to 10 per cent carbs, up to 60 per cent fats, and the relaxation is protein. And simply to throw a couple of extra numbers into the combine, the Australian Dietary Guidelines suggest your vitality breakdown to be: 45 to 65 per cent carbs, 15 to 25 per cent protein and 20 to 35 per cent fats.

The HCLF vegan diet has a robust give attention to wholefoods (goodbye closely processed meals and added sugar). It additionally encourages you to restrict or utterly keep away from something animal-based, like meat, seafood and eggs, in addition to every kind of oils.

What are you able to eat?

To offer you somewhat perspective, right here’s a typical day on a HCLF vegan plate:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal made on almond milk topped with sliced banana
  • Snack: a bit of fruit and a small tub of soy yoghurt
  • Lunch: lentil salad with roasted candy potato and corn, wearing balsamic vinegar, served with a bread roll
  • Snack: a bit of fruit and a handful of roasted chickpeas
  • Dinner: pasta with veggie-packed tomato sauce
  • Snack: no-added-sugar home made muesli bar

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The good facet…

As you’ll be able to most likely inform, this diet is full of gut-loving fibre, which will get an enormous tick in my books. Unlike the keto diet, your consumption of carb-heavy fibre-rich wholegrains is principally limitless, so you’d don’t have any qualms in reaching your each day fibre objectives. Not solely is good factor when it comes to digestive well being, however coronary heart well being and safety in opposition to sure ailments, too.

The limitless consumption of fruit and veggies is one other good factor. Fibre content material apart, they supply a tonne of disease-fighting antioxidants, which are arduous to come by when your diet is so closely based mostly on meat and eggs (i.e. keto).

I’m additionally loving the focus the HCLF vegan diet locations on minimally processed wholefoods. Most people devour far too many ultra-processed nutrient-poor packaged meals (like chocolate, pastries and biscuits), which obvs aren’t the neatest thing with good well being in thoughts due to their excessive sugar and sodium content material.

The not so good facet…

Like all issues in diet, the key is moderation – and sadly, the HCLF vegan diet doesn’t precisely tick that field. While the notorious keto diet is somewhat excessive when it comes to carbohydrate restriction, the HCLF vegan diet goes somewhat overboard in the opposite course. A diet stuffed solely with pasta and potatoes that guarantees good well being? It’s definitely too good to be true!

By shining the highlight so intensely on one macronutrient, priceless vitamins from different meals teams may very well be missed. In the case of the HCLF diet, vitamins like iron and zinc can be scarce as a result of protein-rich meals are so restricted. On the different hand, a high-fat moderate-protein diet like the keto diet is probably to fall quick when it comes to fibre and b-group nutritional vitamins due to its lack of carbohydrate-rich meals. The drawback with the HCLF diet is additional exacerbated by the incontrovertible fact that it’s additionally vegan, which may simply lead to different nutrient deficiencies with out cautious planning (calcium, for instance).

So, what’s the deal?

On the spectrum of diets, the HCLF vegan diet sits at the opposite finish to the notorious keto diet, however that’s not essentially a very good factor. Instead of wholeheartedly committing to both, I believe it’s finest to take the positives out of every and meet in the center. After all – it actually is all about steadiness.

Melissa Meier is a Sydney-based Accredited Practising Dietitian. You can join along with her at or on Instagram @honest_nutrition.

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