There’s no evidence to suggest that wild aubergine cures cancer

Facebook posts shared lots of of instances declare that consuming wild aubergine, often known as eggplant, can remedy cancer. However, docs informed AFP there’s “no scientific evidence” to assist this and warned folks in opposition to natural remedies.

“GOOD NEWS FOR CANCER PATIENTS,” reads one submit, which we’ve archived right here. “THE CURE IS HERE.” It was posted on Nigerian Facebook web page ‘Healing herbal’, which has greater than 50,000 followers.

“WILD EGG PLANT KILLS CANCER IN ONE MONTH,” says one other submit, which has been shared greater than 250 instances because it was revealed in August.

The posts share a recipe of wild aubergine combined with water or beer, which they are saying sufferers ought to drink twice a day to “kill cancer outright”.

A screenshot taken on December 17, 2019 exhibiting the false declare on Facebook

AFP discovered comparable claims in Facebook posts that are supposedly endorsed by docs. A submit from October on a Zambian Facebook web page known as ‘Dr Gilliard Pharmacy’ claims that consuming wild aubergine combined with water will make cancer “disappear”.

A reverse picture search on the Facebook web page’s profile image, which reveals a person sporting a stethoscope, reveals he’s not ‘Dr Gilliard’ however really an American physician known as Paul Rivas, whom we will see speaking on this video about his weight reduction capsules.

A screenshot taken on December 17, 2019 exhibiting the false declare on Facebook

Many feedback on the posts categorical gratitude for the recommendation or ask for extra details about the recipe.

A screenshot taken on December 17, 2019 exhibiting feedback on a deceptive submit (names censored)

However, medical professionals informed AFP that the declare is fake and warned of the dangers of turning to natural treatments to deal with cancer.

“There is no scientific evidence that wild aubergine plant can cure cancer,” mentioned Dr Samuel Smith, affiliate professor on the Leeds Institute of Health Sciences within the UK.

“The scientific consensus from high quality large trials shows that natural and herbal treatments do not affect cancer outcomes, and could cause serious harm,” he informed AFP by e mail.

Cancer Research UK’s head info nurse Martin Ledwick mentioned sufferers ought to communicate to their physician earlier than contemplating any various or complementary medication.

“Herbal medicine and so called ‘natural’ cures have not been properly tested and should not be relied on. They could interact with other medicines that a person is taking and sometimes they may even have a harmful effect,” he informed AFP by e mail.

Where does the declare come from?

To discover out extra in regards to the origin of the declare, AFP ran key phrase searches on Facebook. We discovered a submit from 2017 about an ‘eggplant cancer cure’ on a web page known as ‘The Truth About Cancer’, which has multiple million followers. 

The submit includes a video selling Curaderm BEC5, described on the product’s web site as ‘The Eggplant Skin Cancer Cream’.

A screenshot taken on December 17, 2019 exhibiting a Facebook submit selling an ‘eggplant cancer remedy’

In 2015, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wrote a warning letter reprimanding the corporate behind Curaderm for advertising and marketing the product with out their approval.

Although the ‘eggplant skin cancer cream’ has not been permitted by the FDA, it’s extensively out there on-line.

Contacted by AFP, a spokesman for the company warned shoppers to be cautious of “fraud products”.

“In general, consumers should be cautious of products marketed and sold online claiming to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat or prevent any disease,” he informed AFP by e mail. 

“The FDA is very concerned about these fraud products, and removing these products from the market remains one of the agency’s top priorities.”

AFP has earlier debunked varied social media posts selling false cures for cancer, together with claims that consuming heat water or consuming a sugar-free eating regimen can remedy the illness.

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