This tiny gadget lets you monitor how your body is responding to your diet

You’ve obtained a product that may measure your body temperature, a product that may measure your blood sugar, one other one for your heart-rate, and one for the standard of your sleep. The KetoPlus provides to that listing by giving you the facility to see how your body responds to your dietary consumption. Especially for folks on low-carb diets, the KetoPlus tells you how your metabolism is responding to what you eat, and whether or not you’re within the ‘ketosis’ candy spot that lets you keep lean and wholesome by burning fat to produce vitality.

Simply put, the KetoPlus analyses urine samples (very like a being pregnant check) to monitor your body’s glucose, pH, and ketone ranges. It then breaks that knowledge down right into a graph that helps you perceive how your body is responding to the meals you eat. The graph helps you perceive the place your body stands on the GKI, or the Glucose Ketone Index, and tweak the meals you eat to ensure that it’s on the proper spot between a price of 6 and 9.

The KetoPlus goals to type part of your Ketogenic diet, serving to you be more practical at it, moderately than simply winging it and hoping for outcomes. Designed to measure your ranges of ketosis (every day, for higher accuracy), the tiny, waterproof system comes with a fairly easy-to-use interface and a replaceable pee-stick to assist you be extra knowledgeable going into your diet, so you can obtain these fascinating outcomes! It’s fairly easy to monitor your temperature, coronary heart price, blood strain, and total well being ranges with common family medical merchandise. Now you can monitor your metabolic well being too!

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KetoPlus – Track Metabolic Health and Keto Diet

The KetoPlus is an important software for measuring your metabolism and discovering your ketosis candy spot when following a keto diet. It analyzes whether or not if you are in ketosis or not.

KetoPlus measures your body’s glucose, ketone and pH ranges from your urine utilizing a clear, secure and painless course of. If you need to preserve your metabolic well being utilizing a keto diet, then you ought to check and measure your glucose, ketone, and pH values collectively.

What is a Keto Diet?

The keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that shares many similarities with the Atkins and low-carb diets. The objective of keto diets is to get your body right into a state of ketosis — the metabolic course of that burns saved fats for vitality as a substitute of glucose (sugar). To attain ketosis, and preserve it, you ought to often monitor and monitor your body’s ketone ranges.

However, solely ketone is not sufficient to monitor ketosis

– Having excessive ketones doesn’t essentially imply you are in Ketosis
– Even ketosis standing, you don’t shed extra pounds
– Despite lowering carbohydrate consumption, generally it is troublesome to attain ketosis

Existing Keto Meters are Not Effective for Measuring Your Metabolic State

There is one other essential piece of the load loss puzzle that is typically neglected and goes unmeasured when practising a keto diet — metabolism. Most keto meters available on the market at the moment present you with solely half of the information you want to actually perceive your metabolic state and why your present diet is or isn’t working for you.

On high of that, you’ll have to undergo painful finger pricks, blow into gadgets that give you inaccurate measurements, and manually monitor your progress.

KetoPlus Helps Maintain Metabolism, Easily Obtains a GK Index Unlike Blood Meters

The KetoPlus is a keto meter that measures and tracks your body’s glucose, ketone, and pH ranges, and calculates your body’s Glucose Ketone Index (GKI) to give you a full understanding of your body’s metabolic state.

After analyzing compounds in your urine utilizing patent-pending picture processing expertise, the LCD contact display screen on the KetoPlus gives you with clear readouts of your measurements so you can perceive how your diet is affecting your metabolism.

After a fast journey to the toilet within the morning or earlier than bedtime, you’ll have all the data you want to shortly assess your present metabolic well being.

You’ll have up to 365-days of historic knowledge to reference as effectively. Now you’ll know why you’re not attaining your optimum well being and weight reduction targets.

KetoPlus is For

Weight Loss – Use KetoPlus to perceive how your body is responding to your diet so you could make changes to obtain your weight reduction targets.
Maintaining Ketosis Flow –  Use it to confirm that you’re doing the suitable issues and discover your ketosis candy spot.
KetoPlus – Monitor your metabolic well being with correct GKI and pH ranges.
Tracking Progress – Track 365-days of knowledge to achieve insights into your well being and body.
Calculated Decisions – Make selections about your well being and wellness utilizing actual knowledge calculated from quantitative outcomes as a substitute of taking a look at coloured strips of paper.


Knowing GK Index. The Glucose Ketone Index (GKI) is the ratio between glucose and ketones, and it’s a easy but glorious means to measure the effectiveness of dietary ketosis on your metabolic well being.

You can use GKI as a software to determine the place you want to make changes to your diet, train routine, and life-style selections to obtain your weight reduction targets and optimize your well being.

The KetoPlus measures your GKI throughout each check and shops your GKI so you can monitor your progress over time. This means you’ll have a greater understanding of what’s working for you and your body.

Knowing pH values. Your body’s pH ranges can have an effect on your metabolism.

Low pH ranges might trigger you to lose your ketosis stream and miss your weight reduction targets.

The KetoPlus is the one keto meter that may precisely measure your body’s pH ranges and your present metabolic state.

If you need to preserve your ketosis stream and obtain your weight reduction targets, measure your pH ranges with the KetoPlus after which modify your diet to be extra alkaline to get a lift in your pH ranges.

How to Use the KetoPlus

KetoPlus Data

Testing Results

The KetoPlus gives measurements for GLUCOSE, pH, and KETONES.

Each element is measured on a scale from zero – 5 and given a unique colour so it’s simple to determine the indicated stage for a element. The greater the indicated stage, the extra focus of that element in your body.

The KetoPlus additionally robotically calculates your GKI so you can shortly decide which stage of ketosis your body is in.

Historical Data

There are Three-key areas on the historic graph: GKI, pH, and Date.

Some extent is plotted alongside the date axis to point out your GKI and pH stage for a given day. A line is then drawn between every level to present the every day development of your GKI and pH ranges.

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