Top 10 health questions America asked Dr. Google in 2019

Google customers in the United States had lots of questions about blood stress, the keto food regimen and hiccups in 2019.

Those matters had been among the many 10 most-searched health-related questions on the search engine this 12 months, in response to new information from Google.

The checklist was primarily based on search phrases collected between January and early December.

Last 12 months, the highest health-related questions Googled by folks in the US included what’s amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, what’s endometriosis and the way lengthy does weed keep in your urine.

In 2017, what’s lupus, how lengthy does the flu final and what causes hiccups had been among the health-related questions that had web surfers turning to Google.

For 2019, listed below are the highest 10 health-related questions folks Googled — together with the solutions.

1. How to decrease blood stress

About 1 in three US adults — or some 75 million folks — have hypertension and solely 54% have it below management, in response to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Therefore, it ought to come as no shock that “how to lower blood pressure” topped the checklist of most-searched health-related questions on Google in 2019.

High blood stress, or hypertension, is mostly identified when an individual has a blood stress studying larger than 130/80. It’s recorded as two numbers with the highest quantity known as systolic blood stress and the underside quantity as diastolic blood stress.

Eating a nutritious diet with much less sodium and extra potassium, shedding weight, getting extra train and relieving stress can all assist decrease blood stress, in response to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

The health advantages of controlling blood stress embrace decreasing the danger of coronary heart assault, stroke and even dementia.

2. What is keto?

When looking for data on the ketogenic food regimen, most individuals simply use the phrase “keto,” for brief.

The keto food regimen was the highest health-related search time period on final 12 months’s checklist and ranked second this 12 months.

The food regimen is excessive in fat, reasonable in proteins and really low in carbs, and forces the physique right into a state often known as ketosis. Ketosis causes the physique to interrupt down ingested and saved physique fats into molecules known as ketones, that are then used as power. “Ketones circulate in the blood and become the main source of energy for many cells in the body,” in response to the National Cancer Institute.

The keto food regimen has grown in recognition, and many individuals tout its effectiveness in weight reduction, however final 12 months, US News and World Report ranked it final on its checklist of greatest diets.

Health specialists had been involved in regards to the food regimen’s excessive fats content material — about 70% of day by day caloric consumption — and its low carbohydrate requirement of round 15 to 20 internet carbs a day.

The authorities’s 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends folks obtain as much as 65% of day by day caloric consumption from carbs and fewer than 10% from saturated fat.

“When you are on the keto diet, you drastically cut your carbs to only 20 per day. That’s less than one apple!” stated nutritionist Lisa Drayer, a CNN contributor.

For some, “the keto diet is just not sustainable over the long term. It doesn’t teach you how to acquire healthy eating habits,” Drayer stated. “It’s good for a quick fix, but most people I know can hardly give up pasta and bread, let alone beans and fruit.”

three. How to do away with hiccups

A query about what causes hiccups topped Google’s checklist of trending health-related questions in 2017 — and now, in 2019, do away with hiccups ranked third.

Hiccups appear to start out and cease for no apparent purpose, however the US National Library of Medicine notes that hiccups usually occur when one thing irritates your diaphragm, reminiscent of consuming too shortly, ingesting alcohol, feeling nervous or excited or taking sure medicines.

Most circumstances of hiccups often go away on their very own after a couple of minutes.

For power hiccups — hiccups that final quite a lot of days or hold coming again — an individual ought to contact a health care supplier to debate any underlying causes and therapy choices.

The 10 most-searched questions on health

There had been extra questions that had folks Googling in 2019.

The full checklist of the most-searched health questions in the United States this 12 months additionally included questions in regards to the flu, kidney stones and human papillomavirus or HPV:

  1. How to decrease blood stress
  2. What is keto?
  3. How to do away with hiccups
  4. How lengthy does the flu final?
  5. What causes hiccups?
  6. What causes kidney stones?
  7. What is HPV?
  8. How to decrease ldl cholesterol
  9. How many energy ought to I eat a day?
  10. How lengthy does alcohol keep in your system?

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