Trump puts a horse head in the Ayatollah’s bed

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It’s straightforward to over-think Trump’s motives in greasing Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. What he actually did was plant a horse head in Ayatollah Khamenei’s bed.

In Mario Puzo’s basic novel, The Godfather, mafia don Vito Corleone intimidates a highly effective Hollywood mogul by having a lieutenant kill the mogul’s thoroughbred racehorse, his most prized possession, and place the horse’s severed head in the mogul’s bed whereas he’s asleep.

The message was “we can get you, you are vulnerable” and “don’t fight with us unless you are prepared to put everything you have and value at risk.”

That’s just about the message Trump despatched by assassinating Soleimani. The late basic, stated by some to be the second strongest man in the Islamic Republic, was an intimate pal of Khamenei — who, satirically, used to name him “a living martyr.” Soleimani was the Islamic sword with which the Ayatollah meant to mission — and was projecting — Iran’s and Shia Islam’s energy from Tehran to the Mediterranean and past. In different phrases he was Khamenei’s thoroughbred.

And Trump offed him. Without fuss, trouble or warning. Bang lifeless.

The message was the similar as Vito Corleone’s to the mogul: You are susceptible. Don’t mess with us except you’re ready to place the whole lot you worth in danger.

Trump’s feedback after the assault additionally laid down a easy however blindingly vivid purple line. The Iranian motion that prompted the assassination of Soleimani was the killing of an American in a rocket assault by an Iranian-sponsored Shiite militia. Up till then, the U.S. had chosen to disregard Iranian assaults on American allies — like final yr’s assault on Saudi oil infrastructure and tankers — and confined its retaliation for rocket assaults by itself bases in Syria and Iraq to air strikes on the Iranian-surrogate Shiite militias that carried them out.

But Trump laid down a new redline: Kill an American, even one, and the United States will goal the belongings you worth most extremely. Like Soleimani.

Trump additionally stated he had a listing of 52 Iranian targets picked out — one for every of the 52 American diplomats taken hostage throughout the Nov. four, 1979 take-over of the American embassy in Tehran — together with a few of “cultural significance.”

Progressives have been horrified by the targets of “cultural significance” reference, however the reality is the most “culturally significant” targets on the listing aren’t the ruins at Persepolis and even Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s tomb. They’re Iran’s oil refineries. Somewhat surprisingly, whereas Iran has huge oil reserves, it has restricted refining capability and is a web importer of gasoline. Its gasoline provide has been squeezed by Trump’s sanctions. The current, and ongoing, protests in Iran have been triggered by the regime’s determination to slap a 50% value enhance on gasoline and impose fuel rationing.

Since the Soleimani hit, “unidentified aircraft” (in all probability ours) have been bombing these militias nightly. The militias have aimed a few rocket volleys at American bases in response, inflicting injury, however not inflicting any American casualties, curiously sufficient. Just fortunate possibly. Coincidence possibly. Or possibly a new-found prudence.

Democrats are making a large deal over Trump’s unsubstantiated declare that Soleimani was plotting “imminent” assaults on 4 U.S. embassies.

But whether or not the newest plots of the late Soleimani focused 4 U.S. embassies or 40 or none and whether or not the risk was “imminent” (no matter which means) is beside the level. We know Soleimani plotted, and his surrogates executed, an assault on one U.S. embassy, the one in Baghdad that occurred on Dec. 31 when the excitable boys of the Iranian-backed Kata’ib Hezbollah militia tried to take over the place in an escapade paying homage to the takeover of the Tehran embassy in 1979. (They determined it wasn’t such a good thought after Trump despatched 100 Marines and a couple of helicopter gun-ships).

The risk Soleimani posed was persistant, ongoing, power, a clear and current hazard — take your choose. That alone was adequate purpose to kill him.   

One of the causes Democrats hate Trump is that they consider he lies a lot. Which he does, in the similar method the man promoting weight-loss tablets in web infomercials lies. Most of it’s self-promoting puffery. Democrats consider Trump’s recurring hyperbola is a corrupt assault on the integrity of the English language and the generally understood which means of phrases. They, on the different hand, consider themselves as the social gathering of reality made manifest by means of linguistic precision.  

So what are we to make of the incontrovertible fact that on Election Night 2016, after it turned clear that Trump gained the election, the Democrats, the social gathering that speaks reality to energy, declared themselves “The Resistance?” At the time I assumed it was a graceless factor to say; the losers in American elections normally declare themselves “the loyal opposition.” (An exception occurred in 1860, with unwelcome penalties.)

But in the three-plus years since the Democrats rebranded themselves as The Resistance they’ve behaved prefer it was greater than a metaphor, launching a continuous marketing campaign to oust Trump from workplace that stretches from the Steele Dossier, paid for by the Clinton marketing campaign, to the flaccid articles of impeachment.

Trump stated he didn’t inform the Democrats in Congress he meant to kill Soleimani as a result of they’d leak it. Given their previous efficiency, he has ample purpose to not belief them and to not take the loyalty of the present “loyal opposition” as a given.  

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