Try green tea to lose weight

Green tea is widespread amongst health fans and people attempting to shed some kilos. Whether you are attempting to enhance your total well being or simply your metabolism, a few cups of green tea may also help massively, say consultants.

We communicate to Dolly Kumar, founder-director at Gaia – Good Health and Razi Khan, tea sommelier and director of gross sales and advertising at Typhoo Tea to discover out.

How does green tea assist?

Kumar: Green Tea is wealthy in antioxidants, significantly epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG, and that’s why green tea can do wonders in your well being. Regular consumption of green tea enhances the physique’s metabolism, aids weight loss and helps in case of weight problems, helps cut back blood ldl cholesterol, helps management anxieties and in addition has anti-ageing advantages.

Khan: Green tea has change into a well-liked beverage worldwide, loved by totally different age teams. The drink comes with loaded antioxidants and vitamins. It has change into a go-to beverage for individuals who are acutely aware about their well being and health.

How a lot and when to take?

Kumar: Three-5 cups a day earlier than and after meals, is right. Avoid consuming green tea post-dinner because it comprises a meagre quantity of caffeine.

Khan: Green tea consumption ought to be between 2-Three cups a day. Green tea assists in curbing urge for food and shouldn’t be taken in extra. My recommendation is to take a cup within the morning or night. One can drink after meals to enhance your metabolism too. Advisable not to take green tea earlier than breakfast.

How to select from obtainable flavours?

Kumar: This is dependent upon primarily style choice. Some like their green tea minty, some prefer it lemony whereas some choose the straightforward and traditional style of plain green tea, and so forth. Furthermore, totally different variants of green tea has added advantages of the lively elements equivalent to green tea with ginger helps enhance digestion and assist in sore throat, lemon helps management starvation pangs, lemon and honey assist burn fats, Cardamom helps decrease blood stress, Tulsi helps enhance immunity and Jasmine helps relieve stress.

Khan: A cup of tea that helps to heal, energize, stimulate and uplift your temper, improves your well being, heals emotional wounds and dissolves cultural limitations is all the time a good suggestion. It’s like your very personal magic potion however discovering the precise proper mix in your present way of thinking is important.

Pro tip: Pairing Green Tea with common train helps enhance the physique’s metabolism and it’s particularly helpful to drink green tea earlier than a exercise. No matter what well being concern you’re looking at, green tea could possibly be a beverage for everybody.


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