Weight loss story: This guy shed 16 kilos in 5 months. Here is his diet and workout

When Saurav Kumar Panda could not compete in a marathon, he realised he wanted to concentrate to his well being and drop some pounds. To know the way he did it, learn his transformation story under:

Name: Saurav Kumar Panda

Occupation: Strategy Analyst

Age: 29 years

Height:5 ft eight inches

City: Bangalore

Highest weight recorded: 91 kilos

Weight misplaced: 16 kilos

Duration it took me to drop some pounds: 5 months

The turning level: I at all times needed to be lean and muscular however could not maintain monitor of my health ranges. Soon sufficient, the sedentary life-style made me placed on the kilos at a fast tempo. I attempted to run the TCS marathon in 2019 and I used to be barely capable of end the 5km mini-marathon run (timing lagged too). I really felt that I waa growing older too quick due to my well being. That was the time I made a decision to make the mandatory adjustments.

My breakfast: This is usually my post-workout meal, and therefore it includes whey protein shake (1 scoop whey protein, 1 banana, 200 ml skimmed milk, one-ounce almonds, some dried cranberries, and cinnamon powder).

Sometimes, I eat a bowl of fruits, nuts, and seeds with whey protein (blended in water). This helps me keep a wholesome mixture of protein, carbs, and fat.

My lunch: 1 bowl of daal (or rajma or channa) with 2 chapatis.

Evening Snack: Coffee and boiled eggs or roasted peanuts.

My dinner: I take a minimal-carb meal at evening. Omelette/boiled eggs/scrambled eggs (5 egg whites + 1 entire egg) and vegetable salad to match up the fiber consumption.

Pre-workout meal: I work out on an empty abdomen.

Post-workout meal:
Same as my breakfast

I indulge in: I’m going for 1 very excessive carb day every week. This helps me keep the glycogen stage and carry out higher on the gymnasium. Since I don’t eat rice and sweets on common days, my cheat meals are principally biryanis, burgers, and gulab jamun.

My workout: I work out for six days every week. It includes of 45 minutes of devoted weight coaching and 10 minutes of post-workout cardio/abs coaching for 5 days and, at some point of devoted 35 minutes cardio and 15 minutes abs coaching.

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: Homemade tava hen and tava fish and desserts like fruit shakes and parfaits.

Fitness secrets and techniques I unveiled: Weight loss (or fats loss) is primarily performed in the kitchen. Training is vital for certain but when one doesn’t change his/her life-style and consuming habits, weight loss is usually a misplaced trigger. With small tweaks to your life-style and dietary information, one could make big adjustments.

Weight coaching is additionally vital. It helps in reaching a scientific weight loss. Once issues are in place, consistency is the important thing.

How do I keep motivated: My motivation is the particular person standing on the opposite aspect of the mirror each morning. When I see that particular person making progress, it is what retains me going.

How do you make sure you don’t lose focus? I’ve divided my transformation into levels. That helps me to remain centered and work in the direction of it. One can create a goal-based strategy and follow them. Some examples may very well be ‘lose x kgs’ or ‘drop y% physique fats’. You may select to work on a long run purpose.

In our sedentary life-style, no less than an hour of intense bodily exercise is very a lot required to remain match and disease-free.

What’s essentially the most troublesome a part of being obese? Weight issues took a toll on my well being. I used to be much less agile than earlier than, couldn’t focus effectively, sweat extra and used to expire of breath even whereas performing small talks or walks. I lived in the fixed concern of creating persistent ailments like ldl cholesterol, diabetes and blood stress shoot up.

What form do you see your self 10 years down the road? I want to see myself with comparable vitality, focus, and health whereas sustaining a lean look.

What are the approach to life adjustments you made?
There are fairly a number of:

– Drink three.5-Four liters of water each day

– No or minimal carbs at evening (this solves half of the issues)

– Keeping a monitor of my caloric consumption (it is vital to take care of a caloric deficit in order to lose fats)

– Keeping my protein consumption at 1.2g/kg of physique weight (this is essential to preserve muscle mass whereas dropping fats; it helps in not getting a really lanky look)

– Doing 5 low carb days and 2 excessive carb days in every week (carb-cycle)

– Learning about diet to develop a capability to switch any meal into a whole meal

– Been in keeping with my coaching and diet

What was the bottom level for you
? Excessive perspiration and loss of stamina for doing any work. I used to be feeling this for many of my each day actions.

Lessons realized from weight loss:
Every particular person has 24 hours and it is all about priorities in life. However, more often than not, we neglect wholesome dwelling and blame it on different short-term stuffs. I had additionally performed this for a very long time. My studying is well being and health should not be a brief factor (like drop some pounds for marriage or a photoshoot or some other perform for that matter) as a result of then individuals would fall again to the identical floor zero. It must be part of one’s each day life. It must be as pure as having three meals a day. I aspire to hit the gymnasium and do my exercises with identical depth and dedication three a long time down the road as I do them at this time.

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