What You Need to Know Before Getting the Nexplanon Implant

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It is the first day of your freshman yr of faculty and you’re geared up with every thing you thought you wanted after scouring each single “What to Bring to College” listicle you would discover on-line. The one factor you’re lacking is contraception, or particularly, the Nexplanon implant, the most faculty student-friendly type of contraception.

Nexplanon is a small, skinny contraceptive implant that’s positioned beneath the pores and skin of the higher arm by a physician or a nurse. The implant lasts up to three years and is 99% efficient, making it simply as environment friendly as a contraception capsule or intrauterine gadget (IUD).


Although Nexplanon may be fairly dear — it could actually price over $900 for the implant and the placement — most medical insurances, like my very own, cowl the total or a big fraction of the price.

I made a decision to get the implant my freshman yr of faculty. My mom needed me to discover a type of contraception that labored for me, regardless that I used to be not sexually energetic at the time, as a result of I had tried taking the capsule whereas I used to be in highschool and failed miserably.

I forgot to take the drugs all the time, making my durations extraordinarily inconsistent and placing myself at the danger for being pregnant.

For many younger adults, whether or not they’re in faculty or not, life is hectic. Adulthood is new and thrilling, however it additionally leads to worrying and tough adjustments in lots of peoples’ lives.

Although contraception drugs, reminiscent of Alesse and Levlen, is usually a good choice for a lot of sexually energetic people, their effectiveness decreases after forgetting to take the capsule simply as soon as.

Nexplanon is usually in contrast to one other widespread type of contraception: the IUD, a T-shaped implant that’s inserted into the uterus for long-term contraception. An IUD can final three to six years relying on the sort. Some of the extra widespread manufacturers are Mirena, Skyla and Lilletta.

The insertion of an IUD could cause ache or cramping for some individuals who obtain it. I used to be suggested towards getting it after I requested my physician as a result of they mentioned that sometimes it was simpler to insert into individuals who have already been sexually energetic or given beginning.

Even with the IUD as an choice, the Nexplanon implant has a decrease failure fee than each hormonal and copper IUDs in accordance to the Center for Disease Control.

I used to be just about bought after doing all my analysis, so I scheduled an appointment to have the Nexplanon implant inserted. Although I’ve had the implant in my arm for nearly two years now, my expertise with the insertion was uncomfortably distinctive.

The process solely requires a small reduce on the internal facet of the higher arm, however the medical doctors numb the space beforehand, so most individuals don’t really feel something in addition to the slight poke of the needle for the anesthesia. Most of my associates’ experiences, and the experiences of some who’ve shared theirs on-line, have been just about painless, fast and straightforward.

I didn’t really feel actually any ache, solely nervousness, as I turned my face away from the nurse cleansing the tender pores and skin on my arm. Once the physician injected the numbing agent into my arm, my nervousness constructed and I abruptly felt the identical means I do when I’ve a panic assault.

I seemed over as the physician poked a small gap in my arm. I watched a bit little bit of blood spill out, however I couldn’t really feel the ache and that actually freaked me out.

Some nurses tried to calm me down, serving to me with respiratory workouts and holding my hand. I attempted to clarify to them that it was not the ache however the lack of feeling in my arm that scared me, however I don’t assume they understood at the time.

After resting on the paper-covered medical examination chair and searching down at my toes for what felt like a century, I started to settle down. A nurse adopted me to the ready room, the place I stuffed out varieties beside my buddy. She was excitedly asking me questions on the process, however my head nonetheless felt feverish and unusual.

We started to go away, waving goodbye to the girls at the entrance desk when all of it went darkish.

I had handed out, however you don’t actually know if you go out, so I wakened groggy, considering I’d see my roommate’s face quite than three nurses trying down at me. They introduced me water, and I regained power quickly afterward, however the scenario shocked the nurses and medical doctors as a result of fainting and panic assaults are usually not widespread unwanted side effects of the Nexplanon implant.

It may appear bizarre that I saved the implant after having such a foul response at first, however the implant itself has given me no issues since then, and it even stopped any bleeding from my interval for 2 years. (There are many various unwanted side effects that Nexplanon can have on the regularity of your interval. It adjustments from particular person to particular person, however I used to be fortunate sufficient to have this impact.)

After discussing my expertise with my mom, she jogged my memory that I had an identical expertise after I had my knowledge enamel eliminated. I had a variety of nervousness that become a panic assault, which led me to soar up from the working chair and check out to run out of the room.

The similarity in each occurrences was the use of native anesthesia. I discovered that my physique reacted negatively with it, and it prompted me to have panic assaults.

The one factor you must take away from my story is that you must know your physique. Only you know the way you’ll react when beneath the knife or whereas utilizing a sure type of contraception. I’d advise individuals who have had comparable experiences with anesthesia to speak to their medical doctors earlier than deciding on Nexplanon.

My nervousness and panic assault weren’t attributable to the Nexplanon itself. The contraception’s precise unwanted side effects may be adjustments in temper, nausea, weight reduction or achieve, despair and (like I discussed earlier than) adjustments in your interval. In excessive conditions, it could actually additionally lead to an ectopic being pregnant.

Other than my anxious expertise with the anesthesia, I really like my Nexplanon. I neglect I’ve all of it the time, however after I want it, I do know it’s there defending me from just below the pores and skin. I’d advise individuals with uteruses to embrace Nexplanon of their checklist of issues to carry to faculty, or the starting of something that plunges you into younger maturity.

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