Why we feel thirsty even after drinking water?

Are you somebody who has this fixed have to chug a ton of water from time to time? And regardless of drinking water, you continue to feel dry and dehydrated then this text is for you.

Thirst is our system’s sign that it wants water to operate correctly. It is regular to feel thirsty in intervals. Especially after an intense exercise, on a scorching day, after consuming spicy meals or even simply after getting up within the morning. You have to always quench your thirst in order that your physique is hydrated and able to operate effectively.

Water is the elixir of life. Around 60 % of our system is crammed withH2O which is required to hold out numerous functioning of the physique. Lack of water can disrupt the electrolyte stability of the physique and end in weak point, fatigue, dehydration, dizziness or headache.

Sometimes, our thirst is greater than regular and continues even after gulping in glasses of water. It can occur because of some careless on a regular basis habits or even because of underlying ailments.

If you’re somebody experiencing dryness within the throat or mouth and your want for water turns into insatiable then it’s excessive time it’s best to decide up your physique’s alerts and seek the advice of your physician.

Here are a number of the causes for extreme thirst:

Some widespread causes: Excess consumption of spicy and salty meals each day might be one of many widespread explanation why you feel very thirsty. Also, sweating, exhaustion, lack of sleep or even an intensive work out session can result in the endless feeling of dehydration.

Vomiting, diarrhea:

Both vomiting and diarrhea may cause lack of water within the physique. These illnesses can intervene within the regular electrolyte stability of your system resulting in dehydration, dizziness, fatigue. Therefore, at any time when you’re affected by diarrhea or nausea then at all times drink salt and sugar water to replenish the misplaced electrolyte stability.

High carb consumption:

If you’re somebody who eats plenty of processed or junk meals which incorporates plenty of carbs then feeling always thirsty might be one of many penalties of your food plan. Carbohydrates take in extra water than fats or protein. And since you’re taking extra carbs, it should take in the water in your physique and you’ll feel the fixed have to pee. This will finally make you thirsty.

Excess lack of blood:

This is majorly associated to heavy move in periods or bleeding ulcer which may spike your thirst degree as a result of fixed lack of fluid. Periods, basically, impacts the fluid quantity by altering the estrogen and progesterone hormonal stability within the physique.

Diabetes and Thyroid:

One of the primary indicators of diabetes and thyroid might be linked with intensive thirst. An individual with an elevated blood sugar degree additionally always feels the necessity to urinate because the system doesn’t produce sufficient of a hormone that aids the kidney in controlling the quantity of water within the physique. People who’ve hypothyroid additionally suffers from thirst-inducing well being circumstances identical to diabetes sufferers.

Chronic stress:

Stress can have an effect on the functioning of adrenal glands which may end up in low blood strain. Chronic stress might be linked with excessive thirst, nervousness, and fatigue. Stress additionally results in improper food plan and sleep resulting in an unhealthy way of life and ailments. Therefore, the one efficient strategy to quench your thirst is to handle your stress ranges.


In case of intensive thirst points, it is advisable add sure meals objects in your food plan which might help in sustaining your hydration stability. Fruits and greens that comprise water together with sure vitamins can quench your thirst higher than simply water. Try together with watermelons, tomatoes, oranges, pineapples peach, plums, celery, spinach, cucumber, and so forth. Instead of simply drinking water it’s best to begin drinking lemon water or cucumber, mint water to replenish your misplaced nutrient and water content material within the physique.

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