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Question: How to maintain a healthy weight during cancer remedy?

When you are present process cancer remedy, it’s particularly vital to work to maintain your physique sturdy and healthy, get ample vitamin, and keep at your regular weight. Everyone responds to remedy in another way and there are numerous signs that play a position in how your weight shall be affected. Avoiding weight loss could be difficult because of the number of signs you could have, however understanding them could be step one in battling weight loss.

Eat nutrient-rich, calorie-dense meals. During remedy, your physique requires extra vitality than typical. Eat meals which might be increased in energy to assist improve the quantity of vitamin your physique will get. Nutrient-rich meals include plentiful quantities of nutritional vitamins and minerals, fiber, and lean protein. Examples of meals which might be excessive in each energy and vitamins embrace avocados, beans, full fats Greek yogurt, nuts and nut butters, quinoa, salmon and oily fish, and candy potatoes.

Eat smaller extra frequent meals. If you end up changing into simply full, strive consuming 5 to 6 smaller meals all through the day.

Eat when you’re hungry. Make certain to eat extra when you have the most effective urge for food. This could also be within the morning hours after waking up.

Avoid fluids during meals. Fluids usually fill you up shortly. Drink fluids in between meals to make sure you get ample energy.

Managing Digestive Symptoms


Strong flavors, odors, and heat temperatures can upset your abdomen. Try comfortable, bland, and easy-to-digest meals to assist your abdomen settle. Consider the setting and keep away from consuming in a hotter room or areas with sturdy cooking odors.

Dry Mouth

Lack of saliva manufacturing could make chewing and swallowing harder. Eating meals which might be moist and comfortable might help fight dry mouth. Dehydration could make these signs worse, so keep in mind to drink eight to 10 cups of liquid every day.


Constipation could cause a lot of discomfort. Increasing your consumption of fiber-rich meals resembling complete grains, fruits, greens, and legumes could assist. Eating at common intervals could encourage higher regularity.


To change fluids misplaced with diarrhea, drink no less than 1 cup of liquid after every free bowel motion. Drink and eat meals that present sodium and potassium (resembling broths, sports activities drinks, bananas, pretzels, and so forth.) Limit greasy, high-fat meals and keep away from caffeine and alcohol. Limit excessive fiber meals (resembling popcorn, beans, complete grains, cabbage) till diarrhea ends, then slowly reintroduce.

For extra methods to handle signs during remedy, please name 805-219-4673 and make a reservation to affix us for the Healthy Eating and Activity for Living (HEAL) Class or schedule a one-on-one session with Mission Hope’s Registered Dietitian, Colleen Seung.

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